Some Thoughts of Utrice Leid about Transparency

Aired on Talkback! some time after the termination of Valerie Van Isler
There are three things that are important. We have to be transparent, consistent and principled. This has not been happening [at WBAI] for quite some time.

[In terms of transparency] there has been a lack of sharing of information for the empowerment of all.

[In terms of consistency]There has been a lack of process. Process is process and it must be consistently followed. Because when there's a GUN people don't know where to run! It is a multi-headed hydra here [at WBAI].

There has been an abrogation of principles. The principled position is not doing something now because it suits me.

So it has been [at WBAI] empty promises and unprincipled ways of working.

There is a small window of time we have in which to bridge gaps. It is incorrect to simply posit this as an attack from outside. [WBAI] is suffering from a self-inflicted wound.

But it's not hopeless. It's not hopeless at all! It's just a challenge. The onus is not on the listeners. I would insist on that. The listeners have already done their part, by supporting us and entrusting us [with WBAI]. The question is: are we worthy of that investment? Do we value this trust?