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Board Members
We feel that listeners views should be made known to the Board in a courteous manner without any intention Of harassment. We, in the exercise of our rights of free speech and redressment of grievances know our ideas should be expressed and heard by management for the benefit of WBAI.

• Richard Asche, 372 CPW, NYC, 866-9938,1977, Local Board, Lawyer, Pollack and Kaminsky, 51 Bwy, NY 10006,952-0330
• Ted Conant, 1185 Park Ave, NYC, 722-7664, Local Board, Financial Analyst with specialty in communications for bank
• Ralph Engelman, 100 Remsen St., Brooklyn, NY' Director since 1973, also Chairman Local Board, Educator and Writer
• George A. Fox, 262 CPW, NYC, 873-2098, Director since August 1975, also Ass't Secretary, also Local Board, Construction Executive
• Carolyn Goodman, 161 W. 86 St., NYC, EN 2-7265
• Edwin A. Goodman, 1050 Park Ave., NYC, 348-6789, Director since March 1976, resigned from Local Board before Feb. II, 1977. Alan Patricof Associates, Inc., (investment Business), I E. 53 St., NYC, 753-6300
• Oscar Hanigsberg. 42 North Drive, Great Neck, NY, (516) HU2-6655, Director since March 75, also Treasurer, also Local Board, CPA, (office) 450 7tb Ave., Hanigsberg, Delsen & Bossen, 947-5010
• Ken Jenkins, 50 Holowy, Freeport, NY (516) FR8-4025. Director since Dec. 73, also Chairperson, also Local Board, Professor, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY (516) 222-7000 x 620
• David Lampe/. Local Board, News Department, WBLS, 801 Second Avenue, 725-4500 after 5 PM
• Thelma Rechetnik, 79 West 12 Street, NYC, 989-9711

"I didn't know it was that much.' Edwin Goodman, member Pacifica National Board, when Informed and asked to comment on the fact that WBAI was getting 25% of its 1977 income from public grants after having repeatedly denied this in the past. (The grants are predominantly from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.)

"The First Amendment guarantees free speech, but free speech is not a concrete entity in and of itself. Free speech exists only if it is practiced, a free press is only as free as It will force itself to be, and In America that Is not very free ... We are only as free as we act. WBAI Is one of the few examples of freedom in action In the electronic media.'
-Julius Lester, from Forward to Playing in the FM Bond by Steve Post, 1974

"A mutual sense of respect In broadcasting Is possible only when the broadcaster does, in fact, honestly participate in his own act-that is, when the thing broadcast actually arises in, or answers in immediate and profound ways, the broadcaster's own sense of value. It is then ... that we can accept the occasion as real.'
Lewis Hill, Pacifica's founder

". . . I think that such unhappiness Is due to the epidemic diseases of the mass media and the informational brainwashing of our life style. I call this collective disease amnesia because they have made us forget that there is an alternative life style.'
Bernardo Bertolucci

THE FIGHT TO SAVE WBAI. a report on the crisis at our station. We are attempting to draw together defenders of free-speech radio in order to provide a base of support for WBAI.
Newsletter Collective:
Leslee Asch
Diane Becker
Barbara Blash
Helen Buttfield
Matteo Bojanovich
Clay Colt
Richard Chilton
Deborah Geller
Donna Gould
Michael Havener
Ira Jacobson
Elena Le Pena
Kathy Morton
Elizabeth Seeton
Fredi Taylor
Wilheimina Van Ness
Special Thanks to:
Allen Ginsberg for his words. Frederick Douglas Kirkpatrick for making it possible to mail this. The typists for getting us to the finish line.

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