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The Friends
Will Not Be Silenced

The Friends of WBAI are sending this Newsletter to the listener subscribers because we refuse to be silenced along with our radio station. The WBAI Board of Directors have denied listeners our right to participate in the changes taking place at WBAI. Although our time and money maintain the station, we have been shut out and our feelings, viewpoints and demands ignored.

We are asking you to join us In start of the following points:
• We the listeners and supporters of WBAI, constitute ourselves as an entity separate from the other parties to this dispute, i.e.: National Pacifica Board, Management of WBAI, and the staff union.
• We recognize the need for change at WBAI. Third World people's participation in the station has been severely limited. We are attempting to correct this problem, to extend free speech radio to encompass all communities.
• Furthermore, we support the demands of the staff for recognition of its union of paid and unpaid workers, participation in programming decision, rescinding of staff firings, and no reprisals against staff members.
• We acknowledge the need for improvement of program quality. We want WBAI back on the air as it was prior to Jan. 1, 1977 while programming changes are worked out in consultation with listeners and staff. It is vitally important that listeners be fully involved in this process, from equal representation on a decision -making level to uncensored listener phone-in.

We've been meeting in homes and community centers, organizing petition drives (we have approximately 13,000 signatures), picketing and holding vigil at the station Itself. We've hired lawyers and are opening an escrow account for subscription renewals

We have been devoting endless hours to saving WBAI but we need more help, we need you! Local-community Friends of WBAI committees have been set up to keep listeners in touch. The individual contacts In your community are:


John Fiske (212) 674-6393
Carl Zeichner (212) 796-2903
Dorothv Klein (212) 645-1811
Carol Murbach (212) 353-2378
Mary Rode (516) 735-7158
Ed Pierson (516) 286-8824 New
Kate Donnelly (201) 538-6676
(New Vernon)

1977 return address

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