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Heffley letter in favor of Spooner motions

9-12-03 Court documents index


Patricia Heffley [NYC]
[address, phone]
The Hon. Ronald M.
September 11, 2003
Oakland, CA

Dear Judge Sabraw,

As one of the 12 plaintiffs in the Listener's lawsuit, the Spooner suit, and who has spent over seven years trying to get accountability and process, I am seriously concerned that there is a desire by some to not finish the job of writing the bylaws and moving on.

I have participated in the bylaws process by attending sub-committee meetings, and attended most of my local advisory board meetings here in NYC at WBAI. I have also attended all but 3 PNB and iPNB meetings since 1997. I have observed what I would like to express to you.

I feel like all who do not agree with the passed bylaws of Pacifica have gotten together to stop any process in hopes that they can change everyone's mind to their idea. Bylaws proposals that have been rejected long ago and those deemed to be illegal by some lawyers who have been contacted, continue to resurface every time there is a door that is cracked open. This is very disconcerting and in my humble opinion has led to a logjam that will never be broken. The bylaws enacted will be those of the people left standing, no matter what their merit or quality. This is not what the Pacifica Foundation deserves. This is not what the listeners deserve.

I join the motion of Carol Spooner in asking you to enforce the settlement and set a schedule for elections.


Patricia Heffley

Interim Pacifica National Board members
Gregory Craig
Robert Darby
Timothy Fox
Kenneth Frucht
Dan Siegel


9-12-03 Court documents index

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