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Norris letter in favor of Spooner motions

9-12-03 Court documents index


The Hon. Ronald M.
September 11, 2003
Oakland, CA

Dear Judge Sabraw,

As a plaintiff in the Adelson suit and a member of the WBAI Local Advisory Board since early 1998, I believe I am cognizant of the facts. In particular, I have participated in the governance debate of the past 20 months first with exhileration, then frustration, and now dismay. My grave concern is that the hard work of many many sincere listener-supporters who have successfully completed the difficult task of writing bylaws could now be undone by a few.

In respect for your time I will focus on a single point:

The interim governance structure is past its due date. Not only in terms of its mandated lifespan, but in practice. Implicit in the mandate of the iPNB to write bylaws was the involvement of the grass roots listenership in the process. To a certain extent that was accomplished in 2002 when hundreds of listener supporters enthusiastically participated in hundreds of meetings across the country. That enthusiasm has turned to frustration, even disgust. The iPNB and some LABs (I speak from my experience at WBAI mainly) are now impervious to listener input, and have been for some time. Witness the massive show of support for the bylaws from listeners via petitions, emails, and at meetings. Despite this, iPNB members refuse to even face the fact that bylaws have passed as they cling to power.

The terms of the settlement agreement have been met. But we now have the situation in which members of the iPNB will not accept this! I join the motion of Carol Spooner to Enforce the Settlement Agreement and to Set the Schedule for Election of Delegates and Directors.


Andrew Norris
[WBAI Local Advisory Board]

Interim Pacifica National Board members
Gregory Craig
Robert Darby
Timothy Fox
Kenneth Frucht
Dan Siegel


9-12-03 Court documents index

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