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Responses to the lawyer's current bylaws draft

The lawyer's bylaws draft
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Below are responses and resolutions from the WBAI LAB


From: Andrew Norris
Date: Wed Jan 22, 2003 7:08 am
Subject: WBAI LAB resolutions 1/21/03

The WBAI LAB met 1/21/03 specifically to respond to the iPNB regarding the draft bylaws of attorney Kevin Finck.

The LAB voted on the following three resolutions.

The WBAI LAB requests the iPNB to obtain the opinion of legal scholars and advocates familiar with both CA and federal law, concerning the implementation and optimization of the inclusion of those who have been disenfranchised and under-represented.We ask for adequate time, at least one month, to obtain and review written opinions discussing the issues raised by Kevin Finck’s opinion, the potential consequences to Pacifica of bylaws with these requirements, and also an opinion on the broadest inclusion that can be achieved in bylaws. We also ask that such written opinions be openly distributed prior to voting on the bylaws. (Passed 5 -0 -2)

That a national panel of prominent civil and human rights activists and legal scholars be convened to discuss the diversity issues in the bylaws and that the discussion be broadcast live on all five stations. (Passed 5 -0 -2)

That our representative convey to the iPNB that this LAB cannot ratify the final bylaws without this process being implemented. (Passed 6-0-2)

Please circulate to the iPNB and other LABs.

For the WBAI LAB,

Andy Norris
LAB Secretary

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