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Proposed Pacifica Bylaws - drafts A, B and C

(and Allen amendments)

Draft comparison grid (regarding diversity provisions)


These are html versions of Drafts A, B and C of proposed Pacifica bylaws along with 2 proposed amendments from Allen(KPFT) to be voted on by the interim Pacifica national board on Thurs., June 26, 2003. The difference between the proposals is the approach taken to achieve diversity at Pacifica.

-All Drafts utilize the Single Transferable Voting method
(a form of Proportional Representation - designed to achieve diverse governing bodies).
- All drafts establish Committees of Inclusion (COI) with varying degrees of empowerment and complexity.
- Language in Draft A and C that is different than Draft B is in bold

Draft A
Additional Affirmative action measures beyond the remedies set out in the basic bylaws draft (B). These proposed measures are more involved than in the other drafts and challenge some current laws as well as rules connected with some of Pacifica's funding sources. COI are empowered to delay elections with regard to the diversity of the candidate pool and to appoint added seats to a board after elections if it determines that the result is not adequately diverse in relation to population demographics.
Draft B
The Basic bylaws draft. Draft B allows the Single Transferable Voting method to provide for fair representation. COI are advisory. No added seats or delay of elections.
Draft C
A Compromise between Draft A and B. Contains draft A's provision for delaying elections, but not it's post election appointed seats procedure. Draft C's section regarding COI is more involved than Draft B.
Allen's proposed amendments
Two proposed amendments from iPNB member Teresa Allen (KPFT). Sets a lower number of seats for the national board and provides the national COI with power to require the election of additional directors if the diversity of the national board is determined to fall short in relation to combined demographics of the listening areas.


Draft comparison grid (regarding diversity provisions)

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