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Diversity bylaw committee: Rosenberg proposition

Diversity bylaw committee documents


Dear Committee

Here are the basic points of the proposal referred to by Mimi Rosenberg in her presentation at Sunday night's phone conference. Language needs further refinement.

Thank you for your attention.
Mimi Rosenberg [ WBAI ]
Sheila Hamanaka [ WBAI area ]



1.A,- LAB/LSB to set up Committee of Inclusion, membership of which shall reflect diversity of signal area and especially communities historically disenfranchised and/or underrepresented based on their race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disability and other categories. Outreach Coordinator, where provided for, to coordinate her/his activities with Committee of Inclusion

1.B.- Each Committee of Inclusion shall gather and analyze all available demographic data on the makeup of the signal area as defined by FCC signal area maps. Such data shall not be limited to that provided by the census, but should include studies by reputable academic and community organizations that seek to correct for census undercounts or non-surveying of particular groups, for example, undocumented workers.

1.C.- Based on this analysis, each Committee shall set percentage goals for inclusion in that signal area. These goals shall cover groups that are disenfranchised and/or underrepresented based on their race, nationality, langugage, gender, sexual orientation and physical or mental disability and other categories. In order to help the Foundation fulfill its mission, each Committee of Inclusion should set goals not only for broad categories of disenfranchised or underrepresented people (e.g., people of color), but also for major subgroups, specifically: people of African descent, Latinas/os, Chicanas/os/Mejicanas/os Asian/Pacific Islanders, Arabs/Muslims and Indigenous Peoples. Each of these categories should be included in the goal for at least one nominee even if demographically that group falls below the percentage threshold represented by one seat (e.g., even if the group constitutes less than 1/18th of the signal area population, in the case of Listener-Sponsor seats). In addition, the Committee's goals should include specific goals for especially large nationality groups within each subcategory (e.g., in WBAI area, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Dominicans, etc.). Beyond all of these groups, each Committee shall include in its goals -- though not using specific percentages -- the inclusion of candidates from other disenfranchised and/or underrepresented groups such as prisoners, rank-and-file labor, young people, and so on, as well as from the major geographic subregions of the signal area.

1.D.- Committees of Inclusion to create, maintain and publicly post a chart at the stations and online showing basic groups we are Out/In reaching to, and indicate progress on these charts. So, after two weeks, if there are 30 Euro Americans, 2 African Americans, 0 Latinos, 0 Asians, 0 Indigenous, 0 persons with disabilities, 7 women, 0 prisoner reps etc we will spot the trend right away. Charts should reflect how close/far the candidate pool is from the percentage goals defined earlier by the Committee.

1.E.- Committees of Inclusion, in cooperation with the Outreach Coordinators, local producers and staff, will facilitate the broadcast of special segments and programs prepared by and for targeted underrepresented communities. This is based on the fact that you cannot recruit from communities that have been excluded from Pacifica airwaves. These broadcasts must be during the nominations period, preferably in the earlier part.

1.F.- Distribute election literature and broadcast carts encouraging election participation prepared in English as well as the languages of main national disenfranchised/underrepresented groups. In cooperation with Volunteer Coordinators, where such positions exist, special carts will be produced which will specifically ask for volunteers from targeted communities to assist in the recruitment and elections processes. These carts shall be in English as well as in languages of main national groups.

- Target traditionally disenfranchised neighborhoods in distribution of literature, etc.

1.G.- Committee of Inclusion to prioritize outreach efforts to those communities identified as furthering the Pacifica Mission, especially communities of color, and to work to ensure a candidate pool that promotes goal of election - i.e. to reflect the demographics of a signal area, as well as representation of other groups which further the Pacifica Mission. While we cannot demand more money, we can mandate that a majority % of available funds be spent on reaching these groups.

1.H.- Committee of Inclusion to issue a written and oral report to the LAB/LSBs after 30 days showing its progress and to take measures to correct any deficiencies. These reports shall 1) show progress towards meeting the percentage goals, and detail its work to date; and 2) be presented within 48 hours of the 30th day of the 60-day nomination period.


- At close of nomination process, the pool will be examined by the Committee of Inclusion to ensure conformity with prescribed goals. If there are any deficiencies, then the nominating process will be extended for a period of two weeks to conduct further outreach, but only in those communities where there is a deficiency. Should the deficiency continue to exist after the two-week extension, then the nomination process shall be further extended one last time for an additional two weeks aft er which the nominations process shall be definitively closed. (Note: there would need to be a phrase inserted next to the date of mailing ballots such as "or at such later date as determined by each Committee of Inclusion and/or Local Station Board.")


- Whether proportional representation is used or not, the well accepted affirmative action system of assignation of "Plus Points" to the nominee shall be employed that would further enable the achievement of diversity goals . Thus, for example, points would be given to women, candidates of color, representatives of the GLBT and persons with disabilities communities. Points might be given to other groups who relate to the Pacifica mission, e.g., prisoners, rank-and-file labor, geographically underrepresented areas, etc. Such points would then be calculated in tallying the vote so that the person would be elected not simply on the basis of vote total but a multiple of vote total plus points.


- qualification as voting members shall be cut off 45 days before ballots are mailed. An exception for the first election shall be made, reducing this number to 30 days, in order to maximize the available time for outreach.


- The strongest possible statement of policy on diversity shall be issued by the national board to cover every aspect of Pacifica operations, including governance, programming and employment, with provisions for monitoring and evaluation and strong mechanisms for compliance. This policy statement shall be incorporated by reference into the bylaws


Diversity bylaw committee documents

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