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Proposed Resolution for Local Advisory Board

From: dailyvigiler@y...
Date: Mon Nov 26, 2001 12:45 pm
Subject: Current Statement of Kronick, LaForest and Borenstein

The following statement was approved by the WBAI LAB on November 14.

The statement was drafted by a WBAI LAB committee, founded at Lee Kronick's initiative, comprising listeners (including 3 EC members), producers and LAB members.

Lee Kronick, Ray LaForest and Marian Borenstein are founding members of the committee and were intimately involved in drafting the language of the statement.

For those interested in the views of Kronick, LaForest and Borenstein, this is their current position.

The Goodlight site's exclusion of this document speaks volumes about its reliability.

Paul Surovell

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Proposed Resolution for Local Advisory Board

Mission and Makeup

To protect the mission defined in Pacifica Foundation Articles of Incorporation, the WBAI Local Advisory Board resolves that

1) A new allocation of power and responsiblities shall be established among the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors, Pacifica Local Advisory Boards, and Pacifica station managements and staffs and Pacifica listener communities.

2) Local Advisory Boards shall be elected by the listener-supporters and station staffs.

3) LAB elections shall be conducted so that elected members reflect and enfranchise all the listener constituencies of each signal area.

4) LABs shall participate in the oversight of Pacifica national and local finances and policies. Those responsible for the Pacifica financial policies shall be accountable to the LABs and the listener- supporters.

5) LABs shall select their own members, respectively, to sit on the Pacifica National Board of Directors ("PNB").

6) LABs shall help select the management of their respective stations.

7) LABs, the PNB, station staffs, and listener supporters shall have the right to recall anyone they elect or select.

8) LABs, the PNB, and Pacifica stations shall create mandates for outreach to listeners for diversity and participation.

In addition, the Exploratory Committee of the WBAI LAB recommends that we change the name of the Local Advisory Boards to "Station Boards".

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