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Documents and motions presented at CA court hearing regarding ratification of new Pacifica bylaws

Overviews of 7-8-03 Pacifica Bylaws Hearing results
settlement agreement
6-19-03 bylaws drafts


Court transcript
Transcript prepared by the Court Reporter of the Court's Orders at the end of the July 8th hearing.
Fertig notice and explanation of 7-8-03 hearing
Dave Fertig (iPNB - KPFK area) is to request that the court accept the votes in support of bylaws draft B at 6-26-03 iPNB meeting as adequate for ratification.
Spooner Motion filed to Enforce Settlement Agreement
From Carol Spooner (iPNB - KPFA area). Motion to recognize that, according to the language of the settlement agreement, the vote in support of bylaws draft B at 6-26-03 iPNB meeting was a proper 2/3 majority which is required for bylaws ratification. Also addresses other key issues regarding the Pacifica bylaw revisions process such as legality of the various drafts and the conduct of directors.
Bryant/LaForest Order Of Ex-Parte Application
Janice K. Bryant and Ray LaForest (iPNB - WBAI area, "Unity Caucus") motion, " in opposition to the Motion to Deem Effective a Vote Adopting Bylaws, filed by David R. Fertig, and Carol Spooner's Motion to Enforce the Settlement Agreement."
Gary Null and Associates motion and letters
A motion to put Pacifica in receivership claiming misconduct of the iPNB

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