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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB LA meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Los Angeles
March 8 - 10, 2002

3-10-02: Sunday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Proposed agenda for Sunday has
been entirely revised.

PNB Directors present: 
George Barnstone, Carol Spooner, Dave Fertig, 
Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya , Leslie
Cagan, Pete Bramson, Janice K. Bryant, Teresa Allen, 
Marion Barry, Rob Robinson 

Not present: 
Dick Gregory, Bert Lee, James Ferguson 

Chair Leslie Cagan calls the meeting to order

-Judy Gorman Jacobs (NYC)
sings accapella song she wrote for the
free Pacifica movement. "We will sing our song"
Introduced by Fred Nguyen(NJ) who wants the
song to be the Pacifica anthem.

Chair Cagan jokes that this is proof of music on Pacifica.

Though way behind the schedule, we will attempt to
finish entire agenda, shorting time for each item.

Peace march in Venice at 2pm

While waiting for Robinson to come in with materials
related to continuing the bylaws discussion Leslie
jumps ahead to Democracy Now! report and other items
that can be moved through quickly.

Democracy Now! report
DN back on all stations. Back pay, grievances issues
and future relationship still being worked out.
DN has being very patient.

Resolution to solve PNN stringer strike
read by Pete Bramson(entered as motion and seconded).
for settling the PNN stringers' strike.
"Whereas etc...."

-Dave Fertig
What is cost of satellite hookup?

-Arron, Randy Zimmerman, Jeremy  of FSRN 
come up to mike [applause] to answer that there is 
no cost to Pacifica for the satellite hookup.

iPNB thanks FSRN [standing ovation]

What is cost of FSRN? 

MOTION PASSES unanimously by show of Hands

Affiliates comments

-Elizabeth Robinson, W___?
Her station is trying to decide whether to re-affiliate
with Pacifica.
Wants to know if contracts will involve reasonable terms
and whether Pacifica will be responsive and 
in a relationship of equals with the affiliates.
Through the crisis they have become more independent
and don't "need" Pacifica, particularly if it doesn't
get it's act together. [sounds somewhat bitter]

-Cynthia. KAOS, Olympia WA
Have re-affiliated.
They are looking for a GM,
interested in recruiting help.

-Mark Hernandas, KFCF Fresno
In 1901 Fresno made free speech history...
Station started with College legal
defense fund in the '60s and affiliated
with KPFA but not Pacifica. A unique independent
Message of hope to Pacifica.

-Marty Durlin, KGNU Boulder
Represents Grass Roots Radio coalition.
Has questions are regarding affiliate policy,
Democracy Now, FSRN. Affects around 60 stations.

-Randy Zimerman, WMNF Tampa
WMNF Mission statement coincides with Pacifica's.
WMNF fully funded FSRN when relation with [hijacked]
Pacifica went bad.

Rhyme, wbix.org
Not traditional affiliate but
was instrumental in keeping things
going during the struggle.
Request a committee to define Pacifica's
relation with wbix to determine how to use
it's resources and archives created over the 
past year of freePacifica activity and
to consider fundraising for wbix.
[standing ovation]

MOTION by LaForest to fulfill wbix's request.
To have national staff get together and determine how
to do this.
PASSES unanimously by show of hands.

Who deals with affiliates?
A: Brian Gibbons [in national office]

We don't need a contract but a relationship
with the affiliates. The center of it shouldn't
be money. Pacifica and affiliates are mission
driven entities.

Recognizes the role of the affiliates in getting
the information out and helping the movement,
particularly at the Grass Roots radio conf.
Affiliate listeners make up %15 of audience.
Pacifica indebted to affiliates.

Moves that Pacifica form a 3 person affiliates
matters committee.

PASSES unanimously by show of hands
Cagan, Allen and Bramson will be on the 

Treasurer issue revisited

-Cagan clarifies yesterdays treasurer issue.
Not meant to be a slap in the face to Jabari
but meant to act of greater issue of getting
proper process in place for straightening
out the finances as recommended by the 
accountants. [recomendations]
Jabari is still the treasurer until someone
is found. The vote was to initiate the search for a 
qualified person and that the definition of 
responsibilities was left open for now.

There needs to be work on 
boards methods. [applause]
The process needs to be much more open.
All agenda items and motions need to available
prior to meetings to board members. [applause]
Feels that board may be headed towards Mary
France Berry type activity.
It's no secret that Carol and some others
wanted me out as treasurer.
[Plays race card a bit]

-Janice K. Bryant
Takes exception Jabari playing
the race card. Resents being put
in the position of being accused of 
working against blacks.

Had nominated Jabari for treasurer
because he was qualified, but disapproves
of playing race card.
Yesterdays vote was on an administrative issue.

Concerned with getting the best policy
in place to get things done.

The motions was not personal against
Jabari. Agrees with Jabari that resolutions
shouldn't be presented last minute.

Thanks Jabari for his work.
Thinks that he should be treasurer.

Clarifies that his basic concern  is that
openness is the issue. He hasn't been informed
about important things. We need more honest 
and open. Suggests that the board need to 
personally get together more at perhaps
a retreat.

-Carol Spooner
Was hoping that the issue would not be one
of conflict.
There was considerable previous discussion
before the meeting. She didn't want to have
public process regarding his disqualification's.
Her concern was to get a fully qualified person.

It was important to air this issue a bit today
and now to move the agenda. Determines that
the general body approves that the board continue
in private, perhaps as Jabari suggested, at a retreat.

Bylaws re-writing procedure
(continued from yesterday)

-Robinson reads proposal worked out by board members
at outside meetings since yesterday.

To make new bylaws that conform
procedural framework for lab elections that
gain support of 2/3rds of iPNB
"      "   atleast 3 if not all LABs.

Carol Spooner will chair committee that
will prepare a draft of bylaws

Subcommittees in each 5 areas chaired by
iPNB member

Spooner will send draft to LABs who will
comment through subcommittees back to iPNB

Back and forth process...

KPFA elections procedure will in the 1st draft.

MOTION seconded.

This procedure aims at maximum participation.

--Bernie Eisenberg [out of order] protest from public
comment mike that proposal is unfair because
the process begins from the top down.

The proposal doesn't specify how the local
Subcommittees will be specifically structured

Favors to start from bottom up [not what the proposal
on the table calls for].

Would like to get a consensus from the Pacifica
community before deciding whether the initial
draft comes from top down or bottom up.

Explains that the basic differences is
whether initial
draft comes from top down or bottom up.
She favors top down initiation because it'll
start everyone off on the same page and speed up
process and utilize alot work already done.

-Allen agrees.

-Community comment

-Ted Friedman wpfw LAB

-Eve moser, NYC
Concerned that there is one vote per person
during the process.
[a iPNB person who is also LAB member and on
thier area's drafting subcommittee would be
able to vote on rules that affects thier postion
and do this at all three levels]

-Roger Manning, NYC, wbai.net
Regarding yesterday's question as to whether the bylaws
revisions could be put off after the elections were taken
care of; the nature of the LAB or station boards would need
to be defined before electing anyone to them.
As for the concerned raised by Eve Moser perhaps LAB or
iPNB members could be considered non-voting members
of the bylaw re-writing subcommittees.

-John Sheridan
Concerned that listeners' input may be compromised
in the subcommittees procedures aren't clearly

-Howard CF, elections committee
Proposes that the iPNB committee comes
up a set of questions to be distributed to
the subcommittees instead of a first
draft of the bylaws.

-Tom Irwin 
Been in movement since '86
Very critical of this meeting
Wants the iPNB to get their 
act together.

-Carolyn Birden, NYC
Disappointed that the iPNB
is disregarding listener proposals and concerns
regarding bylaws revision procedure.
The proposal on the table is like the the foxes
guarding the henhouse. [audience laughter]
Disrespectful to the listeners
Process should not be top down.

-Cagan clarifies
Only 2 binding votes for the bylaws, the
LAB vote and iPNB vote

-Jonathon Markowitz, LA
Subcommittees should not be restricted.

Calls for empowerment of immigrants
on committees.

Concerned with gays being marginialized.

-Miguel Maldonado, WBAI LAB chair 
Supports process where the LABs have more power
in this process. That the LAB comes out
with the first drafts.

-Dave Addelson, KPFK LAB
Thinks that the concern is that
certain proposals will be disregarded.
Feels that the iPNB committee should
sort out and facilitate the distribution
of the proposals. The board is working
is good faith but hasn't been utilizing
the resource that is the listeners.

-Fernando Vasquez -LA
The problem is that things need to be rushed.

Marion -KPFA listener activist
Supports the top down approach.

-Michael Pimental
As many iPNB people as possible be
involve in the bylaws composing process.

Reads suggestions that both approaches
be done at the same time.
No reason why not, but would like to 
see the subcommittees set up right now.
Thinks that it would be better
for the 5 subcommittees to share the work
of sorting out the various proposals.
Supports the bottom up approach.
We need to address our fears.
Feels that top down is a daunting  
task that should involve more than a small
number of people.

Suggest compromise.

Doesn't feel that top down is too daunting a 
task and that it's a better way to get things
going, particularly in the interest of time.

-Leslie clarifies:
1.Draft originates from iPNB committee
2.Draft originates from local subcommittees
3.Draft originates from both simultaneously

-Spooner clarifies:
That bottom up wouldn't necessarily
mean 5 different proposals.[proposals would
have much in common]

While top down is in the interest of time,
bottom up is better to in the interest
of peace and process.

-Point of process (from audience)
Could Addelson's suggestion for 
iPNB committee to put a list of questions
and issues instead of bylaws draft as
a friendly amendment?

Says this might good as the main issue
is getting the 5 subcommittees started
on the same page.

Comes up with a variation which is
that is that the national committee
comes up with a document that consolidates
questions and issues and concerns that need
to addressed in the bylaws as the innitial item
to be distributed by to the subcommittees.

Robison's presented proposal accepting Leslie's

PASSES unanimously by show of hands except Jabari who 

Composition of local subcommittees

-Public comment

-Donna Gould , CF of WBAI
suggest ammendment ...[missed this]

-Jane Jackson,KPFA
Praises chair.
Asks that disabled people be part
of the bylaws process.

Calls for all meeting places for Pacifica activities
to have disabled access.

-Steve Brown - NYC
Can any bylaws not be approved 
without being approved by mission
commission first?

The the mission commission has veto power.

Expects if the process goes well disagreement
will part of it. 

-Bernie Eisenberg
Steve Brown's proposal is also covered in the proposal
that his group presented.
Concerned that the iPNB seems to have completely
disregarded the listener
proposal presented yesterday with 42 endorsements
including LAB members from 4 stations.

There was a working meeting that was announced and that 
public was allowed.

Wants to vote the way he wants regardless of pressure.

It's important for iPNB people to sometimes meet
out of session in order to get thier act together
and to come up with drafts etc.

-Spooner clarifies proposal for forming subcommittees:
(at least)1 iPNB member, (at least)3 LAB members and all public included.
iPNB local would chair/facilitate the meetings
or [accepted friendly amendment] delegate that function.

PASSES unanimously by show of hands

-Leslie thanks for getting through this agenda item
in focused manner

Report on Search for Execute Director

-Committee chair Marion Barry reports:
14 resumes, narrow down to 5. Good candidates,
process is going well. Will have a recommendation
for one person.

Process for search/hiring permanent station managers

-Leslie hands out her proposed guidelines
Differences from station to station. Time restraints,
population sizes etc...
Guidelines outline:
-The tasks for search/hiring committee
-Composition of committee
-Broader community/staff involvement
-must make commitment to diversity 
-national coordination is essential in facilitating
much of this
-Exe. director would be an exofficio member of all 5
local committees

Concerned about community/staff involvement in 
the final stages of the process.
Supports that finalists write vision statements
anonymously so as to be able to express views openly
with out risk of possible persectution by
current employers or other sources.

KPFA area organizing in this so far has 
many similarities to this proposal.

-Miguel Maldanado
No candidates that have not gone through
the process can not be brought in by 
Exe. dir at last minute.
What process will be used to get the word
out to diverse communities?

-Cagan agrees.

Feels the iPNB have the final approval
of selection to facilitate members staying
up on things and to perhaps add another
layer of listener input.

Doesn't think the board should be directly
involving in hiring manners and veto power
over the Exe. Director who they hire.

Agrees that this is important with regard the
goal of the of the iPNB to decentralize power.

Can Exe. director reject all candidates and start

-Public comments:

-Shirna LA, West side free Pacifica neighborhood network
Talks off topic abit...
Concerned with composition of search committee.
We need young people.
At large youth members should be added to the 
Introduces resolution regarding privacy issue:
There should be at least one on air forum where
the candidates would speak anonymously.

-Roy Hearst - KPFA staff
The kpfk staff feels that it's essential
that that staff has input because they 
have practical knowledge.
The criteria will political, hopefully
the political qualifications won't outweigh
the management qualifications.
Getting community involvement important.

-John Riley -NYC
Presents a resolution drafted last night
on hiring practices with regard to race
and nationality.

-Leslie reiterates that these are only
guidelines and that the 5 listener areas
need to come up with specifics.

MOTION PASSES unanimously

-Cagan reviews remaining agenda items.
Suggest postponing on air policy.

Moving the national office back to Berkeley

MOTION To move national office back to 
Berkeley  as soon as possible [accepted Spooner friendly 
amendment ], but no later than the end of this year.

Has reservations.
Can we wait till permanent board to move?
[some audience laughter]

Feels that things are not together enough
for the move which would be detrimental
and unnecessary.
There is a basic question if iPNB is a 
constituency driven, or issue driven body.
There is a philosophical issue about power
iPNB needs to work out it's processes.
Wants the process to create the answer.

Yes, we should be process oriented but
we are also listener oriented and there
is real substance in the desire to move
the office back.

Voted against the move in NYC
because there was no prior discussion then.
The decision should be based on real
issues more than more emotional issues.
Wants to separate the move of finical office.

There is network wide support.
She supports move.

Wants to get Pacifica HQ out the
right wing "cesspool" of D.C.
Feels Berkeley is logical place to
go. It's important to listen to 
demonstrating voices.
This proposal doesn't call
for moving until we're more ready.

The hijacker's moving the office out of Berkeley was
a breach of trust.
Although administrative and finance
could be moved at different times,
we should commit to moving both now.

What are advantage?

-Spooner answers:
Would save money.
Things that Leslie said.

-Sam Huseini, D.C LAB
In principle supports move, 
practically speaking, because of Berkeley's
ability to get 10,000 people into the streets.
Agrees with the cesspool acessment.
Concerned with time table.
There needs to remain a strong
news staff in D.C.

Agrees that the move to D.C
was a violation but that doesn't
mean that moving back is the
best solution.
Does the cesspool have an affect
on the national?
MOVES that items be split.

There will be a separate vote
on the financial and administrative moves.

Who and how would the date of the 

-Cagan answers that it would probably best determined
by the national staff.

-One listener comment

-Barnstone gets clarification on the motions.

-Barry correctly points out that they must first vote on
the motion to slit the motion.

MOTION to split motion
FAILS with a tie vote [2/3 needed]

MOTION to move the administrative and financial  offices
[Vote is delayed by Barnstone who can't decide...
Barry abstains... 
Barnstone savors the spotlight and then delivers
the deciding vote to big applause]

PASSES  7 to 2, one abstains
[big applause]

Endorsement policy - specific requests for endorsements

-MOTION George Barnstone presents proposal that the
iPNB endorse a resolution that supports a moratorium
on the death penalty by Sister Prejun's organization.

Offers that the iPNB not make endorsements, particularly
being a new organization and that on air editorials be used
to the same the ends of taking a clear position.

Feels that making endorsements will aid in attracting
money and that Pacifica should take a stand on 
certain issues. Feels that they should do both his
and Leslie's suggestion.

Concerned with opening flood gates - many
requests for Pacifica endorsemnents.

Concerned about affect on tax exempt status.

We know about the issue and Sister Prejun because of
Pacifica's reporting.

Amends to his motion to include Leslie's ideas.

MOTION FAILS 6, 3, 1 abstention

MOTION by Cagan to reinstitute editorials from
the PNB on major social issues and that a specific
editorial be made in opposition to the death penalty.

PASSES unanimously

MOTION by Barnstone to support the closing of
"the gun show loophole"
Not seconded.

Set meeting Schedule 
Some concern about moving up the date for the next meeting
in order to get a budget set as soon as possible 
but this is determined to be impracticle.
Budget - will be gotten to over the phone.

Proposed schedule:
June 21 -Berkeley, Sept 20 -Houston
Dec 6 -DC, March 22, 2003 -NYC

Schedule accepted

-Dave Fertig
Thanks this weekend's organizers.

Acknowledges David Addelson for his
pioneered the Southern CA free Pacifica

-Janice K. Bryant
Loved the unity of the national day of 
programming and that people should go
back to their areas and assure people
that the iPNB is with them.

-Carol Spooner
Brings up the "Pacifica Matters" national
radio program proposals that that didn't get addressed.
[one of the proposals at: www.pacificamatters.net]

Urges the boare members to review the "Pacifica Matters"
materials that have been presented to them.

Thanks LA for the hospitality
and is thinks that "Pacifica Matters"
needs to be a priority.

1:55pm or so 
meeting ajourns to much applause.

Roger Manning, NYC

DAILY REPORTS and Documents
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