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Interim Pacifica National Board
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Weds, Jan. 28, 12 noon eastern
"interim" Pacifica National Board meeting
Conference call discussion of Pacifica election issues
Webcast on kpftx.org

1-28-04: iPNB meeting on elections - notes
12-22-03: iPNB Finance Committee meeting notice and agenda
12-8-03: 12-8-03: iPNB $5 membership plan not legal
12-8-03: Analysis of the Pacifica financial crisis
12-7-03: iPNB teleconference meeting report and minutes
11-29-03: Notice of 12-7-03 iPNB teleconference meeting
11-24-03: 11-24-03 iPNB teleconference meeting draft minutes
11-18-03: Letter to WBAI Listeners from iPNB Secretary: call to join by Nov. 21, crisis report
11-17-03: 11-17-03 iPNB teleconference meeting draft minutes
11-12-03: 11-12-03 iPNB teleconference meeting draft minutes
11-9-03: Notice of special iPNB meeting for 11-12-03

10-7-03: iPNB member [WPFW area]Bert Lee passes away after a long illness.
9-19-03: Sept. 19,20,21 2003: iPNB meeting, NYC - Daily Notes, minutes, documents
9-9-03: iPNB meeting: Commentary and minutes - Pacifica hijacked again?
9-2-03: minutes: special iPNB meeting to set elections schedule
8-26-03: Notice of Sept. 2 special iPNB meeting
8-26-02: Request for special iPNB meeting to set elections schedule
7-27-03: August iPNB meeting postponed. Bylaws negotiation meeting scheduled
6-26-03: interim Pacifica national board bylaws meeting - NOTES
6-18-03: iPNB approves 6-26-03 conference call vote on bylaws - audio: http://www.kpftx.org
6-9-03: iPNB teleconference Draft minutes
6-7-03: Notice of special iPNB meeting via conference call
4-18-03: MEETING NOTES: iPNB teleconference to vote on proposed bylaws
4-18-03: iPNB secretary draft minutes
4-18-03: iPNB teleconference to vote on proposed bylaws
3-29-03: Pacifica diversity bylaw committee: related documents
4-6-03: Pacifica National Elections Coordinator Hired
3-7-03: March 7-9, 2003 L.A. iPNB meeting - notes and documents
3-10-03: iPNB Secretary Spooner's L.A. meeting notes and bylaws changes
2-28-03: "Corrected Final Draft" Proposed revision of Pacifica bylaws [180 kb html]
3-3-03:Notice of 3-4-03 iPNB phone bylaws meeting
3-3-03: Pacifica chief financial officer appointed
2-25-03:iPNB LA meeting postponed
2-11-03: 2nd lawyer's Pacifica bylaws draft [ 132kb html]
2-18-03: iPNB bylaws phone meeting minutes
2-14-03: iPNB bylaws phone meeting minutes
2-14-03: Notice: iPNB bylaws phone meeting
2-7-03: Revised bylaws completion timeline
2-7-03: Pacifica executive director report
2-3-03: iPNB members meeting attendance record
1-31-03: iPNB bylaws revision committee meeting - draft minutes
1-26-03: Affiliates report
1-26-03: Bylaws draft issues from iPNB and LABs
1-17-03: Revised and legally reviewed draft of proposed Pacifica bylaws
1-3-03: Judge grants deadline extension
1-3-03: iPNB personel committee meeting notes and audio
12/6/02: Dec. 6-8, 2002 D.C. iPNB meeting - notes and documents
12-8-02: iPNB statement to the FCC
12-7-02: Treasurer's Report
11-23-02: pacifica.org webmaster report
11/22/02: Nov. 22-24, 2002 Houston iPNB bylaws meeting - notes and documents
11-22-02: Pacifica fundraising report
11-1-02: Nov. 22-24 Houston iPNB bylaws meeting info
10-22-02: New schedule for next 2 upcoming iPNB meetings
10-22-02: iPNB Bylaws Straw Poll votes in D.C. - Oct. 13-14
10-24-02: Approved Pacifica budget for 2003 (26 page pdf - 537kb)
10-13-02: Oct. 13, 14 2002 iPNB D.C. bylaws meeting - notes and documents
10-5-02: Executive director Coughlin's plan for KPFK
9-21-02: interim Pacifica national board peace editorial
9-20-02: Sept. 20-22, 2002 Houston meeting - notes and documents
9-10-02: lopsided representation: iPNB composition chart
9-2-02: Recent interim Pacifica National board meetings audio
8-30-02: iPNB puts national office move to Berkeley on hold
8-23-02: various upcoming iPNB meetings
8-25-02: Pacifica consolidated 4th Qtr. budget FY 2002
8-25-02: Report on iPNB finances meeting
7-27-02: New e-group on Pacifica Diversity Resolution
7-23-02: iPNB Report on Democracy Now! agreement
7-17-02: Pacifica financial document listing
7-16-02: Report: from iPNB special meeting regarding DN agreement
7-15-02: Special Executive Session meeting of the iPNB to be held
7-9-02: iPNB secretary's response to Democracy Now!'s response
7-9-02: Democracy Now! statement regarding DN agreement
7-6-02: Request for Special iPNB Meeting re: recinding DN agreement + legal analysis
7-5-02: iPNB secretary regarding Democracy Now! agreement
7-4-02: The Democracy Now!/Pacifica agreement
6-21-02: June 21-23, 2002 Berkeley iPNB meeting - notes and documents
6-26-02: iPNB secretary Carol Spooner's Berkeley meeting notes
6-7-02: June 21-23 interim Pacifica National Board meeting agenda and location
6-17-02: Pacifica Now! conference info
6-18-02: proposals re: on-air policies for IPNB meeting
6-14-02: Pacifica Executive director search update
6-12-02: Pacifica fundraising report
6-10-02: Spooner Motions Re Pacifica finances
5-25-02: June 21-23 iPNB Berkeley meeting and Pacifica Now conference info info
5-18-02: KPFA: 2 proposed resolutions for the Pacifica National Board
5-2-02: notes from special iPNB meeting on finances
5-1-02: "Pacifica Matters" - first broadcast a success: audio archives online
4-23-02: Notice of special interim Pacifica National Board meeting
4-17-02: Notice of search for Pacifica executive director
3-29-02: WBAI General Manager Search Committee
3-22-02: Pacifica Bylaws revisions committee meeting info and relevent materials
3-19-02: Houston Chronicle: iPNB member Allen will appeal court decision
3-16-02: Pacifica "Mission Commission" being formed
3-8-02: L.A. iPNB meeting March 8-10 2002 - notes and documents
3-5-02: Pacifica accountant recomendations
2-16-02: Pacifica Press Release
2-13-02: Secretary Carol Spooner reports
2-5-02: Pacifica financial audit (863kb pdf): www.pacifica.org/info/audit2502/paudt2502b.pdf
2-5-02: Hijacker Ferguson threatens to wreck Pacifica
1-27-02: new bylaws committees to be proposed in L.A.
1-23-02: The boycott?
1-21-02: The Union situation at WBAI/Pacifica
1-15-02: iPNB secretary Carol Spooner's overview
1-14-02: iPNB chair Cagan: Back into WBAI Monday morning
1-13-02: Listener/staff proposals presented at iPNB meeting
1-11-02: NYC Jan. 11-13 2002 iPNB meeting - DAILY REPORTS
1-11-02: Interim Pacifica National Board meeting Jan. 11, 12, 13 in NYC
1-10-02: Judge rules in favor on 2 of 3 pending resolutions
1-9-02: Houston reseats Barnstone on iPNB
1-7-02: Executive director resumes due Weds.1-9-02
1-7-02: Judge delays ruling on the 3 resolutions
1-5-02: Background on disrupter/hijacker iPNB member Lee and pal Gregory
1-4-02: Houston Interim Pacifica National Board member resigns
1-2-02: The 3 iPNB resolutions before the judge
12-30-01: Help determine next Pacifica executive director
12-29-01: REPORT: 12-29-01 Pacifica Foundation Interim Board meeting
12-12-01: The Pacifica lawsuits settlement
12-29-01: Pacifica Foundation Interim Board Meeting info
12-28-01: The court rejects hijacker Ganter's appointment to iPNB (!)
12-27-01: Houston: Illegitimate LAB is trying to illegally stick us with Ganter
12-20-01: Interim Pacifica National Board appointees to be

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