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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB LA meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Los Angeles
March 8 - 10, 2002

3-8-02: Friday evening

Apologies for name misspellings.
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6:30 pm Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda 
6:45 pm Adoption of Minutes from last meeting 
7:00 pm Report from Board Chair 
7:15 pm Report from the acting Executive Director and Q&A/discussion 
8:00 pm Archives Report 
8:15 pm community comment (Affiliates Update moved to Sunday)
9:00 pm Adjourn for the evening 

Virgil Middle School Auditorium 
152 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles 

Nice spacious auditorium 200-300 people.
Well organized.

iPNB Directors present: 
George Barnstone, Carol Spooner(late), Dave Fertig, 
Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya , Leslie
Cagan, Pete Bramson, Janice K. Bryant, Teresa Allen, 
Marion Barry(late), Rob Robinson (coming late)

Not present: 
Dick Gregory, Bert Lee, James Ferguson 


Chair Cagan warmly gradually commences meeting.
Welcomes broadcast and webcast audiences and thanks
wbix.org for keeping things going during the past year.

Self introduction of iPNB board members.
Fertig welcomes us to the first PNB meeting in L.A. in 4 years.

Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda

Some shifts in agenda approved.

Cagan briefly reviews voting procedures as dictated by the lawsuits settlement.
Roberts Rules of Order will be followed. Introduces parliamentarian.

While waiting for Secretary Spooner to arrive
Cagan tells us that alot has been accomplished in the 
last 2 months. 
The recent fund drives have been very successful.
The national day of fundraising for the KPFK transmitter
was a very good day of solidarity showing that people are
supportive of Pacifica as a network.
Management change over at the stations have happened in positive
Re-empowerment of the LABS is in effect.
The listener/activist community is being revised.

Priorities this weekend: 
Bylaw revision process
Developing the process for bringing
democratic empowerment and accountability
to the foundation.
The financial crisis: develop the process for
dealing with financial issues that inclusive,
transparent and de-centralized.

To rebuild at network that understands it's role
in the social movement.

Pacifica has move into a deeper understanding of sexism, racism

Adoption of Minutes from last meeting
Secretary Spooner apologizes for not having Jan. minutes.
They could not afford the $10,000 bill for the transcriber
and didn't have time.

Report from the acting Executive Director, time for Q&A/discussion
[text of the report] 
Dan Coughlin
Verna Avery Brown- deputy Executive Director
Joyce Snowden

First priority to get a handle on the finances and make remedies.
2nd to start the healing process at the stations and network

Pacifica is on the "brink of economic collapse"
In a state of crisis management that will likely last till the
end of the year.

1. To negotiate the debt. Lawyers brought in to help with restructuring
the debt.
Verna reports:
Most of the debt if from legal fees. In the summer of 2001
"Pacifica" was employing 5 law firms.
It was David and Goliath, and David gets to pay for the funeral.

EBG, Williams and Connelly etc.... [ see  Executive Director ]

Proper debts will be paid, but the strategy is to pay as little as
possible and take as long as possible.

Verna's 3 questions:

1.Do we REALLY have to pay these scumbags 2 million $?
Investigating possible conflict of interest with John Murddock (EBG)

2.How far along is the process?
In the early stages.

3. Can we get the insurance company to pay out more?
It's going to be a slow process, but we will win. [ applause]

Dan Couglin: We are cutting cost, primarily at the national level.

We need to raise money. The winter fund raiser raised a record
3million. The day of "riveting" national day of programming for KPfK
raised $180,000.

We need to raise another $1 million by May, $3 million by October. Very
serious situation. We need to make fundraising a first priority with
serious mobilization in the 5 areas. 
A good way to draw in and inspire a listenership is with a major campaign
to educate people as to how we got in this mess. 
[Runs down a list of atrocious financial abuse]

Worst of all the hijackers spent big bucks on hiring a spy agency to
gather information on people in the free-Pacifica movement.

Calls for a "truth commission" to find out what happened and why.
[big applause]

Two other key items:
LABs back in affect.
Debates and discussion of programming process. "Mission Commission" being
set up by Dan and Avery. Robbie Osman has been asked to volunteer to help.

KPFK transmitter is major priority. 

Last year no revenue from subcarriers. When straitened out will
result in around $900,000 a year.

Affiliates returning. 51 currently.

We will make the first broadcasting network democratically run.

Questions for the ED from board

Barnstone - Ask something about about the insurance claims and
the law firms debts.

[Marion Barry saunters in and takes a seat]

Fertig, Spooner replies

Bryant the status of the "golden parachutes packages"

Coughlin - some have been paid, most have not.

Bryant ask for info regarding the subcarriers

Jim Bennent (KPFA) give brief technical overview.
Due to new technology, renting subcarriers are less lucrative.

LaForest ask about the obtaining the materials from the
hijackers spy firm.

Coughlin says that since we are to pay the bills we probably
will get the info and we must careful with it.

Teresa Allen says we shouldn't pay spies unless we get all the files.

Spooner says that individuals should be able to see dossiers on
themselves and determined what's released.

Barry - how much is owed 
A: $215,000
States that he had nothing to do with it and we should find out
what the hell was going on.
Recommends that no see, no pay, and even if see, maybe no pay anyway.

Chair points out that figures of debt owed doesn't include
moneys already paid out.

Archives Report 

Brian Deshaser(?) Archives director

Alot of great stuff, some not so great stuff.
Thanks Pacifica community for committing support.

Bad deterioration of tapes in the archive.
50% of tapes requires up to 4 times actual tape time
to make playable. Will be very costly.
Very disorganized piles of tapes, unlabeled.
Good news is that many jewels are being uncovered.
Staffing is a very serious issue (33% budget cutback)
Perhaps volunteer help. There a volunteer Larry A. from library
of Congress making an overall assessment. 
Funding in crisis. Need to have staff in place before
getting the funding.

On the upside the spirits have picked in recent times.
More visitors ect.

Website is up and working well [ really cool site; linked from Pacifica.org]

Tape sales from Democracy Now! shows have helped alot
in the past.

Archive questions:

Barnstone - process are restoring, put on a cd?
A: 4 steps involving reel to reel tape, filters and then digitize.

Barry - what deteriates ?
A: the physical tape. Degree of  success depends.

Barry to chair - when do the archive project get budgeted, become
an agenda item.

Bramson - wants details on plan to do broadcast archive materials
and to talk about how it went on the national day of broadcasting.
A: it was good to finally get on the air and that it'd good to do
more airing of historical Pacifica materials [ applause ]

LaForest - will we lose valuable materials if we don't act 

Chair moves agenda.

Some talk about hijacker auditors going into the refrigerated
archive vault - perhaps when they saw how hudge the pile was,
that's why they didn't make off with it all to D.C. 

Community comment

-David Moore ( Lew Hill's son) MT
 Will be sending comments to the "mission commission"
Announces that he is the son of Lew Hill [standing ovation]
1. investigation of the Pacifica principles to prevent
another hijacking.
-thanks iPNB for their work [standing ovation]
2. Revisitation of what Pacifica means in light of the new
technology. Questions of having a global signal
3. How to educate the listeners to fairly advanced principles
of Pacifica

-Andrea Fishman, NYC
What happened with the proposals for democracy presented
at Jan. meeting?
Chair Cagan says that process will be addressed in upcoming

-Michael Sinsin, LA LAB, Coalition against police abuse.
Supports setting up of local mini stations
in various nieghborhood in LA (and towns) where
everything is especially spread out. They would
supply programming via tape or feeds etc. Important
for out reach. Wants to get word out and get feedback
and get iPNB support. An important move in putting
Pacifica into practice of it's mission.

-Joanne Seleeba, LA
Appreciative of the movement
LA really looking for the return of the
deverse voices at KPFK.

-Joe Linton , LA Ecco village
Welcome and thanks.
Has information and places to stay for folks
from out of town.

-Harriet, LA
Speaking for Echo Park free Pacifica neighborhood network.
The nationwide day of broadcast for KPFK was great, felt an
overwhelming connection with the rest of the network.
Supports more national days of broadcasting if only
for the solidarity etc.
Supports united organization of Pacifica listeners

-Ewan Bowe, Berkeley
We need to prioritize getting our history out there
and prioritize the archives.
We need to come up with the education of how we got
into this mess.
The mess did not start in 1998 [ applause ]

-David Combs - NYC
FSRN sounds too corporate.
Need to be more fun to listen to.
We have to announce hotline numbers and websites
in case the networks get taken out. 

-Eve Moser, NYC
Are the stations broadcasting the meeting, and 
if not what will the board do about it?
Cagan: is not a board decision, the iPNB 
supports local autonomy.

-Jerry Rubin, LA - alliance for survival
Thanks the iPNB.
Urges KPFK listeners to give lots of money.
Wants KPFK to have town hall forums to help
organize on various issues. that should part

-Randy , Orange County, CA
Need to be some acknowledgement of attempted 
Needs to be avenue 

-Goodball, LA
Calls for transparency financially and otherwise.
Calls for increased local programming, archive programming
and more call-in time. 

-Adrianne Laby, KPFA
Organizing disabilities programming.

-Deena Kolberg, NYC
NY has had meeting of various outreach committees to 
cooridinate efforts. There is a need for an outreach
coordinater be hired in all the listener areas for 
the upcoming crucial 6 months.

-David Eckland,
Supports the urgency of dealing with the archives.
Supports representation of station staff.

-Mike Dials, LA
Supports getting at the root causes of the hijacking.
Naming names etc.
Comments on programming issues.
When announced that calls will be taken on air,
it should be for more than 5 minutes.

-Frank Wagner, DC LAB member
WpfW has had a poisonous atmosphere for last
2 years. Presently the listeners have little knowledge
of Pacifica and there aren't the personal resources
to remedy the situation.
Wants some out of town solid programming (Wake Up Call,
Flashpoints etc.) until DC gets it together.
Need to open up people's ears in DC before having
elections. [ large applause]

-Diana KPFK listener
KPFK listeners are being carefully sheltered
from the facts of Pacifica.
Listeners are still very confused. Wants to go ahead
and put the dirt on the air and get it all out.

-Joseph Gilbert 
Only got the info on Pacifica on the net, more should be on the radio.
Find out the facts on the hijackers and get it out there.

--, LA
Imperative to involve youth in Pacifica.
LA youth are facing oppression and deserve a voice.

-Jonathon Markowitz,
Important to use the airwaves for these meetings.
Funds and policy needs to committed to ongoing archives

-Susan Nelson, LA
Amazing to have the doors open at KPFK again
and to have good programming back.

-Loyd, Berkeley
Resubmits '97 recommendations for bylaw revisions, which
if enacted then would of prevented the whole corporate
takeover. Supports listener empowerment and democracy.

--flower, Orange County, CA
Announces organizing meeting.
Has alot of archive tapes.
We need to deal with racist programming.

Chair Cagan hands out proposals to board members
for review overnight:
-Proposal for choosing permanent Station managers
-Proposal on air programming policies.
-Report from Don Meusel (?)

9:23pm Meeting adjourned.

Roger Manning, NYC

DAILY REPORTS and Documents
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