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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB LA meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Los Angeles
March 8 - 10, 2002

3-9-02: Saturday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Proposed agenda:
9:00 am Community Comments - general 
9:30 am Station Reports: 
- Steven Starr, interim general manager 
- David Adelson, LAB chair 
- community comment 
- Jim Bennett, interim general manager 
- Susan DaSilva, LAB chair 
- community comment 
- Duane Bradley, general manager 
- Deb Shafto, LAB chair 
- community comment 
- Tony Regusters, interim general manager 
- Sam Husseini, LAB chair 
- community comment 
- Valerie Van Isler, general manager 
- Miguel Maldonado, LAB chair 
- community comment 

12:30 pm Lunch break 

2:00 pm Finances: 
- Report from Treasurer 
- fund raising plans 
- budget review 
- community comment 
3:30 pm Bylaws review and revision/LAB election 
- guidelines - process 
- for moving ahead on both 
- community comment 
5:00 pm Report on search for new executive director 
5:30 pm Process for search/hiring permanent station managers 
6:00 pm Adjourn for the evening 

iPNB Directors present: 
George Barnstone, Carol Spooner, Dave Fertig, 
Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya , Leslie
Cagan, Pete Bramson, Janice K. Bryant, Teresa Allen, 
Marion Barry, Rob Robinson 

Not present: 
Dick Gregory, Bert Lee, James Ferguson 

Chair Leslie Cagan calls the meeting to order

Welcome to LA listeners and everyone.

Thanks to wbix.org for all it's
webcasting and thanks to the stations for 
broadcasting and Larry Benskey for anchoring.

The morning agenda of the 5 station reports 
will be giving extra time to the kpfk report.
The history of kpfk in the 90s deserves more
attention [A Pacifica struggle timeline]

KPFK report
Interim Station manager reports
The climate has vastly improved

Many communities have not had access
to the station for quite awhile.

Staff at station was mixed as to
feelings of the oncoming reform.

KPFK signed agreement that funds would
control the incoming funds.
Staff, listeners, LAB
Most successful
Robbie Osman proposed the National 
expect to break 200,000.
Thanks all the station managers, staff and 
Thanks Dan Coughlin and national staff for 
making this possible by giving financial

Much equipment is ready. Concrete floor etc
needs to be built. Predicts some completion
by May.

By years end - completion of upstairs studio.

Reinstituted reports to listener, unscreened phone
lines, Democracy Now!, community calendar, onair 
discussions about Pacifica.
Encouraging creating programming collectives such
as one that has formed in the west south Asia collective.

Must have more programming relating to upcoming
war (on terrorism) zones.

Several staff have decided to move on and 
some interim people have brought in.

Reachout to kpfk's fired and banned.
Plans to develop programming council.
Plans to develop  efforts to deal
with racist programming content and racism
at kpfk.

Considers it a privilege to have been able to 
take on the tasks of interim Stations manager.
Very rewarding to part of the process on opening
up the station. [ large applause, some people standing]
- David Adelson, LAB chair reports
Welcome to everyone and thanks.
Big thanks to Steven Starr.
Wants to acknowledge all the people from
over the last 4 years.
It's been a really great feeling at the station.

Major problem at kpfk is the lack of openness
at the station, non inclusiveness; the few doing
the much.
Number of programs was drastically reduced by 
monthly programs getting daily slots.

The hijackers act of replacing volunteers with
paid staff under the justification of increasing
listenership didn't work and was harmful.

Need to expand the level of participation without
conflicts of the past. The situation pre-takeover
led to the conditions collapse

Calls for establishment of a search committee for 
the hiring of permanent station manager.

The LAB proposes mobile unit for going into different 

-LAB co-chair Lydia reports:
There has been a series of pre-election consultations
in various communities which have been successful.
Kpfk's extremely large listener area - difficulty
in getting input from all the communities.
Asks that reformed bylaws be somewhat flexible.
Asks people to pick up elections material available in lobby.

-KPFK Public comment
Will start with kpfk fired and banned

-Ron Wilkins (Continent to continent)
Been lifetime activists.
Very bothered by being removed from Pacifica
because Pacifica has gained it's solid left
reputation due to coverage of people of color
and labor of people of color.
Need to bring banned poc back and remove the 
Pacifica needs restore input and decision
from people of color in order to meet mission.
No sacred cows. Mature political content and
[large applause]

Not so much fired and banned as having Spanish 
programming reduced and moved around.
Accepts the challenge to make kpfk a better place,
it's just the beginning. Would like to see many
more Pacifica stations in the future, particularly
in places where badly needed

-Ken Carr Freedom Now former PNB, LAB
Been working to free kpfk for 5 yrs.
Pleased to be ending boycott.
Has a report on the banning of African American
programmers at kpfk.
Black Liberation doesn't claim to represent
all blacks, but it shouldn't be up to white management
to determine who should represent blacks on air.
The hijacked Pacifica worked with racists government
agencies in getting blacks off the air. Has documentation.
Targeted because of coverage ADL cointel activities.
Target of the Israeli lobby.
Pacifica unresponsive to concerns of racist
Request that the iPNB:
1. Make available files that were on compiled on 
Pacifica activists by the hijackers
2. Establish a review of issues of racism at kpfk
3. bring back all KPFK fired and banned
4. [missed it]

-Fernando Valasquez
Native American programming needs
People of color need to be returned to drivetime
at kpfk.
Speaks as to how racism permeates up through the
ages, including at Pacifica.
6 of 8 hours
The best PNB in years but aren't doing enough at
kpfk. Fired and banned still out, need more Asian

John Marinez banned kpfk, 
iPNB needs to keep policy national
and open, not back room decision making
like in the mid-90s.
Proposing Latino programming and outreach
to those communities.
Have to update
Conflict resolution at kpfk.
Presently yuppie, anti-labor staff who
are out of line and ignorant with mission and mostly
have to go.

-Lyda Shapiro 
Why isn't folk scene not back on yet
when slot is being vacated.

-Peggy Webber
Radio theatre/ classic early radio.
Concerned that show is off, though still on npr.

Steven Starr - apologizes on behalf of Pacifica to fire and banned
programmers and looks forward to remedy.

KPFK listeners comments:

-Grace Lee - Pasadena branch free Pacifica neighborhood network
Held student activist forum.
Urges outreach

Sally Moore 
Thanks to Steven Starr.
Wants permanent Station manager to have 
media knowledge, people skills.
Needs to be less infighting in Pacifica.

-Don White - kpfk LAB and free Pacifica movement
Inspired by solidarity of the national broadcast.
Supports Steven Starr.
Inspired by newly open station.
Supports return of national office to Berkeley.
Supports a committee for the search for a permanent Station
manager. Process needs more open than what iPNB
has proposed.

-Raphael Renteria -former PD- KPFT
Presents statement south central LA coalition.
The mission needs to regard current world conditions
regarding war on drugs, increasing prison population,
(reads proposal)
Address globalization
Community should have broad representation.
Expose the war on terrorism and racist scapegoating.
All these things will affect construction of bylaws
and mission.

-Lyon Hankie
Crucial to not lose any gains made by Steve Starrs's work.
Dissent and disagreement is healthy and needs to remain
in Pacifica.
National programming: Get Flashpoints back, 
Locally -need more training, and

- Farah
Need to get diversity back into kpfk programming
(not just token programs)
and into decision making at the station.

-Peter Dudar - Coalition for world peace
Speaks of Native American roots of LA.
Need to have peace activist.
Need to hold hands
Ask Nader for advice on dealing with

[missed comments]

-Juan -Service employees international union
Speaks of struggle for immigrant rights.
Calls for national program on immigration reform.
Multi national issue.

Dr. Vickie Huffnagle
Thanks Amy Goodman and wbai crew for giving her voice on
the air to addess serious health issues when she was banned.

Lorraine Mirsa -canceled show, Islamic Perspectives
Pays tribute to Michael Taylor who died
doing pirate radio.
Her program's cancellation caused her much 
distress and physical injury carrying heavy boxes
of tapes etc out of the station.
Criticizes what happened to the news dept.
Demands that the Islamic program been brought back.

-  Shakeel from Islamic community   
Lorraine's program was well received by Islamic
community please bring back the program.

KPFA Report

Station Manager Jim Bennent reports:

Thanks various entities for all the support.
Kpfa would welcome back the national office
to Berkeley.
Acknowledges KFCF  in Fresno who was instrumental
in keeping things going during the hijack years.

Kpfa's most successful fund drive ever - $835,000.

Proposes another National day of programming
on Pacifica 53rd anniversary on April 15th [ applause]

More financial clarity at kpfa now after coming
out the crisis.

KPFA is sponsoring the national broadcast of the iPNB

Wants to insure support of Free Speech Radio News

Should be discussion of amount of money going to
Pacifica national. Should be less than %17 because much
of various national operations are funded in local areas.

Needs to re-establish some staff positions at kpfa.

Asks other stations to check out the training/recruiting
program at kpfa.

-Susan DaSilvan -LAB chair, Willy Radcliff- vice Chair
Thanks to Jim.
Moved by kpfk fired and banned programmers.
22 on kpfa LAB, 14 are listeners
Regular monthly meetings
Plan to re-examine goals.
Committed to diversity on all levels and accountability.
Will publish study conducted last year.
Involved in programming council.
Forming a LAB programming committee to interact with programming
Plans to connect with other labs and boards.
Plans to be involved in bylaws revisions.

Anxious that mistakes of the past not be repeated.
Pacifica needs to run bottom up to prevent anti
mission people from getting back in.
Supports return of hq to Berkeley

KPFA listener comments:
- ??
Listeners must participate, get involved
in work.
Love to the Israeli refusniks.
Need urge concientious objection to
the "war on terrorism" in U.S. military as well.

-Stan Woods -KPfA LAB
Criticizes terminology in the news
department. ex: say "stick breakers" instead
of "replacement workers" or "pro-life" for
anti abortion.

-Gail Blaisy -LAB and Sacramento Listeners' group.
Programming council is not open. Meets during the
day when people cannot come. Too much effort required
to get things to happen. LAB has not been able to get
a program on air for a year. 

-Willie Radcliff former vice-chair Kpfa LAB
Need more local autonomy. The hijacking wouldn't
of happened if there had been in the past.
Wants the HQ back in Berkeley where there is massive
support in the streets and the community.
Someone should go to jail for spending all the money.

-Andrea Buffa 
Supports return of national HQ to Berkeley.
The reason it was removed in the middle
of the night was because the massive resistance.
The Berkeley office was built through massive 
KPFA went on to fight for the return of the whole
network after regaining kpfa in '99.
Pacifica needs to address it's racial issues.

-Shandra Hauptman
Sign up sheet for various caucus meetings.
CDP supports return of HQ in Berkeley.
Ask people that agree to stand [most everyone stands]

-Kurt Gray -LAB member
Supports establishment of some paid
organizers in the listener areas.
Urgent to educate the future voters.
Needs to be review for the strategy for
national programming.
Needs to be more history education.
Need to examine pre-hijack problems

-Lauren Cooley -from Nappa
KPFA needs to be more respectful
of people and process of at other station.
News dept. at kpfa is very much lacking.

- Jeffery Blankford
Founder of save kpfa in '93.
Disturbed by news dept. relations to
Democratic party. No critical coverage.

-Maria Garlardin 
First kpfk banned in '93
Request for 2 extra minutes denied but
she takes them  anyway.
Thanks Samori Marksman, Ron Wilkins
and others.
People who kicked others out for being
on air for too long set themselves up
for permanant positions.
Music is good, but it's more important
to air life and death issues.
[standing ovation for Maria]

Supporter in 1965
Reinstate black programming.

KPFT Report

Duane Bradley, general manager reports
Returns to KPFT after 13 years.
Very pleased to be here. 
Rescheduled fund drive to start shortly
aiming for around 200,000.
A large amount of healing needed.
Fund drive is being viewed as opportunity.
Rebuilding staff: interim Program director,
development director. People doing multiple
Needs to establish a news dept.
70 volunteer staff.
Working on establish training an intern program.

Programming is most difficult issue.
Hijacker Station manager Ganter did alot of
damage creating splits in the listener ship and
community. Some, atleast temporary, changes being made. 
FSRN, black history month, Flashpoints.
(Urges replacing first 5 min. news section)

Trying bring back diversity through outreach.

Physical plant is ok shape though some problems
with broadcast power levels.

National office has been very helpful. Could use
faster paperwork processing.

Supports the archives restoration, the return of HQ
to Berkeley, and 

Concerned with missing KPFT public documentation.
Being worked on.
Much thanks to iPNB.

- Deb Shafto, LAB chair report
LAB working of search for permanent Station Manager.

300-400 people at LAB meetings.

Alot of hard work will be needed to re-diversify

Multiple smaller LAB committees formed which have
succeeded increasing hearing community comment.

Outreach efforts in the works.

Succeeded in getting 1000 people to attend
peace message event. Helped to unify some
of the kpft programmers who participated.

LAB will keep track of station related activities
to try and insure it's with the mission.

Texas needs more progressives.

KPFT Listeners:

Slasher (Michael Pimental) Kpft LAB
Saddened that KPFT didn't broadcast much
of the national day of broadcast. A lost

Would like see news resources 

Mark Wild kpft LAB, Houston committee for people
Most mellow PNB meeting he's been to, no cops etc.. [cheers]
Compliments Duane's job.
Historic time because we've won.
We need to waste less energy in infighting.

WPFW Report

- Tony Regusters, interim general manager 
Working toward the Pacifica mission at WPFW
Most daunting job in his 30 years of broadcasting.
Very toxic environment.

First needed to transform negative
work environment, bring about healing process.
Held meetings to communicate and ease fears.
Programming changes would be thoughtful and
considerate and that would come; 
Staff understood and agreed.
Also communicated that more progressive balance
was needed.
Fundraising achieved it's goal of $350,000 despite
many difficulties. Credits staff.[applause]

Needs program director, engineer.

Welcomed LAB back into the station.[applause]

Does not plan to eliminate Jazz.

Goal is to build bridges. 

Promotes mutual respect, enlightened consensus, and
knowledge of mission.

- Sam Husseini, LAB chair report

Thanks interim general manager.
WPFW listeners have been cut off from
nearly all knowledge of what went down at

LAB has 14 members.

Did a community assessment report last year.
Local produced issue coverage was a priority.

Currently NO decent coverage of local DC issues in DC.

LAB very pleased with the national day of programming.

LAB concerned with selection for permanent station manager.
That there is considerable input and process.

Would like the jazz programming to presented from
a Pacifica mission direction.

LAB has to become more pro-active in diversification,
broadcasting meetings etc.

WPFW listener comments:

-Frank Wagner wpfw LAB
Thanks Tony.
Changes are moving very slowly.
There are some very anti-Pacifica mission
programmers on. They need to be removed
before real changes will happen.
Changes can be, and must be made more quickly.
Disputes statements made on air is a closed,
self appointed group of friends in an interview
with Marion Barry.

-Rhyme wbix.org
Involved in D.C. organizing.
Important to help organize communities in D.C
WPFW needs to provide to have a safe haven
to open up and speak out.
Outreach is essential

-Marion Barry
Compliments Tony.
Explains that what he said on air was 
describing some people's impression of

WBAI Report

- Valerie Van Isler, general manager 
Wbai lost 4000 listener sponsors
and income.
Staff returned 7weeks ago to 
WBAI in ruins, with creditors threatening
cut off of services. 
There was no financial plan or policy.

The crisis brought growth.
The doors were opened to bring the community
back into community radio.

The fired and banned on MLK day with a successful
emergency fundraiser ($60,000)

Local control is essential.

February fund drive achived over $1 million.
The tally was constantly reported.
Regained many subscribers.

Need to have financial transparency from
national office.

Need to make cutbacks and to fundraise.

Regular reports of listeners from management,
staff, and LAB.

Committed to diversity. "Let the rainbow live, it must."

Agreement with AFTRA for [hijacker] staff severance matters.
Hired a conflict resolution manager who was very 
effective in dealing with the toxic environment
created in the station over the last year in particular.

Proud of contribution to the national day of broadcasting.
Supports more in the future.

Programming changes being made. Programming Council
to be re-established in an advisory capacity.

Investigating possible funding from WTC relief agencies for 
dust damage

LAB must never again be locked of WBAI.
Many LAB activities have been taking place.

WBAI and Pacifica continues to face serious changes.
Van Isler is stepping down as
WBAI General Manager and joining Dan Coughlin
on national staff.

Quotes Bruce Springsteen song, "rise up". [Standing ovation]

Anthony Mackall reports from WBAI committee
iPNB passed the 8 recomentdations presented
by the committees at the Jan. meeting.
Status of resolutions
1. Daugthtry removed
2. Fired and banned have returned
3. banning orders lifted
4. General Manager (Van Isler) review process incomplete. 
  He recommends it be dropped
- Human resources person in effect.
5. pre-approval of hiring and firing
6. recognition and union issues regarding volunteer
and paid staff in process
7. Lab meetings are back at station
8. GM reports ongoing
8. Work with Pacifica Excutivce director ongoing

Committee involved with monitoring management  and staff
adaptation to situations

Concerned with programming, outreach, affirmative hiring.

Compliments performance of Valerie Van Isler.

- Miguel Maldonado, LAB chair Report

Thanks to all and invitation to get involved
to all the kpfk listeners in Spanish.
Props to wbix.org

LAB thanks the iPNB for the return
of the fired and banned.
Thanks to Van Isler.

As of Jan 14 LAB meetings are back in the station.

Folio committee established.

Working with WBAi committee to promote healing
and aid in transition.

LAB is examing bylaws revisions.

Outreach committee established to 
increase listener membership.
Informing people in the community that they need
to become members to participate in making
changes in Pacifica from the bottom up.
Will be contacting many community organizations
and unions. 

Considering asking some unions to buy station memberships 
for hundreds of their members. [?!]

Need to reachout multilingually, and multi culturally.

-WBAI listeners' comments

-Carolyn Birden - CF elections committee, cdpny
Presents the request for a independent elections
coordinator to be retained at each of the stations.
[How KPFA did developed their elections procedure]

-Errol Maitland -wbix.org, DN, wbai staff
Glad to be here.
Though has been opposed to Valerie Van Isler
in the past, he appreciated things she's has
done, and compliments her now.

-Mimi Rosenberg  -wbai producer
Speaks to racism issues, white sisters
and brothers need to speak out as well.
Latino, Asia Pacific, Native American
needed on national board.
Affirmative action needed in hiring at
Thanks the board.
Thanks Valerie VanIsler for never censoring
WBAI airwaves and standing up for progressive 
[affirmative action proposal]

-Bob Lederer
Thanks to the iPNB and listeners and 
activists from the wbai banned and fired.
Has had a great impact.

1:40pm announcements for caucus meetings
and break for lunch.
(1 hour behind)

2:45 meeting reconvenes

Some announcements


Report from Treasurer Jabari Zakiya
Jabari wants 30 minutes, chair request that he 
limit his report to a 15 minute overview.

Though situation is critical, it is 
resolvable, and is stabilizing. 

Need to overhaul accounting system to make
it universal across the network.
Create a cohesive, accountable structure.

Supports creating more sources of regular income.
Use the archives and others means and 
lessen costly system of using premiums to raise funds.

Need some more national staff and need personal
to increase our in-house ability to deal with infrastructure
at the various stations.

Certain programming should be mandatory throughout
the network. Certain things needs to originate
from the national level.

The network needs to double it's revenue in order
for Pacifica to grow.

Supports iPNB coming up with a 5 year strategic plan
for expansion.[this is what the hijackers did]

Pacifica needs to be on top of technology and changing FCC 

We need to get our house order to perhaps attack more
stations to Pacifica. Pacifica needs to be where the 
action is, in many American cities without coverage.

-The comptroller is ill and can not report
but has completed a written report.
[no copies present at meeting]

-Dan Coughlin adds some info:
Audit upcoming in April.
Anticipate $10 million income this year
with expenditures $ 10.7 million.
Plans to close gap by fundraising instead
of cuts.
Local station bank accounts have been re-established.

-Verna Avery Brown adds:
Not out of the woods yet.
There's been talk about taking out
loans against the stations.
Investigating more ways of fundraising;
possibly national programming.

Until debt resolved, the stations will
still need to help cover the national office.

-Cagan points out that recent funds raised
need to divided amongst past, current and future

- Marion Barry
What's happening with insurance company ?
Money hasn't been released but being worked
on. Still needs some signatures.

-David Addelson
Thanks for speedy work.
Request details in future budget reports.

-Janice K. Bryant
Is the upcoming audit routine? A: yes
Will there still be a annual budget created? A: yes,after audit

-Carol Spooner
Her crucial concern is that there still no budget
ready for approval. No need to wait for audit first.
Budget would be helpful in making month to month
acessments and decisions. We need to know and account
for where the money is going.
Recommends that the finance committee consult Station
managers Bennent and Van Isler on ways to put a budget together

-Rob Robinson
Has been researching getting some voluteer finance management 
help from retired proffessional. 

There still no system in place to gather info on ongoing
operating expenses which is needed in laying out a budget.

There must be monthly financial reports from department

MOTION-Carol Spooner
Makes motion that the finance committee meet before end of the
weekend with Coughlin, Bennent, Comptroller and Van Isler to set up a 
procedure for monthly reports and setting up a budget.
(There is software for this, but has yet to configured.)

PASSES unanimously

-Ray LaForest
Ask about status of needed signatures to resolve
$400,000 insurance issue.

- Brown
Should be resolved within a week.

MOTION - (by Barry?)
To accept the recomendation of the accountants who recently
completed the annalysis/accessment of Pacifica's finances
to seek a non board person to serve as chief financial officer/ treasurer;
the specifics of the job to be set at when person is found.

[Something is going on here below the surface that gives the impression
that the iPNB wanted Jabari out of the treasurer position and is going
about removing him in through a round-about, thinly veiled maneuver.
It is very ugly and feels very wrong. It is distressing to have
"our" board pulling something that is so hijacker-esque in the midst
of all the miraculous work they've done and are doing.
Later people speculate that perhaps the board trying spare
Jabari in some way, or protect the foundation in some way by
going about essentially removing Jabari from the treasurer position
in this manner.
Even if that were the case, people I  talked to later who had been
at the meeting felt that the maneuver was still wrong. The board 
ends up smoothing things over a bit on Sunday by having some 
discussion on the issue  -Editor]

Jabari questions legality of having treasurer who is not on the

A bit of discussion.

PASSES 9-1 (current treasurer Jabari against)

MOTION To reconsider this motion by Allen.
FAILS 7 - 4

-Listener comments on finances

The Billionaires for More Media Mergers [correct name?]
bum rush the mikes and
perform a goofy satirical song after
which they are overrun by righteous listeners
and their song (to the tune of the battle
hymn of the republic)...

-Dianne Solomon KPFA LAB treasurer
Anxious that mistakes of past not repeated.
Supports formation of finance committee and
guidelines. And that money's borrowed from 
stations be accounted for and a payback procedure
established. Stations should have %100 control
of the money they raise.
Supports Jabari.

- Kai Utsumi 
Beware of who we take grants from.
Cautions against increasing budget
without a solid structure in place to
prevent resulting problems.
Supports getting rid CPB money.

Appreciate people having taken salary cuts
but thinks salaries should be posted.
What about loans against stations?
[Cagan says that was about refinancing 

-Maria Galardin
Supports Jabari's idea to keep cost of fundraising
down, but wouldn't want to commercialize the archive.
Concerned with growth. Supports keeping the budget
within the realm of what listeners will give.
Supports getting rid CPB money.

Leslie urges the board members to come up ideas.

Bylaws revisions/LAB election guidelines

Leslie points out that today's intention
is to come up with a process for coming up with
new bylaws, not to make specific bylaw proposals.

-Carol Spooner
[Spooner proposal]
We need to get new bylaws and elections procedures
together by September 1st or so and it would be best
if it involved input from listeners and staff.

When KPFA the open process of putting together
elections procedures, it forced participants to deal
with their fears. A pretty good process.

The LABs and iPNB will be who votes in new bylaws but
anyone who wants to should be able to be involved.

Local sub-committees would have at least 1 LAB and one 
local area iPNB member(who would chair) and then who ever comes to 
atleast 3 meetings [consecutive?].

Feels it's best to deal with bylaws and elections
procedures together.

Don't have all that much time.
Should meet weekly.

Gives a timeline ending August 31st.

Disturbed by emails sent to her asking for 
exclusion of various people from the bylaws writing
process. Feels that rules for how the local committees
may be needed to insure fairness.

Don't we have 15 months?
Doesn't see that bylaws need to be rewritten so quickly
as only elections are required by the settlement to be 
completed by the end of the year.
Doesn't think that anyone that comes to 3 meetings
should be able to vote on bylaws [they won't, the iPNB and
the LABs are who will have voting approval]
Concerned with balanced representation by boards.

- Spooner
Only recently decided that bylaws would be best
linked with election policy.

- Barry
Feels that elections procedures needn't be so difficult,
perhaps only requiring amending KPFA model

Supports intregated approach and sees no need
to delay working on bylaws.

We need integrated, enlightened listener voters.

Sub committee membership is unlimited?
A: yes
Is concerned with potential for infiltration and disruption.

iPNB is simply trying to help set a structure
for wide input, but that the final decision
is made by the iPNB and LABS.

Hands out 2 more documents to board members
to review later.

Was initially concerned with Spooner
proposal that anyone who came
to 3 meetings has decision making process.

2 motions:
To get the KPFA model adopted.
Have iPNB committee to first draft Bylaws
and send it to the areas [top down originated

An analysis of the KPFA electons procedure is
currently taking place in Berkeley.

Is resistant to top down suggestion.

-3 Listener proposals are presented:

- Bernie Eisenberg
Presents proposal endorsed by 42 people
nationwide and posted on wbai.net.
Supports one person one vote 
[a iPNB person who is also LAB member and on
thier area's drafting subcommittee would be
able to vote on rules that affects thier postion
and do this at all three levels]
Listeners do the drafts, the iPNB
and LAB ratifies...[see proposal]

-Judy Gorman Jacobs, NYC
Presents proposal that's concerned
with educating listeners and diversity.
Broadly publicized town hall meetings 
for working on bylaws that educate
and diversely inclusive.

-Fred Nguyen, NJ
Proposal by Paul Surrovel, NJ
Spooner's proposal is risky and
with regard to achieving a mission
based outcome.
Input should be open to all, but drafts
should only be done by the subcommittees.

-Marion Barry
Suggest combining all the proposals
as to who actually gets to draft etc.

Parliamentarian ask questions:
Must the elections procedures be uniform?
Yet to be determined
As for bylaws, there will be one set.

What is the sequence between the iPNB and LAB
approvals. [hmmm, good question]

It will be organic process.

How were the original bylaws written?

Gives overview.

-Point of information 
Variation in elections
procedures wouldn't be in violation of agreement.

Confused as to linkage of bylaws and elections process.

Doesn't see a problem with separation.

It's agreed that iPNB will meet this evening
and in the morning to work on this issue and 
come up with a draft regarding the formation
of bylaw re-writing committees and the process.

-Rasheeda WBAI LAB
Expresses concern of lack of talk of
drawing on Pacifica history in the process
of bylaws/election revision.

During the '99 KPFA lockout that it was listener
commitment that saved the station. Feels that the 
listenership is the key to preserving Pacifica.

Need for town hall meeting to gather iput

Need to define the actual mission of Pacifica.
Say what you want, don't use fake language
to try and achieve what you want.
We need to be straight forward.

- Allen
Alot of work to do.

Out of time. Will pick up this agenda item

Outspoken man from audience protests 
about something...

Meeting adjourned.

Roger Manning, NYC

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