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Coalition for a democratic Pacifica resolution

Presented at the iPNB meeting in L.A. March 7 - 9, 2003

Date: Wed Mar 5, 2003 1:25 am
Subject: CdP urges adoption of bylaws

The Coalition for a democratic Pacifica urges the iPNB to adopt the final version of the bylaws as published. The CdP opposes any process by which the bylaws would be voted on a line by line basis. We are concerned that further delay in this process may trigger a collapse of the Settlement Agreement, sending the question of Pacifica's bylaws to a judge who is likely to impose a set of bylaws with far less accountability and democratic participation in the foundation's governance.

Though many members of the CdP believe that these bylaws are flawed in various ways, we recognize that the bylaws are a product of many hours of hard work and difficult compromise. And we also believe that these bylaws will allow for any future changes that may be needed to be made to improve the governance of the foundation. Whereas we fear that bylaws selected by the judge are likely to be much more difficult to change in the future.

Pacifica can not continue any longer under a settlement agreement and an interim board. The foundation desperately needs the legitimacy of elected and accountable local and national boards who can decide what, if any, further changes need to be made to improve the bylaws. On to the elections! Activate the Committees of Inclusion!

Adopted unanimously 03/03/03
Robin Candace
Nicole Milner
Mary Berg KPFA LAB
Monique Luz Koller
Les Radke
Signe Mattson
Ted Friedman KPFA LAB
Steve Conley
Jim Curtis
Max Blanchet
Sarv Randhawa
Cliff Barney
Curt Gray KPFA LAB


Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica

DAILY REPORTS and Documents | L.A iPNB meeting page
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