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Recomendation from the "Committee of 5" regarding temporary diversity coordinator

Presented at the iPNB meeting in L.A. March 7 - 9, 2003



The five Local Station Board appointees have developed the following descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of the position; qualifications for the position and accountability to the organization. The Committee of 5 was appointed with the participation of the Local Station Boards, the Diversity Committees and River Deep whose role continues and should be further structured.


1. To develop a Mission-based plan for diversity with measurable objectives, timetables, methods, etc. This plan is to be based on the analysis of data and on a study of the diversity conditions within Pacifica and its network, including staff, paid and unpaid, audience, and governing bodies. Data to be used in this phase may include reports, records, complaints, cases, testimonials as well as surveys initiated by the Coordinator.

2. To compile a selected list of diversity resources including anti-racist training, mediation, financial and other resources required. To make recommendations of these resources in order to implement a comprehensive and ongoing anti-racism training program for the national and local governing bodies and staff (paid and unpaid) of Pacifica.

3. To consult with the iPNB Committee on Race, Nationality and Other Diversities, national and local governing boards, administrators, staff committees, and identity groups during this work. (This consultation is absolutely essential to the work process.; However, the roles and responsibility of all parties must be clearly established and adhered to.)

To consult with Committees of Inclusion, Outreach and Election Coordinators to help establish concrete and measurable goals in order to fulfill diversity requirements for inclusion of underrepresented communities in the candidate pools; and to mobilize Pacifica members within these communities to participate fully in the electoral process.

5. To implement a station-wide diversity event at at least one station that advances its diversity commitment and work. To enlist the cooperation of the General Manager to to plan and implement a diversity event as a co-equal with the coordinator, and to include voluntary resources.

6. To plan and develop, in cooperation with producers, a series of national on-air programs on anti-racism, as well as comprehensive local programs.

7. To issue a report around the end of the two months time period.


The applicant for this position must have demonstrated experience in multi-cultural work, voluntary or paid, and the demonstrated capacity to collect, analyze and organize information and report it orally and in writing to individuals and groups.


This position should account to the Executive Director and the National Committee on Race, Nationality and Other Diversities of the iPNB both of which will be advised by the Committee of 5 of the LSBs.

Our recommendations are based on the assumption of a commitment on the part of the Pacifica National Board to the establishment of a full-time, permanent position of National Coordinator of Race, Nationality and Other Diversities. In fact, a temporary two-month position is meaningless and will yield no substantial results without a full time permanent National Coordinator.

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