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June 18-23 "Pacifica" Now" conference and interim Pacifica National Board Berkeley meeting info

This long post includes three forwarded documents concerning upcoming 
events in Berkeley. It would be good to have strong WBAI 
representation at these events, but I realize that the air fare and 
other costs will be a lot of money, plus it will take a lot of time 
out of people's work schedules. I am told that good fares might be 
available through travelocity.com, though I'm sure there are other 
sites to check as well.

The Interim Pacifica Natl. Board will be meeting from Fri. nite June 
21st - Sun. afternoon June 23d. Place not determined yet, nor has the 
agenda been announced. However, it is known that at least the I-PNB 
will choose a permanent Executive Director, and there will be an 
extensive discussion of finances. I assume there will be an 
update/discussion of the by-laws rewriting process. A discussion of 
Pacifica's affirmative action policy (a proposal was written by a 
group of us from various cities during the last I-PNB meeting) was 
deferred from the last mtg. due to time pressure; we expect and will 
request that this item be on this agenda.

Documents below:

1) Schedule for Pacifica Now! conference - June 18th-21st
2) Presenter form for the conference (the organizers, who are 
long-time free-Pacifica activists from Berkeley, say they are still 
open to proposals for speakers and/or workshops)
3) Natl. organizing gathering, June 20th afternoon (a special part of 
the conf.)

Neil MacLean of Berkeley writes that: "Robin is coordinating housing 
so if you want to ask for a room send her an email: Robin Candace 
rruthcandace@hotmail.com (or call her at 510-658-1512).

I hope to attend all these events. If any BAI person is planning to 
attend, let me know -- maybe we can coordinate our flights.

Bob Lederer


Pacifica Now! A Conference and Festival (schedule as of 5/17/02)
To engage a long-term discussion of the key underlying 
social-philosophical challenges facing the network and movement
June 18th-21st at New College, 777 Valencia in San Francisco

--the PANIC . . . when we almost lost the network;
--the PLUNGE . . . into NPR mimicry and self-serving Liberalism;
--the PROCESS . . . that pulled us through;
--the POLITICS, PRACTICE, and POETRY . . .that's now POSSIBLE
--and the PANACEAS: there are none

June 18th, 7:30pm, Keynote and Celebration
Welcome, Leslie Cagan,
Prof. David Moore, "The Twilight of White Liberalism"

June 19th: 9:30am
Plenary: introductory presentations from working groups. (Working 
groups may want to develop proposals to deliver to iPNB at Friday's 
closing plenary and schedule meetings throughout the conference.)
KPFA Diversity Committee: Power Sharing, Diversity, Empowerment
KPFA LAB, KPFA Election Committee: Elections, LABs and 
Governing (invited)
Pacifica National Board by-laws Committee, KPFA By laws committee: 
Carol Spooner
KPFA Program Council: Programming the new Pacifica (invited)

1:00pm, Educational Presenters Symposium
Since April 10th, Pacifica Now! has sponsored weekly forums that have 
engaged Pacifica and independent media presenters. Many of these 
presenters will return to share their thoughts with us and with one 
another. The pool of presenters at the classes has so far included: 
Dennis Bernstein, Robert Knight, Prof. Iain Boal, Askia Muhammad, 
Kiilu Niyasha, Don Foster , Dan Coughlin, Leslie Cagan, Prof Dorothy 
Kidd, David Adelson, Carol Spooner, Peter Franck, Cindy Cohn, Susan 
Stone, Jim Bennett, Amelia Gonzales, Evan Davis, Ken Freeland, and 
Caroline Casey, (as of May 18th.)
We may structure this event as a fishbowl symposium. We may ask these 
presenters to give workshops and convene discussions throughout the 
rest of conference. We have ten rooms and one theater available at 
the college.

4:00pm Corporate Free Players (Mime Troop and POCLAD)

7:30pm Join us to invite: the Return of the Spirit of Pacifica
Join three ardent Pacifica animators, Dennis Bernstein, Robert Knight 
and Caroline Casey in gathering to transform grievance and tyranny 
into rich compost for the reverently ingenious culture we are all 
growing and for which Pacifica is the voice.
June 20th 9:30am:
Meeting of the General Managers (invited): invited by Tony Requsters 
General Manager of WPFW

1:00pm Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica's meeting of Pacifica 
Listener Sponsor organizations and LAB committees

7:30pm Panel of final candidates for Pacifica Executive Director:, 
iPNB (under consideration) KPFA LAB (under consideration) but we 
think they'll agree to this.

June 21st: 9:30am:
Working Groups and educational presentations, skills workshops

1:00pm Working Group Presentations to iPNB

4:00pm Closing

Pacifica Now! classes have occurred at New College over the last 11 
weeks and have included presentations on the following topics:

Pacifica Now!
A series of classes, an on-line discussion group, a conference and festival.
All to engage a long-term discussion of the key underlying 
social-philosophical challenges facing the network and the movement.

May 21st, 7th class: Programming in the New Pacifica: The Sound and the Fury
Jim Bennett, interim General Manager, KPFA
Susan Stone, Arts and Literature Department Director, KPFA
Emilia Gonzales, Training director, KPFA


Previous Classes in the series:

First class: News -- its role in the Pacifica network. Robert Knight 
Pacifica WBAI News director, Ian Boal Professor of History UC 
Berkeley, Dennis Bernstein producer: Flashpoints.

Second class: Three Black Experiences, Askia Muhammad, WPFW 
commentator, Kiilou Niyasha, removed producer of "Freedom is a 
Constant Struggle", Don Foster, founding member 3rd World Department, 
previously KPFA Public Affairs Director and WPFW News and Public 
Affairs Director.

Third class: Pacifica as a broadcast commons, its structure and support.
Pacifica Board Chair, Leslie Cagan, Pacifica Executive Director, Dan 
Coughlin, Professor of Media Studies, Dorothy Kidd

Fourth class: National Institute of Health Peer Review as a Model for 
Program Review, Chair KPFK LAB, initiator of LAB Law Suit, David 

Fifth Class: New Programing and Pacifica's Mission, Pacifica Board 
Secretary, initiator of Listener Law Suit, Carol Spooner, Program 
Committee Community Representative and retired Sociology Professor, 
Willie Thompson.

Sixth Class: Pacifica's Extraordinary History Challenging the 
Suppression of Speech and What Pacifica Could be Doing Now! Peter 
Franck, National Lawyer's Guild Center for Democratic Communications, 
previously President of the Pacifica Foundation, Cindy Cohn, Att. 
Electronic Frontiers Foundation
Participate by attending and by submitting articles and papers on the 
challenges facing Pacifica for an on-line study group to: 
Donations requested, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Wheelchair accessible.
For information: 510 527-1884, Don Foster, Neil MacLean


Presenters Registration for Pacifica Now!
Conference and Festival, June 18th-21st, at New College
777 Valencia, San Francisco, CA 94110
A series of classes, an on-line discussion group, a conference and festival
To engage a long-term discussion of the key underlying 
social-philosophical challenges facing the network and the movement
Contact Don Foster, 510 527-1884, don@globalexchange.org,
Neil MacLean, 415 515-8430, neil@warmcove.com

Please contact us soon if you would like to join in the conference. 
Pacifica's five broadcast areas in dialogue, give input to the 
interim National Board, present your ideas about how to make the 
network more effective.

Name ___________________________________________________________
Goal ____________________________________________________________

Would you be interested in:
____ educational presentation
____ working group that offers direction to the National Board
____ caucus to develop communication and perspective
____ musical event
____ radio event
Specific interest(s):_______________________________________________________

Time required   ________________

Equipment required: audio, video, slide projector

When is the most convenient time for you?  _______________________

Do you need a place to stay in the Bay Area? 
Yes          No

Do you have any special needs? 
Yes          No

Phone/ Email:


From: NMPiano@aol.com
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 15:30:54 EDT
Subject: Invitation   to all Pacifica Activists

You are invited to an organizing gathering on Thursday June 20 1-4p.m.in San
Francisco,CA.This will be part of the Pacifica Now Conference June 18-21 at
New College.Directly following the  conference, the Interim Pacifica National
Board will hold its meeting in  the East Bay,June 21-23.The Berkeley Outreach
Committee will host a gathering to discuss the work of existing committees
and listener groups.We hope new working groups will be formed in various
geographic areas.KPFA committees currently
include: Programming; Bylaws; Elections; Technology; Outreach; 
Diversity; Personnell;
Finance; LAB show. We have alot to accomplish is a short time. The conference
offers a crucial opportunity to meet each other,to share  what we are doing
and to explore ways we can work together to renew,strengthen and proptect our
beloved network.We expect to report the results of our deliberations to the
Interim National Board.We hope to see you  at the gathering June 20. Broad
representation will insure success. We would really appreciate rsvp. email to
NMpiano@aol.com(Nicole Milner) or phone SIgney Matson at  510 5272784. For
help with housing contact rruthcandace@hotmail.com or call 5106581512 (Robin

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