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Presented at the iPNB meeting in Berkeley June 21 - 23, 2002

Statement by Pacifica listener from New York, Patty Heffley,
to interim Pacifica board at iPNB meeting
June 22, 2002, in Berkeley, CA.

We need financial transparency locally as well as nationally. We need unflinching investigation.

I want to recognize and remember Jack Biello, a plaintiff in the listeners' lawsuit from New York. He died on June 5th of colon cancer. He was 47. He was sharp, uncompromising at all levels and he put his beliefs into practice. He was my friend. I speak now with his power in my heart.

To me, the overarching problem with Pacifica is that those who hold a title as staff, producer, or in governance think that the network is "theirs", all the while thanking the listeners without considering their words. Until everyone understands it is "ours", we are going to have a huge divide. Any decisions made that perpetuate that situation is moving Pacifica away from the goal I fought for.

I am disappointed that the unaccountable, unelected board has made a decision for permanent executive director without consulting the long time Pacifica activist community. I feel that decision should be reconsidered.

This is not about personalities but about possibilities. The entrenchment endemic in Pacifica combined with current unaccountability and above all the nepotism built in by hiring an insider only prolongs these unhealthy traits.

I know and like Dan Coughlin but I feel his job is done. The other candidate, Marty Durlin, would have brought the objective oversight that this network needs.

I ask Dan Coughlin to step down and ask the board to invite Marty Durlin, experienced in community radio and knowledgeable in management, and about Pacifica, who opposed the takeover many years ago, to direct this network.

Someone available with her knowledge, strength and credentials comes along rarely.

(I was not allowed to complete this statement without interruption by interim board member Teresa Allen and then by the Chair as well total time 2min 10 seconds.)

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