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Human Resources Board Report

Presented at the iPNB meeting in Berkeley June 21 - 23, 2002

Human Resources Board Report
by Joyce Snowden

Iam the Human Resources (HR) Director for the Pacifica Foundation. The purpose of the HR office is to provide leadership and expertise to the Foundation as an employer to enact best employment practices that advance the mission of the Foundation and foster a healthy understanding throughout the organization of the need to strike a balance between the practical realities of operating a business with the personnel needs of its employees.

Because I am a member of the senior management team who deals directly with personnel and personal issues that face our employees, I am required to act as both an advisor and confidant to management and employees alike. As you may imagine this is not an easy task at Pacifica where there are many constituent interests to understand and all are encouraged to fully engage in the process.

I work to instill in employees and the attentive public a sense of confidence about the conduct and intentions of the foundation. One of my goals is to help Pacifica pursue its objectives in ways that are consistent with the public interest while also upholding the laws and regulations that relate to employment activities, and employee privacy. I value and foster the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of privileged information.

I believe that educating our employees on personnel practice and law improves their understanding of the role of human resource office. This is in contrast to other managers such as accounting, programming, or production who focus on their functional responsibilities rather than assessing how employees throughout the organization are prepared to optimally perform jobs.

In developing and organizing all human resources activities of the Foundation, my primary areas of concern include employment, compensation, benefits, training, equal opportunity, etc. Current Projects & Tasks

  • Develop, recommend and implement the Foundation's Human Resource Policies and Procedures including the Training Programs with respect to ethics, non-harassment, and new employee orientation
  • Provide comprehensive management advisory services in the employee relations area. Advice provided to supervisors and managers covers adverse actions, discipline, performance-based actions, performance management, employee services, employee morale and motivation, and other employee relations programs and activities
  • Résume and EEO tracking for Executive Director Search
  • WPFW WBAI GM Résumé tracking
  • Local Union Contract Negotiation
  • Severance, Separation and Relocation Negotiation for affected units
  • Interpret and administered City, State and Federal Personnel Rules and Regulations Supervise and conduct position classification, and comparable wage throughout the network
  • Analyze difficult and complex individual employee issues and problems in scope and impact
  • Advise employees and supervisors on grievance procedures, and what may or may not be grievance issues
  • ADP Human Resources module implementation, creation and update [ this project will aid the foundation in the tracking of applicants, employee benefits, evaluations, salary increases, EEO status and tracking, COBRA compliance and tracking, as well as many other pertinent areas of employment activities
  • Health Benefits oversight and follow-up for all areas
  • Oversight on Pension Signatures and Disbursements
  • Time Sheet tracking for wage & hour monitoring on all time worked and all time taken off
  • Succession Planning Career Development
  • Complete primary administrative tasks of Human Resources Office
  • Provide assistance for callers as needed in a multitude of areas
  • Staying current of employment law, including: EEO and Affirmative Action
    • Pregnancy, Age and Disability Legislation
    • Civil Rights Legislation, Title 7
    • Additional Employee Protection Laws
  • Job Analysis, Documentation & Paying Employees
  • Effective Recruitment and Selection Techniques Recommendations
    • Recruiting
    • The Selection Process
    • Evaluating Applicants
  • PNB June Meeting, Travel and Lodging for Board and Management Staff
  • iPNB Board Packet compilation, preparation & distribution


Statistics from the ED Résumé Search

Logged & Distributed - 65 Résumé's

Received - 30 EEO Responses so far

2 - Asian/Pacific Islander, 5 - African-American, 2 - Hispanic, 20 - White

8 Female, 22 Male

9 Single, 18 Married, 3 Unidentified

All with BS/BA, 17 with MA, 4 with PHD

7 with Fair to Mid Spanish; 2 with Fair to Mid French; 1 with German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Hungarian; 1 with Italian

Two over 25 years; three 30 years and over; nine 40 years and over; ten 50 years and over; and five 60 years and over


Pacifica is a potent resource with a marvelous opportunity to educate and engage a multitude of people from all walks of life. It is also a challenging and joyous responsibility. I am blessed with an opportunity to assist a very diverse group in attaining unity in mission, understanding, collaboration and cooperation. While there is much more going on from day-to-day in the Human Resources arena, I believe these points sum up the operative areas.

Best Regards
Joyce Snowden

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