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Technical report

Presented at the iPNB meeting in Berkeley June 21 - 23, 2002

Pacifica Foundation
Station Technical Report
June, 2002

Don Mussell
Consulting Engineer
June 9th, 2002

We have received the first round of bids on new transmitter and antenna equipment for the PTFP grant. I am in the process of inviting three other companies to bid as well. The RBC subcarrier is now fully operational. I met with David Antoine, the engineer for RBC, at the KPFA transmitter earlier this month. He was very pleased with the coverage, and I expect that RBC should begin regular payments for the lease.

As of this writing (June 9), I am in the middle of the final part of the installation of the new transmitter system at Mt. Wilson. The electric service was upgraded on June 7, on schedule. We had some down time (20 minutes in the morning and about the same in the afternoon) due to the time it took to switch to and from the rented generator. KPFK was on generator power for most of the day while Edison crews worked to finish the upgrade. What remains are installing the physical hardware, attaching the new electric service, and full system testing. By the time of the Board meeting, all work should be completed and KPFK should be at full power and coverage again for the first time since last summer.

We are now moving forward on negotiating to install the Galveston translator. I hope to see it operational by late summer. We are still waiting for the FCC to act on the pending applications for translators in Huntsville and Livingston. As of this writing the FCC has also not acted on the power increase application we have pending.

While the antenna problems continue, they have not become any worse so far. In the meantime, I have been working with Brian Gibbons on a potential new tower site for WPFW. It's too early to tell if it is totally viable, but it may prove to be a good option for WPFW, if the lease with American University is too expensive or difficult to re-negotiate. The RBC subcarrier is operational and operating normally.

There is a tremendous amount of change going on at the Empire State Building, WBAI's transmitter site. Since the loss of the WTC, New York TV stations have been making modifications to the antenna mast and the 81st. Floor (where WBAI's transmitter is located). We need to be aware of any changes that may have a negative effect on the WBAI operation, and to that end, both John Crigler's office and myself are monitoring the situation. If something comes up that may have an effect, or requires quick action, we will notify the executive director as soon as possible.


Don Mussell
Consulting Engineer
June 9th, 2002

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