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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB Berkeley meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Berkeley
June 21 - 23, 2002

6-21-02: Friday

Apologies for name misspellings.
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6:30 pm - Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda 
6:45 pm - Adoption of Minutes from previous meetings 
7:00 pm - Report from Board Chair 
7:15 pm - General Community Comment, especially from people 
          in the KPFA listening area 
8:15 pm - Report re: hiring of permanent ED 
8:30 pm - Archives update 
8:45 pm - Adjourn for the evening 

Directors present:
James Ferguson, David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, 
Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson,
Bert Lee, Marion Barry - slightly Late: Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest,
Jabari Zakiya

Not present: Dick Gregory
Chair opens meeting

Introduces meeting organizers
Gives instructions for public comment signup.

Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda 

Run through agenda
MOTION: to adopt agenda
PASSES unanimously

Adoption of Minutes from previous meetings

Secretary Carol Spooner - minutes for previous iPNB 
meeting minutes have been distributed in advance
MOTION: to adopt minutes 
PASSES unanimously

MOTION by Spooner: to post entire set of minutes on pacifica.org
PASSES unanimously

Chair thanks organizers of the meeting. Thanks KPFA other stations
and sites that are webcasting and broadcasting.

Report from Board Chair

Two main things currently being attempted:
1) stabilization of the foundation and stations
2) restructuring the foundation

An unusual dynamic, trying to do these 2 things

Also there is the crisis in the country and the world
over the "war on terror."

All these things make for a terrific burden on the Pacifica

Many good things to report:
-debt under control [applause]
-bylaws revision process is up and running
-all of the "hot items" in the settlement have been addressed
-the  3 historic national broadcasts this year

The iPNB has needed to get to working better together. Alot
of progress made at recent retreat.

Bad news:
-Chair is distressed at the increased backbiting and infighting
within the Pacifica community. We need to set up structure for dealing
with grievances etc. We need everyone together to accomplish
Pacifica's tasks. [applause]

-A huge amount of work to do with setting up policy
manuals etc. We need to sort out what is governance [bylaws] and
what is management [manuals].

There needs to be a station by station reevaluation of
needs and goals.
We need revitalize arts programming. [applause]

We need to rebuild the 5 stations and foundation as 
a whole. While we are short on funds, we need many
more people volunteering nationally and locally to do the work.

Chair had hoped to of have accomplished more in 
addressing gender issues since raising the issue at
last iPNB meeting.

Chair is extremely optimistic regarding progress
and what Pacifica will mean in the future.
The victory of the settlement agreement was that
we were presented with a real opportunity to reclaim
the network and put it on the right track.

Marion Barry - calls for round of applause for
Chair's hard work. [applause]

General Community Comment

Sylvia Galvez, KPFA area -Supports greater democracy at Pacifica.
Listener for 20 years.
Produced some programming on Latin America
Was banned in mid 90s.
Came back wanting to revitalizes women's dept.
Was welcome until  manager Jim Bennent
banned her from the station.
Recently tried to return to KPFA 
to help with organizing fundraisers
to find that she was still banned.
She want to resolve situation and resume
working with Pacifica.

Redwood Mary - Thanks iPNB.
Supports increased environmental issues
coverage at Pacifica as the general public
is severely lacking for this information.

Chandra Hauptman, KPFA and WBAI supporter - 
makes Emergencey Preparedness Proposal for Pacifica. 
Supports expansion of Pacifica foundation
into a decentralized network of alternative
media outlets so as to be able to continue
in the event of Pacifica stations being
shutdown or coming under attack by conservative
elements in the U.S.

Michael P, KPFT area -
Thanks iPNB and various Houston area
activists for all their hard work.
Apologizes for the infighting troubles in

Reminds board that they made a resolution to
issue statement [... didn't catch this part]

___________ , KPFA area?
Excited about work being done and optimistic.
Very pleased with the national programming specials.

John Sheridan, KPFA area - Speaks on the role 
of the listener in the upcoming
Pacifica elections. Doesn't support having any
appointed seats on any boards. The listeners were
instrumental in regaining the foundation. Listener
elections will promote the health of the foundation.
Against "constituency model." Has the potential
for bringing about another entirely appointed national 
board. KPFA election participation has been much higher
than average non-profit. Listener elections/empowerment
will to serve to increase diversity.

Joseph Anderson - KPFA area
A member of the community.
Supports weekly reports to the listeners/community. [on air]

Dina Kolberg, WBAI area producer
Supports using listeners more in area subcommittees.
In march she requested the outreach coordinators be
established in each of the station areas and it hasn't
happened. Badly needed.
Supports more involvement now from affiliates.

Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB chair
Since regaining the network, opportunity for having
input and participation by people from outside the
stations in the freepacifica
movement  hasn't improved.
There is only an appearance of increased participation.
Increased participation is essential to the survival
of the foundation.
Feels that pledges of transparency and participation
haven't been fulfilled.

Susan Lee, WBAI producer - Thanks iPNB.
Speaks for support another dispossessed group; the 
workers - the station staff. Supports a culture of respect
for the staff. Asks the managers what they have been
doing towards this. Also supports requirement that all
programmers must also serve on a committee.
Wants a commitment to workers rights.

Andrea Fishman, WBAI area - Many important issues 
addressed this evening...
Meanwhile we are still facing a national crisis in 
the U.S. of threat to everyone's civil rights, yet there
are very few people here at the meeting. This is perhaps
because people do not feel any power to affect or 
save the stations. The airwaves have not been opened up.
The  project has been attempting to 
address this for months. 

David Moore - Missoula, MT
Proposes a Pacifica code of ethics 
Democratization is important
but more is needed to protect the foundation
such as signing on to a code of ethics.

__________ - KPFA area (Earth first case Lawyer)
Announces celebration/benefit party for the 
Judi Bari court victory [cheering/applause]

Tracy Larkins - KPFK area
Reads statement criticizing treatment
Michael Ruppert and his 911 conspiracy 
Criticizes Pacifica coverage, and 
lack of proper coverage on the issue.

Kelly ___ - KPFA area, producer of Guns and Butter, newscaster
Supports the position that "Bush knew" and 
criticizes Pacifica lack of proper coverage
on the issue. Points out that most of Ruppert's 
critics work for the Nation magazine which had
supportive of the Pacifica hijackers.

Bill Mandell - 
Not surprised at low attendance at tonight's meeting.
Speaks to lack of diversity on iPNB.

Report re: hiring of permanent executive director

Committee Chair Marion Barry reports:
[ board chair's update ]

Last iPNB deadline was extended for applications
to May. Nine applicants have been narrowed down 
to 3. One dropped out. Last night the 2 candidates,
Marty Durlin and Dan Coughlin, 
answered questions at a public forum at the 
Pacifica Now! conference. 

Last night Dan Coughlin was unanimously chosen. Very
difficult selection. Very qualified candidates. 

Audience member calls out criticizing the non-diversity
result in choice.[Coughlin is a white male]

Miguel Maldando, WBAI LAB chair ask questions relating to the public notice
and selection process. What were the statistics regarding
the makeup of the applicants?

Barry: there announcements on the stations and other

Daniel Delselar- was a canidate and feels that the process
was good.

Chair Cagan - it was a very difficult choice, but the 
board unanimously supports Dan Coughlin. Asks the
Pacifica community to join n supporting Coughlin.

Bert Lee - Commends committee chair Barry. A difficult
job well done. Originally opposed to Coughlin, but
over the months of observation now is in support.

Ray LaForest - Points out successes such as gaining
control of the financial situation under Coughlin
should be taken into account.

Barry - Thanks

Secretary Carol Spooner - Ask for support for Coughlin
in the very difficult tasks ahead. Thanks Pacifica 
community their contributions in the enormous reduction in the debt.

James Ferguson - had not participated in the vote but
now lends his support to the choice of Coughlin.

Archives update 

Brian Deshaser archive manager in L.A. reports:
[ the full report ]

Thanks iPNB and stations managers for the support
of the archive. Very pleased and proud.
Significant progress since last iPNB meeting.
Expert Larry Applebaum has been helping out. 
Outreach activities included attending various 
conferences and increasing awareness of the archives
as a premium source of radio archives.
There has been fundraising progress.
There has been a new assessment of the archives needs
which are very high
139% increase in tape sales 
Website promotion partially key.
[ www.pacificaarchives.org ] 

Pacifica radio archives collection:
Physical condition of collection is critical.
Estimate over $4 million  needed to do the work.
Staff needed.
Website being improved yielding increased traffic
and income.
New business manager increased income from affiliates.
The archives staff contributed to the special national
days of programming.
Have converted to cd format which has helped facilitate
production of premiums for fund drives.
Pacifica archive holds more recording of Fanny Lou Hamer
than anyone.
Challenges include copyright issues.
Plan to form a panel of various people from the Pacifica
and other communities to help address archive problems and
Is confident for the future of the archives.
Quotes archive of Malcolm X statement supporting the 
Pacifica archives. [applause]

David Fertig: Praises the workers of the Pacifica Archives.

Spooner ask about loss of cataloger. A: Recently acquired some
help. Is there enough volunteers or does it need to be
a hire?

Teresa Allen how to contact archives?
 - website and 800 # [ www.pacificaarchives.org ] 

Audience member - what is being done to physically protect
A: Tapes have been put in cold storage. Equipment
is a being acquired.

Chair Cagan - Points out that to support the archives the
station should use the materials for programming and get the word
out. We should have a national fund drive day
for the archives.

Barry - Suggest that national fund drive day for the 
archive be done and that it would be good publicity.
Suggest a motion.

Cagan - Says that is should be made as recommendation,
as the iPNB should not dictate programming.

MOTION: To urge that Executive director and station
managers have a national fund drive day for the archives.
PASSES unanimously

Meeting adjourned

Roger Manning, NYC

DAILY REPORTS and Documents
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