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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB Berkeley meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Berkeley
June 21 - 23, 2002

6-23-02: Sunday

Apologies for name misspellings.
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AGENDA [original plan - agenda was revised to include leftover Sat. items]
9:00 am - Bylaws discussion: 
- report from the five area bylaws revision committees (15 minutes each) 
- community comment (30-45 minutes) 
- board discussion (remainder of the time) 
12:00 noon - Affiliates Update 
12:30 pm - On Air Policy 
1:30 pm - Program/Station Mission 
- proposal to create a Mission Fulfillment Rating for stations/GMs 
- proposal for programmers to provide mission statements 
2:30 pm - Confirm next meeting date and location 
2:45 pm - Adjourn meeting 

Sun. 6-23-02

Directors present:
James Ferguson, David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, 
Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson,
Bert Lee, Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest,
Jabari Zakiya.

Not present:Marion Barry, Dick Gregory

9:15am Chair opens meeting

Chair proposes modified agenda which is accepted.
Welcomes broadcast and internet audiences and
thanks technical team.

Report on status of Democracy Now!
Chair Cagan reports. 
[ written report, the DN agreement ]

It was decided at previous iPNB meeting to
negotiate with DN. It has taken longer than hoped.
DN has been extremely patient.

The treatment of the DN staff over the last few years
by Pacifica (hijackers) has unfortunately compelled DN to seek
a more stable, independent situation.

DN will no longer be Pacifica staff and will fully
administer DN. Pacifica will pay a certain amount of
money to DN. In most ways DN will continue to do exactly
what have been doing, including fundraisng for Pacifica, 
but they will an independent production
that Pacifica pays for.
Leslie Cagan had been authorized to negotiate and did so with 
acting executive director Dan Coughlin's assistance. 

Barnstone - lump-sum payment? A:yes. annual increase in contract
for perpetuity? A: A five contract. Increase negotiated each year.

Ferguson - Will DN be part of the bargaining unit? 
A: no, though they will still be in AFTRA
-Who decides the amount of increase? A: member of Pacifica staff
-is there an option after 5 yrs? Because we may eventually
lose DN because they become too big and expensive   A:yes there
is an option.

The amounts are:
400,000 will be paid this  year
based on last year's  expenses ($630,000)minus 30%
The amount will be increased 4 -10% a year
440,000 is the amount for next year.

Chris Abrams, Democracy Now producer - DN signed a lean-to(?) agreement
The lawyer actually advised against a 5 year contract because it 
probably mean less money for DN.
DN and Pacifica are one and the same, DN would never want
split with Pacifica [applause]

Dave Fertig - proud, like a parent, to see DN growing and
branching off

Ray LaForest - thinks Pacifica can benefit from DN being
able to fly on it's own

Spooner - Thanks for the hard work on the agreement.
Does Pacifica still receive income from DN archives? A: yes
DN was maybe the only thing that Pacifica did right over
the last 5 years. It only succeeded due to the talent of 
the DN staff. As sad it is that DN is leaving Pacifica 
she is glad that DN is able to break away. Thanks.

Robinson - apologizes for the bad treatment from previous
boards. Supports more national programming.
What is the procedure for Amy et al doing other programming?

Abrams - The contract only refers to DN. DN staff will
be free to participate in other Pacifica prgramming.

Bert Lee - Pacifica should not wait till 5 years to further
define the relationship.

Cagan - DN isn't leaving Pacifica, it's only a change of
relationship. The negotiation will be ongoing.

Some discussion to clarify details.

MOTION: to ratify DN contract

Some from audience protest.


34 fully integrated affiliates
5 in negotiations
6 dropped since Feb. (over PNN being dropped?)
9 dropped (mostly college)

Needs to discussion with affiliates to establish
a relationship beyond just having a contract.
National grass roots radio conference in August
will be an opportunity.

Carol - in march Pacifica established a committee
for improving relationships with affiliates,
has it been meeting? A: not yet
Instead of iPNB working out ideas and then taking them
to the affiliates, it would be better to first approach 
the affiliates to get their feedback and ideas,
particularly considering the history of unresponsiveness
and lack of communication on the part of Pacifica.

Cagan - proposes that iPNB initiate affiliates outreach.

Discussion of proposal on issues related to race and 
nationality at Pacifica
Proposal has been made ( Resolution On Race And 
Nationality Issues At Pacifica )
Discussed for over 40 hours at Pacifica Now conference earlier in week.

Presentation introduced by Raphael Renteria, KPFK area
with closing remarks by Don Foster and Steve Conley, 
both from KPFA area.

The committee concluded that serious efforts will be needed at Pacifica
off and on air. This may the most important thing this 
iPNB does. It will create a new Pacifica in terms of practice.

18 People from the committee that met at the Pacifica Now! conference
line up at the public comment mike each reading a section 
of the resolution in turn. 

Fertig - high praise for the proposal, but wonders where gender and disabilities 
people figure in.

Zakiya - Two ways to address such a proposal:
On air programming and personal.
Also this kind of thing should be part of the off air
work of the foundation in the form of various projects,
publications etc.

Spooner - As a iPNB member is overstressed and has too much
to do as does other board members and staff. It would be
good to have the people in the greater Pacifica commentate
should be brought in to do a lot of these very important
things. Supports greater opening up of Pacifica to more
help [volunteer], hiring people is not the only or best way to get 
things taken care of [applause]

Bryant - Disagrees with Zakiya that the proposed hasn't
been considered in Pacifica, it has NYC. Is very glad
that this work has been done and

Ray LaForest - Also very impressed with the proposal.
Though concerned with item 8 and would like to examine
it closer.[see resolution]

Cagan - Also very pleased with proposal. Some things
in proposal are personnel and policy issues
that would have to be worked out jointly with the stations.

Bert Lee - Concerned that only superficial action
will be taken by the board.

Robinson - Somewhat angrily complains of hypocrisy.
Many of the people calling for diversity
were overly disrespectful of Washington, DC ("it's a cesspool")
The Pacifica community has to work on it's own views of diversity
before being effective. Need to "live" the concept.

Ferguson - The people in the presenting committee, though mostly
white, do actually represent the Bay area community.
His area, DC, is 2/3rd black. Is interested in what their take
on the document will be. Supports having all the station areas
work on the document and come back together and modify it.

Bramson - What are actually going to do regarding with the document?
Zakiya - Supports integrating some of the suggestions into existing
practice. A major issue is that many people of color don't listen
to Pacifica or know of it as a resource. Pacifica needs to holistically
apply many of the proposals issues to practices; meetings, personnel...

Raphael Renteria  - The committee from the Pacifica Now! conference's
primary recommendation is for the iPNB to facilitate discussion around 
the document. Get feedback, input etc.

Fertig - Supports using the document as a guideline 
distributed to LABs for discussion in the 5 listening areas.

Spooner - Adds that it should be formally within Pacifica 

MOTION: document as a guideline to 
distributed to LABs for discussion within the areas.

Steve Conley, Pacifica Now! committee - need to mandate a response

Allen - agrees. Responsibility taken on every level; executive
director, LABs, listeners... Supports naming a iPNB point person.

Barnstone - concerned about paying for child care and items
in the proposal. Unrealistic to budget money at this point,
though should be a goal.

Ray LaForest - supports creating a structure to address

MOTION: document as a guideline to 
distributed to LABs for discussion within the areas off
and on air and mandate a response. A iPNB race and diversity
committee will set up.

PASSES unanimously

Additional quick comments from listeners.
- compiling real statistics on make up of listenership etc will help.
- the solution is the dialog itself, get it on air
- the term "white" to describe Caucasians is also of racist
  origins. need a new term
- good that listeners heard this dialog (as the meetings are being
  broadcast) and will they will hopefully join in

Bylaws revision discussion

Chair Cagan points out that while many people have been
working in the areas bylaws revision sub-committees, the
members of the iPNB have yet to actually discuss bylaws.
So, schedule will be adjusted to give board more time to
discuss bylaws issues.

Subcommittee reports

[LGB = local governing board]

Bylaws committee chair Spooner- very pleased with
the work and brainstorming in the 5 areas.
[ written report from committee chair Carol Spooner ]

KPFA subcommittee  - Spooner
The KPFA subcommittee was already familiar 
with the KPFA elections model so
the committee focused more on the big picture.
 It was decided that the power at Pacifier should decentralized.
The power of the national board should delegated to
to 5 local governing boards which would each include 2
national board members. The LGBs would have authority
over their station, answerable to the national board 
and foundation policy.
 All boards and committees would integrated from national
and local so as to keep Pacifica more connected.
 Recommends that national board be elected by the LGBs from
the members of the LGB because these are people that do
the work and are more informed. Supports that there be listener
and staff members be on the iPNB.
 Unanimously opposed to any appointed seats, though supports
the affiliates selecting people to sit on the national board.
 The KPFA subcommittee has been very good. A very good LAB now.
Feels that the KPFA elections model is working. Very committed to democracy
at KPFA, very proud of the work. Feels that the basic KPFA
model will work around the network.

KPFK subcommittee - Dave Fertig 
Welcome new listeners!( KPFK signal back up to full power 
as of today)[applause and cheers]
 Meetings announced on air an email and fairly
successful. No organized effort to discuss bylaws
on air though planned. Lively meetings. Meetings
were held in different areas, though antecedes
didn't very much.
Somewhat unfocused process, but eventual produced 
results. Subcommittee supports:
-right to recall
-candidates able to vote
-no appointed seats
-on air coverage
-mandate folio
-programming council in each area
-canidates sign mission agreement
-process for insuring proper voter registration
-various models for who elects PNB
-affiliates on PNB
-web listener status
-how to pick advisory board members (re: CPB funds)

KPFT subcommittee - George Barnstone
Ted ______ [also iPNB meeting parliamentarian] presents:

Dedicated sub-committee members  - are here in Berkeley.
Post meetings hangouts at restaurants lasted even longer than
the meetings. Vegetarian food seemed to promote
longevity of energy.

Hung up on the question of budgeting, hiring GM, 

On the issue of diversity, people of color on
the sub-committee have spoken out against mandates.
Support increased diversity, but board members must

Grassroots have been the source of the KPFT movement in

An aside point of information regarding iPNB meeting [?]; 
according to Roberts of order the question cannot be
moved without 2/3rds agreement.

WBAI subcommittee - Janice K. Bryant, Ray LaForest.

Ray does agenda, Janice chairs WBAI subcommittee meetings.

Weekly meetings, some outside of Manhattan.
A special Saturday day long meeting was particularly productive.
Plan to have bylaws revision town hall meetings.
There has been decent amount of on-air discussion.

Bryant wants to know what listeners feel about getting more
bylaws programming before scheduling increased airtime.

LaForest - People on the subcommittee have 
been working through the differences.
As people become better informed, they calm down about various
issues and proposals.
There's a proposal to have regular 15 minute slot
on Wakeup Call [WBAI morning show], Democracy Now and other time slots.
Gives out Concerned Friends of WBAI 800# for more info
(800) 825-0055

WPFW subcommittee - Rob Robinson, Jabari Zakiya

Robinson - Weekly meetings, small regular attendance.

The bylaws should be concise and must be supplemented
with in-writing documents for policy regarding
personnel etc. etc.

The bylaws should be addressed to what the PNB does as
opposed to what should not be done.Pro-active.

Supports direct election of the national board.

Created some formal structures such as program councils.

People of color concerned that people in the wider
listener area such as Baltimore etc. have representation on LGB

Zakiya - The bylaws to be concerned with the mission.
People feel that time for revising bylaws be extended.
People concerned with risks in voter fraud etc.

General bylaws revisions discussion:

Carol Spooner - We need to be very clear about the difference
between governance and management. Much policy would not be
in the bylaws, but in operating manuals.
The KPFA elections procedure has worked well

Cagan - The bylaws is not an operating manual, but a 
basic guideline for governance.
Not clear on what delegating power to LGBs means.

Concerned that we end up with 5 very strong stations
and unintentionally gut the national organization.
We must work on power sharing.

Concerned that not enough current LAB and staff are
involved in the process. It would be good to find a
way to get them there.

Bryant - Some staff feel they are viewed as the enemy
so don't come around.

Ferguson - Feels that there needs to be a strong national

Robinson - Subcommittee member Ambrose______ who has been involved
at many levels of Pacifica will part of a process to
connect with LAB etc. 

Spooner - Very pleased with the volume of community input.
No airtime for bylaws at KPFA either. A little LAB participation.
Upcoming briefing for the staff and LAB.
Staff feeling that they are viewed as enemy is a problem at KPFA, though if the
staff came to the meeting, they would see it is not the case.
It is common in organizations for the board
to bond with management. That's why staff needs
to be on the board.

Fertig - Polarity in L.A. as well. Situation improved greatly
when people came together to work. Might help to help to 
have meetings at the stations and more airtime.
Bylaws need to simple.
People should only the board who do the work and
have a track record.

LaForest - WBAi subcommittee agrees that more time is needed.
Felt bullet points 
presented by main bylaws revision committee were too simplified and 
exclusive. As for LAB involvement, there was a WBAI LAB exploratory
committee. There has been a recent pledge for increased LAB

Zakiya - The national structure has to be clear and strong.
The powers and duties of the board must be clear.
Need to formalize listener input on programming issues without
interfering with governance.

Fertig - Must remember that we are not the owners, but the 
trustees of Pacifica. [The public technically owns the airwaves]

Spooner - Yes, the bullet points are brief.
The national versus local power is the main issue.
Hasn't been addressed since the 80's. 
People from that time feel that stations functioned
much better with strong local boards and fell apart
when power was centralized. 
We need a strong national board as well.
That board should be comprised of hard working,
dedicated, experienced people from the local boards

Bylaws Community comment: 

Randy Zimmerman, WMNF, Free Speech Radio News - include affiliates
in bylaws.

John Sheridan , kpfa - presents proposal to mandate 
air coverage

_______- calls for on-air coverage

Roger Manning,WBAI.net [that's me, taker of these notes]  - Informs
people to send their documents presented to the iPNB to 
 for posting on WBAI.net
Calls  attention to "Proposal for the establishment of a 
General Meeting bylaw"
While many items being proposed for bylaws are actually
material for various operations policy manuals, this is
an actual bylaws issue as it falls under the description
of the functions of the Local Governing Boards.
  Formalized regular general meetings [quarterly currently suggested]
of the Pacifica communities the listening areas will facilitate 
the actualization of much of what people in Pacifica are pledging to do.
In fact, as we heard in the WPFW station report yesterday, they are
already planning to have quarterly townhall meetings in DC.
 As to the issue of regular airtime for bylaws revision etc., it's
 not a matter of what the listening area wants, but of what is needed.

Bernie Eisenberg - protest lack of time
for community comment. 
Supports no appointed seats. Doesn't 
support constituency models as they are
forms of an appointment system. Programming
councils should be elected. 
Supports mandated airtime for coverage of governance issues.

Roger Zimmerman - supports that process for review of bylaws
and process for amending bylaws be separated and that prior public
notice be mandated.

Rob Dickie - WBAI area, Pacifica Matters.
Reads statement from Pacifica matters project 
which supports the current opportunity for
fundamental restructuring of Pacifica via the
airwaves in a stable and systematic "to do the wakeful social
dreamwork of self-governance". Use of airtime a major
part of this process...  
Rob is running over 2 min and chair cuts him off though he
tries to keep reading.
People protest that others have been given ample time
to do presentations, but Pacifica Matters' presentation 
time had not materialized 
[ the weekend has gotten very
behind schedule and many agenda items shortened, community
comment time in particular]

___________ - supports having the listenership
be the owners of the network.
Supports the including programming council policy in the bylaws.

Bryant - how many people want  more bylaws programming?
[most all audience hands go up]
How many want to participate in producing those programs?
[many hands go up]
Laughs, "just as I thought, what you want is to be producers!" 
[ this is NOT the motive Janice! -ed.]
[mixture of laughter and protest]

Bramson - Supports calling for some sort of facilitated
bylaws committee meeting to coordinate prior to the next
iPNB meeting.

Zakiya - Suggests that on-air governance programs should
on at accessible time slots, and maybe biweekly
as opposed to weekly.

Barnstone - agrees with Bramson.

Cagan - Concerned that time has come for  a more focused
process. Feels it's time to come up with an actual draft
of proposed bylaws.

Spooner - That was the plan, but time was extended for the
draft and we ended up with the bullet points.
Concerned  with connecting with the LABs to get their
involvement and get the feedback process going because
they will need to approve the new bylaws in the end. 
It will save time to get the LABs involved before the
draft is finalized than after.
Doesn't support extending time for revising bylaws.
Having the national board be remain an interim Board 
is not good for this foundation.
We need an elected board.
Time to go ahead and write a draft. There has been much
good brainstorming and input.

Zakiya - 

Lee - Is the board going to go beyond talk and act?
Agrees with Spooner it's time to move forward.

Ferguson - Suggest a survey of response to iPNB
meeting broadcast to see if more governance programming
is justified. Not sure that the very vocal minority
[how was it determined that the call for governance programming
is  desired only by a minority? -ed.] should not pressure
the programming policy.

Spooner - Supports, at least in the interim, that
there be structured mandated airtime for governance,
because it hasn't happened outside of WBAI.
[it hasn't really happened at WBAI either. Governance
coverage has been random and mostly the work of individual
producers, not management - ed.]

MOTION: That at least 2 hours a week be mandated
for bylaws revision and governance coverage on each
of the 5 stations.

Zakiya - proposes a national day of broadcast
once the bylaws have come together for bylaws revision
coverage. [groans from various board members]

Robinson - can the iPNB mandate programming? A: technically yes

[various national staffers have lined up at the community comment mike]

Verna Avery Brown - national staff agrees in principle
but concerned that it be dictated.

Eva Georgia, new KPFK GM - Has no problem with concept but ask 
that the process be left open to the individual stations,
that the stations will likely provide coverage on their own.

Cagan - But this hasn't been happening. Lack of bylaws coverage 
HAS been an issue, and needs to mandated.

Ferguson - Can increased news coverage be dictated?

Bryant- doesn't approve of mandating but. Friendly 
amendment to reduce time to one hour.

Spooner doesn't accept, so amend to the motion is 
brought to a vote.

MOTION: mandating 1 hour of governance/bylaws revision programming
per week instead of 2 hours.

MOTION: That at least 2 hours a week be mandated
for bylaws revision and governance coverage .


Cagan - Suggesting that board puts off any extending the time
for bylaws/elections just yet.

Lee - what are the legal parameters?

Spooner - the lawsuits settlement dictates local elections
by Dec. 29, and PNB by march. Extension must be granted by 

Dave Addelson, KPFK LAB - Will have to show the court that there is clear
progress to be awarded an extension.

Zakiya - reads from the lawsuits settlement

Chair asks public comment [next agenda item] folks if we can take a break.

1:15 BREAK

Chair announces that there is a joint area elections committees caucus
in a nearby classroom.

Cagan reads brief statement originating from KFCF regarding Pacific's 
neglecting to have input from the affiliates into the record. 

Chair thanks Pete Bramson and volunteers, U.C. and KPFA staff
for setting up the meeting and broadcast.

Also thanks Marty Durlin for being in the process of 
selecting the executive director. It was very difficult
task to select one person and she had very strong support
from various members of the board.

Personnel Committee proposal (by Fertig)

Fertig - Proposal in board package handed out.((((()))))
Personnel committee would have a representative 
from each area. Any policies would have to be approved
by PNB.
-examine distribution of positions around the network.

MOTION: To establish personnel committee

Zakiya - When doe the committee begin? A: immediately

Spooner  - Friendly amendment [accepted]: committee would
have 1 LAB, 1 iPNB member from each signal area

MOTION: To establish personnel committee,
1 LAB, 1 iPNB member from each signal area
to come up with personnel policy to be approved
by iPNB
PASSES unanimously

A brief return/clarification regarding line-items proposed and approved yesterday
establishing training and outreach directors at the stations.

Barnstone - we can't afford new hires.

Cagan - agreeing to have them as line items simply means that
they will part of the budget discussion and consideration.

Spooner - brings up the point made yesterday that iPNB budget
approval must include expenses from beginning of 
iPNB (December 2001) when they had planned to only deal with
the upcoming remaining 3 months of this fiscal year.

Cagan - will approve the upcoming months and sign-off on the
previous months accounting.

MOTION:approve the upcoming months and sign-off on the
previous months accounting

PASSES unanimously

Completion of remaining WBAI committee resolution tasks
-desolve the WBAI committee
-monitor union situation and negotiations
-monitor personnel issues at WBAI

Discussion on where to shift the duties...

Miguel Maldonado, WBAI LAB chair - there are still hiring and firing
issues. If the WBAI committee is dissolved, it's policies should
go as well, because the committee was formed to deal with
interim situation.

Cagan suggests to break apart issue and only vote
on the dissolution of the committee [in interest of time]

MOTION: to dissolve WBAI committee
PASSES unanimously

On Air Policy

Cagan - Dave Fertig had made a proposal in December 2001
that effectively lifted the then gag rules.

Fertig - reviews the proposal
The purpose was to allow people to talk about Pacifica policy and other issues
yet still have some rule prohibiting personal attacks and bickering from
clogging up airtime.

Cagan - the purpose of the policy is to:
-to reaffirm iPNBs position on gag rules etc.
-will not allow use of Pacifica for personal or race, gender... attack.
-a formalized complaint process
-regarding governance programming
-PNB will not force themselves onto the air

Barnstone - please include "religion"

Spooner - agrees that there needs to be further discussion
formalized by a committee that gets input from all 
station areas in writing the on-air policy

Ferguson - can this committee be combined into another committee
as a lot of committees are being formed with the limited number
of people to serve on them and get the work done.

Agreed to fold on-air policy into work of personnel committee.

Zabiya - on-air policy apply should be an internal policy governing
staff and producers and should not censor call-ins.

Cagan - let's work that out in the committees.

MOTION: To refer on-air policy to personnel committee
to solicit input from the 5 areas
PASSES unanimously

Program/Station Mission assessment

Zakiya - Has submitted a proposal to create a Mission 
Fulfillment Rating for stations/GMs :
-what types of programming and how much

This resulting information would help determine
what needs to done to better fulfill mission at the 

Bryant - Would like to table the discussion because this
needs serious consideration. Against iPNB dictating programming
at the stations.

Zakiya - The main point of the proposal is assessment of programming.

Robinson - Supports more connection with the station management's
to work on this.

_______KPfa LAB - Has been doing this kind of assessment and is
willing to help other areas in this process.

Spooner - KPFA has done a lot assessment, diversity etc. 
There are some nice charts for KPFA and KPFA is willing to chart the other
stations as well.

Cagan - Can we check out the KPFA work and come back to this.

Ferguson - agrees.

Zakiya - The first goal is from a national point of view, 
access what's being put out over the air and later use
the info in decisions.

LaForest - How does this relate to the LAB's function?

MOTION:To get Max's (KPFA)charts on 

Proposal for programmers to provide mission statements
From David Fertig:
Programmers making program proposals would attach
brief written statement of how program would connect with
the Pacifica mission.

Barnstone - what's the purpose?

Fertig - helps LAB or who-ever make acessment

Robinson - [somewhat passionately] unnecessary  bureaucracy!

Bryant - Agrees. As a  programmer would refuse to comply.

Zakiya - Thinks the proposal is a good idea [applause]

Spooner - Agrees in principle but not sure if this is the
best process. This issue is of primary importance.
A process regarding mission and programming needs to be 
set up.

Chair Cagan - This issue is of prime importantance and
needs more time and the discussion needs to be more
broadly involving.

Fertig - Accepts.

Bob Lederer, WBAI [at community comment mike] - requests that 
all these items be posted.
and that items to be discussed at iPNB meetings be posted
in advance.

General agreement, vague pledge from board members.

LaForest - urges that discussion on the last issue happen soon.

Ferguson- Suggests that public comments could be put in writing
and presented to iPNB members prior to comment periods so that
board members can better absorb them.

Confirm next meeting date and location 
Houston - Sept, around 21st
We need to refine the broadcast of meetings would like
feedback on suggestions.

Loud outburst from _________ of former Pacifica program Radio Bandun(sp?)
the first Pacifica program to banned during the hijacker era.
Alot of yelling etc, protesting the continued injustice towards the program
and it's staff on the part of Pacifica. The parliamentarian leaves the stage and runs
up the aisle to handle the situation. Things get calmed down after a few

Protest from the audience that listener comment period is being cut out
[due to meeting running very late and board members pretty burned out.]

Chair gives in and provides for brief community comment.

Listener comments:

Miguel Maldonado, WBAI LAB chair - concerned with defining in the bylaws
the relationship between the listeners, boards, staff etc

Steve Brown, WBAI area - Great board, but was very disturbed
by the process of signing with DN. Was done by a couple
of people and signed without approval of the iPNB

Maria Gilardin, KPFA - concerned with intervention of GMs
of WBAI, KPFK and WPFW in getting airtime for governance.
Very concerned about transparency.
Very concerned that non-selection to Marty Durlin is also 
a statement of rejection to the grassroots radio community
from which Marty comes from.

_________, supports webcasts. Should be more support from

James ____ Radio Bandun(sp?) - Holding baby, very sarcastic. Demands 
reparations from Pacifica perhaps in the form of back pay from when the program
was banned, or maybe in the form of airtme hours or or maybe 400,000.
[things granted to Democracy Now staff]

Deena Kolberg, WBAI - Thanks to the board and KPFA for the
meeting. Asks if board would consider a Pacifica credit card as source of
fundraising. Nods of approval from various board members.
[groans from various audience members] She will  do research.

LaForest - Confident about executive director selection 

MOTION:to adjourn


- Roger Manning, NYC

note takers
your note taker (left laptop in foreground) - by Mike Costello

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