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KPFT "code of conduct"

Referred to at the iPNB meeting in Washington D.C, December 6 - 8, 2002

From www.kpft.org:

KPFT Code of Conduct

The following is a Code of Conduct for the KPFT community. This Code was drafted with input from KPFT staff, LAB members, listeners and the Pacifica national office.

This Code of Conduct is effective as of August 17, 2002.

  1. Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself.
  2. Verbal and physical attacks are not tolerated on Pacifica and KPFT property, or at KPFT and Pacifica events and meetings.
  3. Discussions will be centered on issues, not people; and on verifiable facts, not innuendo and rumor. This covers oral and written statements made anywhere, including on the Internet.
  4. Information will be shared as much as possible, keeping in mind that some information must remain confidential. If information has been designated as confidential, it will not be divulged either publicly or privately.
  5. Care will be taken with Pacifica and KPFT property, and it will be returned in the same or better condition as when it was received.
  6. Staff, volunteers, visitors and guests will follow the rules and regulations of the station, the Pacifica Foundation, the Local Advisory Board and, where appropriate, all applicable laws.
  7. Violation of this code will result in a penalty, which may include exclusion from Pacifica and KPFT property and events.
  8. The General Manager is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to the operation of the station, and works with Pacifica's Executive Director, who has final authority to ensure the station is in compliance with the Foundation's Mission and policies, as well as all relevant laws.
  9. Disputed charges of violation of this code will be brought before a neutral, independent factfinder, chosen and paid by KPFT, for a final and binding decision. Anyone wishing to file a complaint may do so on a form available at the reception desk in the station.Revised on: November 2

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