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The Democracy Now!/Pacifica agreement | Democracy Now! statement
iPNB secretary's response to
Democracy Now!'s response

From: Carol Spooner
Date: Tue Jul 9, 2002 11:15 pm
Subject: Re: DN! public statement re: our contract with Pacifica

Dear All --
I just had a very intense long discussion with Amy Goodman and Kris Abrams. If anyone ever had any doubt of their love for Pacifica and dedication to the rebuilding of the Pacifica network and rededication to its mission ... those doubts were misplaced.

I want to say that I never had any such doubts ... their work and their fierce defense of Pacifica's values and mission before and after Democracy Now! was driven from WBAI speak for themselves ... Amy and the Democracy Now! staff joined in the defense with thousands of people across the country ... listeners, staff, producers, Local Board Members, Pacifica Affiliate stations, and some of the prior National Board Members ... and we won a great victory!

Amy and Kris have said they are willing to revisit the contract recently negotiated with Pacifica ... and there are some issues that we are certain can be clarified/modified to secure Pacifica's interests in the future, specifically: Pacifica's Archival rights to Democracy Now! programming, Pacifica's radio distribution rights, and the use of Pacifica's donors' lists.

After talking with Amy and Kris I feel confident that all will be well ... we are all working towards the same goals ... the rebuilding of Pacifica, and the strengthening of alternative media in these perilous times.

I also want to acknowledge the tremendous time and effort that Leslie Cagan & Dan Coughlin, along with Amy & Kris, have dedicated to preserving and expanding both Pacifica and Democracy Now! I think this will be a good partnership going forward.

Thanks to all who have written to me of your concerns as well. Your caring and concern have helped us to focus in on the areas that need further discussion and clarification ... and I believe both Pacifica and Democracy Now! will be stronger because of your thoughts and insights.

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