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DAILY REPORTS and Documents index | iPNB Houston meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Houston
Friday 9-20-02

9-20-02: Friday

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Intended AGENDA [ was radically altered to facilitate 
more bylaws discussion ]

10:00am - 3:30pm Special bylaws revision session.

6:30 pm Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda
6:45 pm Adoption of Minutes from previous meetings
7:00 pm Report from Board Chair
7:15 pm Affiliates Proposal
7:45 pm On Air Editorials
8:15 pm General Community Comment
9:30 pm Adjourn for the evening ------------ EVENING MEETING NOTES LOWER ON PAGE iPNB bylaws revision committee meeting Friday, Sept.,20 10:00am - 3:00pm Meeting convenes 10:20 am Directors present: David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson, Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya Not present: Bert Lee, Marion Barry, Dick Gregory Chair Cagan opens meeting iPNB chair Cagan - This is not a formal meeting where votes will be taken,but for hearing reports and sorting information from the current Pacifica bylaws revisions process to lay ground work for the formal bylaws session later in the weekend. Bylaws revision committee chair Carol Spooner: There has been an intense 6 months of meetings in the 5 areas. Is inspired by a lot of the output. Dismayed by a lot of the friction taking place in the subcommittees . Wonders if Brief presentation concerning power sharing and voting mechanisms: Gerald Torres (co-author with Lani Guinier of "The Miner's Canary", from U of TX law school dept.) makes a brief presentation concerning power sharing and voting mechanisms: Democracy is meant to manage the process of collective action. How do we maximise the number of people who decides? In the U.S. "winner take all" method assumes that the winner actually represents the people that didn't vote for her/him. Also important to maximise the representation of the values of various groups. The vision of Pacifica is critical to the democratic process of Pacifica. That the system for casting the votes is the system that animates the mission of that body. We want to challenge the system in which collective decisions are made. Today's meeting needs to focus on what the network is, and asking if the process reflects what the mission/vision is. That Pacifica is committed to a towards a more democratic country. The 2 main things: -increase the number of people involved -how does the process reflect the mission Questions: Bryant - How do you define democracy? Has your definition evolved? Torres - The basic definition stays the same. Spooner - What meant by the largest number of people involved? Torres - A mechanism that give the people the reason and means to participate. Bylaws revision subcommittee reports: [ find the various bylaws drafts and proposals on the bylaws revision page and the governance proposals page ] KPFA bylaws revision subcommittee report John Sheridan - We need to knit the national and local boards together. Local boards need to have members on the national board. Local boards should be the body that implements powers of the national: hire station manager, budgets, programming policy. Local authority would of prevented the take-over by the PNB hijackers. Local authority is important to stimulate local voter turnout. Need to reconvene bylaws revision process regarding power sharing. Mary Berg - More power sharing imperative to successful governance, including staff. Disagrees that staff in governance is a conflict of interest. All board members must regard the same mission in making decisions. The track record at KPFA supports that staff inclusion works and is important Steve Conely - Part of KPFA diversity committee. Speaks to diversity rules. Strong diversity strengthens the station and improves the democratic process. Chandra Hauptman - 4th priority point: no direct election of national board representatives. The KPFA subcommittee feels that the local board is best informed and equipped to determine national board. KPFK bylaws revision subcomittee report Margalo Ashley-Farrand - 3 main themes: -Maximum democratic participation from members - support direct election for PNB members; candidates would have to have served on the local board for a year. -New bylaws would be voted on annually by the members. Legally, the members should be voting on bylaws, - Concerned with transparency - support widespread broadcasting of meetings, posting of finances and other documents on the web etc. - Prioritize accountability - recall powers - Support single transfer voting - Prioritize diversity Raphael Renteria - Only one class of voting members Proposes programming councils Strong provisions: for Recall, Diversity, against selling station, board duties, workplace democracy, division of national labor Strong support for future bylaws convention for review. Supports delaying the current adoption of bylaws. Local/national boards would have 2 primary committees; administration and programming. Replication of this structure at local and national levels will foster better communication and function. The main reason for this structure is to support the protection of Pacifica and the mission. KPFT bylaws revision subcommittee report Greg Gieselman - Tried to blend drafts A, B, C. All their drafts had their strengths etc. - KPFT didn't complete their draft. Supported by the iLAB. -__________supports: decentralized power, transparency, 2 classes of members (listener, staff), proportional representation, no appointed seats, no grandfathering, filling LAB vacancy by appointment rejected, staff and affiliate reps on national board, local/national members recallable by members, committees of boards would include members and staff. Ted Wiesgal - Concerned with a degree of narcissism on iPNB. Committees of boards need to be inclusive and facilitate bottom-up participation. Ken Freeland - Minorty report: Reads statement. There are conflicts in decision making on KPFT bylaws subcommittee. A few people responsible for compiling various proposals acted independently of the committee and published drafts that didn't properly represent the committee. Doesn't support quotas. Request that the iPNB disregard the section of the KPFT draft not supported by the majority of the sub-committee. _________ - The process and the dialogue. KPFT process was flawed. Not enough structure. Dialogue - needs to be more airtime at KPFT for coverage of bylaws etc. WPFW bylaws revision subcommittee report Rob Robinson - Reports that presenter not present. WBAI bylaws revision subcommittee report Brad Taylor - Basically a report of strawpolls. No bylaws draft was produced, yet the work and ideas of the WBAI subcommittee has contributed to the national effort. The committee supports strong station boards working closely with national board. Greatest disagreement was over election procedures. This spawned the "Unity Caucus" to work towards insuring leadership roles for oppressed peoples. Eve Moser - The WBAI subcommittee accomplished a lot less due to lack of harmony. Should of done a lot better. The strawpolls were the results of votes of 30 - 40 people at meetings and are not insignificant. Describes the meetings process... Needed more on-air coverage. Very little staff involvement. Chair Cagan attended occasionally. Four basic elections methods presented over time. The constituency/inclusion presented only 3 days ago and there was no time for response from subcommittee, so it is not a proposal from the subcommittee, but from the "Unity Caucus" Brad Taylor - gives results of various strawpolls. Eve Moser - Despite conflicts, the WBAI subcommittee was united very much with a lot of what KPFA and KPFK came up with; strong local and national boards... Pacifica accountability committee (KPFK area) -Tom Camarella - KPFA LAB and Pacifica accountability committee Reads report. Priorities: -Transparency - full financial disclosure, meetings broadcast, unscreened -Accountibliltiy and democracy -Local and national program committees -Shared powered between local and national board: No excessive committees. - members bill of rights and principals - request delaying bylaws adoption Unity Caucus (WBAI area) [ proposal ] Rhyme - Pacifica has a political mission to empower voices of the progressive community. People of color need to be part of the decision making body. Pacifica needs to function on a statement of principals. Cerene Roberts - Unity Caucus principles: -Feels UC has most inclusive proposal -There needs to be statement of principals -All constituencies should have a voice in running the station that they listen to - need thorough "in-reach", reaching into the constituencies - diversity requirements for staff and board composition - supports a future bylaws convention Margaret Dominique - Composition of station board - Station board would have 36 seats: [ see proposal ] - from "mission constituencies" - oppressed and marginalized, geographic, listener-sponser - at large seats - staff Rhyme - appointees need to have a progressive track record Cerene - registration nomination process. Everyone registers in 2 constituencies. Registration packets distributed throughout community Maryann Dumont - This is a one-time opportunity at Pacifica. Feels that the constituency model is best for protecting Pacifica due to it's greater diversity. Defends Unity Caucus having closed meetings, that it was necessary to get work done and would make a good example for other processes at Pacifica/WBAI Affiliates Steve Pierce - Grass Roots Radio Coalition -Pacifica has been an important part of grassroots radio community. The affiliates helped to re-claim Pacifica and should now be part of the process of governance. Including the affiliates would greater improve diversity at Pacifica. Important for the health of Pacifica that the affiliates be better heard by the boards of Pacifica etc. KFCF (Fresno) Ted Freeman (Deborah Speer not here yet) -KFCF broadcast most of KPFA programming greatly increasing broadcast area. Funded independently of Pacifica. Was instrumental in reclaiming the network. Got important programming out when regular Pacifica stations couldn't. Proposes a special "Associate" status for stations such as KFCF. Clarifying questions: Spooner - When are PAC and KPFK subcommittee proposed elected program committees are elected? Tom, Raphael, Margalo - non-board (listener)PC members elected at the same time as station board. Janice Bryant - Appointed regent(KPFT) of bylaws subcommittee? Ken - Bryant - Ted(KPFT), what is the narcissism of the iPNB? Ted Wiesgal - That non-board people (listeners/staff etc.) haven't been considered for participation on various committees. Teresa Allen - To KPFA subcommittee; what happens if staff on station board had a grudge against the station board? Mary - grudge could come from anyone, shouldn't happen if if station board chooses the station manager. Daved Fertig - question hours requirement for staff in order to vote Ray LaForest - how to resolve any conflicts in definition between bylaws requirements for voting and union agreement definitions? Mary - not a conflict because 2 different issues. Chandra Hauptman - KPFA is trying come up with a universal protocol for staff etc definitions across the network. Robertson - the proposed procedures seems bureaucratic, he is concerned with the roll of creativity from the programmers Mary Berg - the proposed process seems dry, but frees up people for more creative activity. Ray LaForest - to Unity Caucus: about the voter picking 2 constituencies and how do you guarantee candidates are progressive? Rhyme - and election board would coordinate the candidate info Bryant - how do you stop the Moonies from having a constituency and taking over? Cerene - there isn't a category for them Spooner - how is a applicant determined to be qualified to be a candidate? Cerene - Candidates write statements, but won't be screened out Rhyme - candidates must get 50 signatures from a constituency. - 12:52 brief lunch break - - 2:24 re-convene bylaws meeting - Chair Cagan makes various announcements Spooner - summarizes bylaws revision goals for the weekend: To determine controversial and non controversial items in order to get items to a lawyer for refinement and to the LABs for response within the month in order to move forward. The goal is to be able to vote on the bylaws by the next iPNB meeting (December). LaForest - wants to LAB chairs present to express as to whether this if feasible. Susan (KPFA) - yes Miguel Maldanado (WBAI) - yes Mary Martinez (KPFT) - yes Tom (KPFK) - yes Marion Borenstein (WBAI) - NY needs more time Chair Cagan - is there consensus on Spooner's proposed process? - no objections General iPNB comments on bylaws: Zakiya - Urges that the bylaws be concise and that much of the proposed details for procedures be put in various operating manuals. Bryant - the iPNB is only a transition team and that the upcoming PNB should be who works on the bylaws further. Supports idea of future bylaws convention to review and further revise. Concerned about "non-radio" people who are without radio experience being on programming councils. Cagan - A lot of bylaws revisions thinking has been reactive (to defending against another takeover) when it might be better to be pro-active. LaForest - Programming councils don't just deal with technical items but community needs as well. Spooner - Feels that programming councils are not a bylaws issue (governance) but a management issue. But, that the programming is mission compliant is a governance issue. Cagan - Another main concern is the balance between local and national power. There can be a balance. We benefit from having both a strong local and national. David Fertig - Bylaws need to flexible enough to allow for the creative work to done at Pacifica. Is this to be a listener run network, or a listener sponsored network? A polarity of power would be destructive. Zakiya - The foundation needs to also expand outside of doing only radio. Susan Desilva - suggests that the iPNB prioritize that the 3 bylaw articles that concern the LABs so that they can sent to the LABs for response so as to keep the process moving forward. Andrea Fishman(NYC) - asks that the result of today's iPNB list of controversial and non controversial items by distributed to the public asap. Zakiya - suggests closing off bylaws input in the interest of manageability. Spooner - There has plenty of public input. It's time to prioritize the input of the LABs. The iPNB proceed article by article down the grid taking informal sense(straw polls) of the body regarding items: Article 1: Identity and purposes section 1: name - fine section 2: purposes - prefer shorter version section 3: collaboration - defer to later when Unity Caucus proposal can be read Zakiya - suggests prioritizing more key items Article 2: Location section 1: - fine Article 3: members of the foundation section1: how many "classes"? (legal term) -one class or multiple: consensus - 2 or more -2 classes or 2 plus(constancy model): consensus - 2 classes (listener-member/staff) part A: defining listener-sponsor members consensus - members defined by donors, volunteers and people (disabled) who are granted exemptions Part B,C: defining staff members - not controversial Part D: waiver of requirements: consensus - yes on the general idea of waivers 4:45 run out of time and wrap up bylaws meeting, perhaps to to picked up again later, possibly taking time from the evening's public comment period. Friday, Sept.,20 6:30pm Meeting convenes 6:40 pm-ish Directors present: David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson, Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya, Marion Barry Not present: Bert Lee(will not be in Houston), James Ferguson, Dick Gregory Chair Cagan - Gives meeting broadcast information. Gives overview of this afternoons' bylaws meeting. Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda Amends agenda to make more room for bylaws discussion: -Move minutes adoption to Sunday -shorten archives presentation -shorten various presentations on Saturday Some discussion regarding revised agenda. Zakiya supports discussing issues that affect the budget. Adoption of Minutes from previous meetings (moved to Sunday) Report from Board Chair Thanks various people working on producing the meeting. Democracy Now! contract revision not on the agenda for this meeting. Still in process, organizing lawyers and legal review of contract. Continues to be concerned about the way people people in the Pacifica commentate are treating each other while working on the various processes of rebuilding Pacifica. We need to focus more on the serious current issues outside of Pacifica. [ applause ] We need to work on the processes used with-in Pacifica in order to make Pacifica more effective internally and in the Peace and justice movement in the world. A tremendous amount of work to be done this weekend. This is a public meeting, but it is a meeting for the iPNB to get business done. Archives report Brian Deshaser - reads report A lot of work done been done. A NEA grant written to bring on more expert help. An archives board will formed. KPFA helped raise $8000 to replace air conditioner in archives room. Successfully repaired for only $500 after all. This past year broke all records in income. Projected $90,000 in tape sales. On air promotion and web activity credited. New 800 number greatly increased orders of Democracy Now! tapes. DN had been very helpful. The condition of the archives is still at a crisis level. Need to set up cataloging system is cause for delays in restoration. Staff has been working hard and morale is good. The archives staff produced a feature with Helen Caldicot using new and classic segments. Other grants being written. Overhauled archives website [www.pacificaarchives.org ]launched. Plans for better archive development. Zakiya - What is timeline for digital conversion? A: Currently digitizing undamaged tapes. Problem items will have to wait for the funding. Reel to reel is still the archival standard. (cds can deteriorate after 10 yrs) General Community Comment Raphael Renteria, KPFK area -Request that there be a bylaws convention a year after new bylaws adopted. Bob Lederer, WBAI area -Gives overview of "Unity Caucus" presentation on the constancy/inclusion model given earlier in the day. Mainly concerned that certain communities are guaranteed seats on various boards of Pacifica Fernando Velasquez, KPFK area -Supports equal treatment of people with regard to policy. Supports self determination. Rhyme, WBIX (NYC) -Supports constituency's rights to select their own representatives. David Addelson, KPFK area -Had hoped that the approach for governance at Pacifica be more like a town commons as opposed to the more corporate model we seem still be following. Also concerned about the idea that Pacifica needs to priories acquiring more stations. If Pacifica gets it's act together, stations will naturally join up. -Cerene Roberts, WBAI area Supports constituency proposal, that constituencies select their own reps. -Brad Taylor, WBAI area Reports on the plight of WBAI reporter Farouk Abdel-Muhti who has been detained by the INS since April -Ken Freeland, KPFT area Reads statement from yesterday's workshop at the Pacifica Now! convention the race baiting maneuver being used in the Pacifica community. -Steve Brown, WBAI area Would like to see the iPNB take real action regarding race baiting. -Rick Pothoff, KPFT area Concerned with upcoming appointment of new director from Houston to the iPNB -Chair Cagan clarifies: Old board majority lost one of their entitled seats early this year and now has decided to fill that seat which is their right under the settlement. -Ted Freidman, KPFA area Talks about the successful KPFA elections. Supports that the the KPFA model be retained in the bylaws. -Susan Lee, WBAI Speaks about proportion of gender representation at WBAI and Pacifica. Women under-represented. Some progress at WBAI. [ WBAI gender makeup report ] - Margalo Ashley-Farrand , KPFK area Supports direct election of PNB board and that members be able to propose and vote on the approval of bylaws. [ transcript ] -Mansour Sabbagh, KPFK area Thanks bylaws subcommittees for hard work. Supports detailed, concise language in new bylaws. Supports bylaws convention -Maria Galardin, KPFA area Props to Jane Jackson who got arrested when trying to block the move of the Pacifica office from Berkeley. Summarizes KPFA LAB 9-4-02 resolution. [ "The KPFA LAB recommends that KPFA management suspend all future transfers of "shortfall" funds to the Pacifica National Office until KPFA and its listener community receives a full accounting of all monies spent by the Pacifica National Office between February 1, 2002 and August 31, 2002. In addition, we request that the Pacifica National Office provide an accounting of the "midnight move" expenses incurred in 1999 when the Pacifica National Office was moved to Washington, DC." ] [ transcript ] -Patty Heffley, WBAI area Reports KPFA LAB's resolution regarding the Democracy Now! contract. [ "The KPFA LAB demands that the iPNB, after its special meeting of September 8th, make public any new draft contract between Pacifica and Democracy Now! and open it for comments from listeners before any vote to approve it. The complete draft should also be made available to all LABs for review at the same time when it is presented to the iPNB, and should not be signed until three of five LABS approve." ] Gives overview of DN contract and objects to the lack of wisdom in it's composition. The iPNB gave up assets of Pacifica that it hasn't the right to give up. [ transcript ] -Miguel Maldanado, WBAI area He refuses to live in a black and white world. - Bill , Was an activist in El Salvador. Tells the iPNB to have the courage in the difficult political times. -Leslie Radford, Supports more governance power in Pacifica going to the local stations. It will help empower Pacifica. -Adrian Lauby, KPFA area Thanks everyone for coming. Gives overview of Race and nationality proposal to presented more fully later. -Maryann Martinez, KPFT area Ask board when looking over the bylaws proposals to remember who they represent and to have faith. Focuses on parts of drafts: conflict of interest, nepotism, executive sessions (against them). Be precise with language. -Rhonda Garner, KPFT area Despite strife in Houston Pacifica community the programming has improved. Angry that there is no dissident iPNB representative from Houston. Gives suggestions for candidates. Is very angry with Barnstone. Chair Cagan cuts in towards the end of comments (for time). [ transcript ] -MaryAnn Dumont, WBAI area Believes that the "Unity Caucus" (NYC) has transcended the problems of identity politics by bringing many diverse people. -Jane Jackson, KPFA area Points out that Pacifica is still in violation of many civil rights. -Carolyn Birden, WBAI area Speaks against the constancy/inclusion model (from the Unity Caucus). Who decides who the representative groups will be. Against grouping people as the proposal does. Proportional representation would work much better at achieving diversity and fairness. If the Unity Caucus would apply their hard work in outreach on the air it would go much further towards improving the diversity issue. [ transcript ] -Earl Gerhard, KPFT -Michael Pimental, KPFT area Against exclusionary methods at Pacifica. Supports much of KPFK draft. -David Moore, Montana The time has come for Pacifica to evolve from central control towards the wider involvement. That programming alone will do it alone is a full dichotomy -Adrea Fishman, WBAI area Echoes Addelson and Cagan that Pacifica be structured more like a commons. Supports Cagan's suggestion that national discussions over process be made systematic and broadcast. Broader involvement of the Pacifica community in it's governance is what will protect Pacifica and increase our effectiveness in the world. The process at Pacifica has fallen short as to involving the community. -Chandra Hauptman, KPFA area Supports KPFA outreach model which has been successful at KPFA. Resulted in balanced local board and extensive local community assessment and programming policy. -Dan Jones, KPFT area Impressed with the bylaws process so far. Wants to draw attention on the policy regarding the station management's. The more people involved, the better the decisions made by the KPFT manager. -Errol Maitland, WBIX -NYC Props to ailing Anthony Sloan. [ applause ] end of community comment Bylaws discussion resumes Continued from bylaws drafts comparison grid [ iPNB bylaws straw polls summary here ] ...ARTICLE THREE Section 2 - Rights of members: Part A: election and removal of directors Discussion about recall methods and who the listener members will elect (local boards, national boards?) referred to in the drafts on the comparison comparison grid Leads to discussion of Local station roles. Zakiya focuses discussion and enables straw polls - consensus: that the local board, not the listener-members will elect the national board - consensus: that members may remove local station board member that they elected and that that board member also is automatically removed from all offices of the Foundation. Part B: amendment of bylaws - consensus: to move this listeners' right to article ___ Part D: membership has approval rights over acquisition or disposition of major Foundation assets - consensus: that members will NOT have approval rights regarding major assets - 9:47pm meeting is running long and stations may have to break off broadcast, but meeting will continue -Rhyme suggest separating acquisition and dispositions. General agreement. Will be done later. Part D: (draft d) openness of meetings(closed meetings) - consensus: that executive sessions be allowed but that public explanation must be made Part D: (draft e)Listener-Sponsors and Staff Members for each station shall have the right to serve and vote on committees of the station. - consensus: that non-elected members of committees by allowed Section 4: Quorum - consensus:s on 10% listener, 1/3rd staff required for quorum Section 5: Record Date for determination of membership - consensus: 45 days before mailing ballot. MOTION TO ADJOURN 10:00 pm meeting adjourns [ iPNB bylaws straw polls summary here ] Reception downstairs Roger Manning, NYC

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