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DAILY REPORTS and Documents index | iPNB Houston meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Houston
Saturday 9-21-02

9-21-02: Saturday

Apologies for name misspellings.
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Intended AGENDA [ ended up being much modified ]
9:00 am Report from Executive Director, Q&/discussion 
9:45 am Website Report 
10:15 am Treasurer's Report 
10:45 am Finances 
   (1) FY2003 budgets 
   (2) Review of income/expenses Jan 1, 2002 to July 20, 2002 
12:30 pm Lunch Break 
2:00 pm Archives Report 
2:30 pm Bylaws Discussion 
6:00 pm Adjourn for the evening 

Saturday, Sept.,21 9:00pm

Meeting convenes 9:25 am 

Directors present:
David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, 
Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson,
Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya, James Ferguson

Not present: Bert Lee, Dick Gregory

Chair Cagan welcomes all the stations and websites
broadcasting the meeting. Runs down modified agenda:

Report from Executive Director, Q&/discussion

Dan Coughlin - Executive Director
-Thanks KPFT community for organizing the meeting.
Reads report
Number one priority for Pacifica has been finances
and we are now coming out of the crisis.
Record fundraising over the last 8 months.

Financial organization has a big part of the
First budget passed in 2 years.
Financial reports and complete set of monthly
finance reports will be available after Oct 1.
FY 2003 budget being worked on.

The moneys given from KPFA have been used properly
and will be accounted for.

The treasurer and financial staff have done very
good work. Also thanks to KPFA for their important
support and support of Free Speech Radio News.

Despite financial progress, still much to be done.

In FY 2003 budget recommends setting the central
levy at 20%, hopefully reducing to 18% in the future

In rebuilding Pacifica 6 main items:
-local and national news
-new tech
-physical plant
-relations with affiliates

Plans for more support for FSRN

Continued strong national programming planned
in view of the crises in the country and world.
The strength relies on the support of the local 
stations. Strong local diverse news depts. with
training and diversity needed.

Need to build up new technology - web etc.

Archive: much work done and planned. Expansion
of 20% planned. Fundraising activity is being 

Pacifica must make a commitment to upgrade
technical and technological infrastructure.
Recommends creating a position for a national
tech person.

We need to best possible programming to widest
possible audience.

Looks forward to working the input in the process
of development


Barry - commends Couglin, Jasmine, Verna Avery Brown.

Coughlin - acknowledges national staff

Zakiya - Had asked ED for report on the stations' 
compliance with the required weekly 2 hours bylaws
shows but it hasn't happened.( WPFW hasn't been complying.)

Coughlin - 

LaForest - KPFA report frustrated with lack of finance
report. When reports forthcoming?

Coughlin - they've been too busy and accounting system
still coming together. There are some overviews coming
within a week.

Spooner - Will there be monthly reports? What will the
Oct 1 report cover?

Coughlin - Report will cover Oct 2001 to Aug. 2002
There will monthly reports after.

Cagan - Thanks ED and national staff

Miguel Maldanado (WBAI LAB)- Asks for details
of how debt to specific companies was negotiated
and handled.

Coughlin -  Most of the cases with the hijacker
hired companies still ongoing for at least another
year. $900,000 paid out to a couple companies
by the insurance company.

Barry - Have any suits been files against Pacifica?

Coughlin -  No. Pacifica's lawfirm has done well to
organize the process and all party's are working in a
reasonable manner.

Barry - What's the story with the "spy"a; firm?

Coughlin - It's still an issue of the spy firm producing
the product, Leslie?

Cagan - the firm has yet to produce a document showing
that Pacifica actually hired them.

Ferguson - Is the lawfirm the current Pacifica hired still employed
because there was a cap ($75,000)?

Coughlin - yes, will soon need to extend cap.

Ferguson - what about the severance packages?

Cagan - will be reported later in meeting

Website Report

Pete Korakis - Gives url to website report: 

Background: pacifica.org around 6 years old.
2800 pages, been difficult to keep up, thanks for
our patience.

Pacifica.org going through make over.
Been consulting with official and unofficial
Pacifica site workers.
New site has been launched (not yet complete), 
old site taken down.

Old webmaster didn't keep log files.
Log files have been established and now
information has been gathered on visitors to
the site.
Reveals that there's a category visitors
not previously known about.

What has been done:
All 2800 pages have been organized into
main categories.
Different color headers for different sections
of the site; Archived information, Pacifica
information, interactive section - volunteering,
contact info, 

Over 96,000 links need to checked and
many fixed, all one of a time.
Over 50,000 internal links, around half
of which were broken.
A lot of seems was intentional.
A lot of traffic lost due to visitors knowing
that the site didn't work.

Another main issue is making the site
user friendly. 
-No matter what page one
drops in on there is thorough navigation
and leads to other information.
-Designing the layout so that important
main information is visible in
the viewer's screenshot without scrolling.
-Remove the dead-ends -old donating and guestbook
pages that didn't work any more.

Need to market the site better.
Important to use the log files to
analyze audience.
Pacifica has the content to draw big
audience. Will improve. 

Email: everyone at Pacifica should have
an @pacifica.org because it is a very good
advertisement for the site. These addresses
will forward to the users current address.

There is no reason why Pacifica.org shouldn't
be the prime independent media site.

Wraps up report.[ big applause ]

Cagan - Thanks Pete. Didn't realize the involvement
of the work. What's happening with regard to coordinating
the local station sites.

Pete Korakis - Have had one conference call meeting, but
has fallen behind. Have discussed what content should go
where. Believes that programming information should
be available centrally.

Ferguson - Ask about meta tags bringing search engine

Pete Korakis - Meta tags are important but the site
content is what more effectively creates traffic.

Ferguson - ask about the broken links and are what info
are we gathering on site visitors? Can we organize around
the info?

Pete Korakis - We get the info on log files which describes their
computer, the nature of the visit and from where, but not 
specific personal information

Jakiya - what is the software used for the site?

Pete Korakis - all free, open source software - apache,
lynx [ applause ]

Jakiya - supports setting up paypal for donations, 
secure system for email, getting more web staff nationally
and locally, establishing a protocol nationally for 
the sites. Supports establishing national tech list serve
inviting techies listeners.

Pete Korakis - yes to Jabari. Re: ecomerce - should
be developed properly - currently competing with a lot
of free content on the web.

On Air Editorials

--Editorial 1
Cagan - reads Anti-death penalty editorial  to 
be endorsed  by iPNB.
Would be mandated to be played on the 5 stations
and posted at pacifica.org

LaForest - adds the issue of dna testing proving

Ferguson - editorial doesn't talk about people in 
prison not on death row.

Cagan - that can be another editorial

Barry - should add language regarding the judges
who appoint inadequate lawyers.

MOTION that anti-death penalty editorial and today's additions 
be approved. The editorial will be refined and
PASSES unanimously by show of hands

Editorial 2
Cagan - reads editorial against going to war in Iraq
[ Pacifica Peace editorial ]
to be endorsed  by iPNB. [ applause ]

Zakiya - correct the money figures

Ferguson - can be call to action to visit website be expanded
to directing people to contact the white house?

Cagan - Reads Pacifica lawyer's advice regarding editorials.
Possible problems with FCC, CPB, IRS. Best to keep the 
editorials to general issues.

Ferguson -  We're ok because we're addressing issues, not

Agreed that language regarding contacting politicians
to urge them to stop the war is ok.

Bryant - only on site is ok

Cagan - will check into it, but would love that
Pacifica should take on a fight regarding including 
the contact language 
[ big cheers ]

MOTION that anti-war in Iraq editorial and stronger language 
be approved. The editorial will be refined and
PASSES unanimously by show of hands
[ applause ]
Cagan - Reads KPFA generated resolution  
that Pacifica acknowledges and supports low power radio and the
Indy Media organizations. [ applause ]

MOTION PASSES unanimously by show of hands
[ applause ]

--Treasurer's Report 

Jabari Zakiya, treasurer
-Problems with computer systems around
Pacifica regarding networking, accounting software etc.
Looking into getting away from Microsoft system.
Should be cost effective in the long run.

Audit: completed in August allowing the
release of CPB funds. Next audit happening.
[ see www.pacifica.org for audit ]

Budgeting process: still insufficient needs more planning
and work.
Need to budget more for infrastructure.
Need unified web strategy.
Need better finance staffing.

Debt reduction: debt down to $1.5 million.

Finance committee: needs to address banking structure,
money for lawyers.

DN contract: still in process of sorting it out.

Finance office operations: need more staff. need to resolve
move to Berkley issue as affects staffing plans.

Fundraising: audit shows how reliant Pacifica is on fund
drives and how inefficient the drives are. (money for
premiums etc) Need to develop other means of fundraising.

National staff: needed for many functions. National Program
director (was a settlement hot item)
National tech dept. needed.
National development director - fundraising etc.
Outreach director

Strategic planning: unlikely to happen until permanant
PNB in place. Supports Tech development, acquisitions, 
creating print  
branch of Pacifica

Summary: have moved forward, audits have allowed return of
CPB funding, need to prioritize financial transparency and

QUESTIONS for treasurer:

Fertig - Praises report. Urges prioritzing  handicap access 
at Pacifica facilities

Bryant - Praises report. Personal problem in dealing with

Zakiya - agrees, but there are no clean banks

Ferguson - what about credit unions?

Zakiya -  wouldn't fill Pacifica's needs

Bryant - wants to have local finance management

Zakiya - agrees, but the national needs to have the main 

Bryant - the ideological needs to influence the decisions

Zakiya - agrees.

Barry - praises report. recommendations will be covered in 
budget presentation? A: yes

LaForest - asks about the property item in report

Zakiya - Pacifica should own it's own facilities. Part of
long term planning. Need to bring properties up to snuff
regarding access and efficiency.

Cagan - the iPNB has the challenge to be forward thinking
in laying out the groundwork for the future Pacifica, but
to leave a lot of the important work for the upcoming 
elected PNB

Ferguson - yes, but there some things that some of the 
Jabari's suggestions are valid for now.

Cagan -  points that national Program director hot
item wasn't talking about hiring at the time, but removing
the then current national program director [ Utrice Lied ]
[ "hot items" referred to are in the lawsuits settlement ]

Ferguson is out of order repeatedly interrupting Cagan 
regarding national pd.

Cagan - continues: something about Don Mussel,
and that finance and national office should
stay together.

Jakiya - we need the tech together and coordinated around
the network

Barry - he didn't come to Pacifica to fire Utrice Leid

Ferguson - the spirit of the national pd hot item was that
a person would be hired

Spooner - during the settlement negotiations there were
2 separate meetings where the priorities were probably

Robinson - likes that the financial reports addresses
planning, because Pacifica currently doesn't have the
resources to carry out the mission and what needs to
be done.

Zakiya - praises Yasmine [ comptroller ] who basically saved Pacifica's

Spooner - the iPNB needs to remember that they are not
elected and that much of the future items should be the
business of the incoming elected Pacifica national board.

(1) FY2003 budgets 
[ Approved Pacifica budget for 2003 [ 26 page pdf - 537kb ] ]

Yasmine Bryann, comptroller - 
Ask for comments and approval of budget
[ iPNB has copies. not on web yet ]

Dan Coughlin, Executive Director - 
Quick overview of budget

Bryant - how to get training and outreach into
the budget?

Bryann - they are already included in salary sheets
(not all in )

Barry - Q: what size budget would a 15% national levy create?
A: deficit
Q: is a national pd in budget?
A: yes, national staff of 4 as well
Q: is this sufficient?
A: Yasmine passes the question to who will be the
permanent comptroller
Q: if budget adopted will nat'l pd recruitment start?
A: Coughlin, wants to consult with personal committee

Barry - does budget assume reduction in premium cost?
A:  yes

Bryann - while increasing staffing is an issue, 
the source of income has to worked out/considered

Spooner - will having a national development director
pay off (fundraising)?

Coughlin - yes, there are several types of fundraising
that need to coordinated and planned.

Bryann - national development director is needed and
would cover things the understaffed national office
hasn't been able to get to.

Spooner - just suggesting that some goals and figures
be attached

Spooner - where is the expense items for ...

Bryann - in the individual station budgets.

Spooner - 

Cagan - why does the money for paying Free Speech Radio 
News go to national instead of the stations paying 
individually? Maybe it's just of reading of what's 
listed where in the budget?

Barry - tries to clarify

Spooner -  Who writes the check to FSRN?
A: the stations.

Agreement that budget is somewhat confusing
as laid out. Bryann assures that the information
in question is there and that they can work to 
make it clearer

Spooner - concerned about passing an unbalanced  budget.

Fertig - wants budget to show what consolidated budget
be itemized

Cagan - items are broken down 

[ they've lost me here... editor ]

Bryann - budget can made clearer

Yakiya - the budget is detailed to point of 
being considered anal, but it's important.
The issue is that the iPNB doesn't have
specific plan for what needs to get done.
There hasn't been the time for the board
and staff to get all this done properly
but we're doing the best we can.

Bryann -  wants to help Fertig and board
members understand the budget

Ferguson - supports that the KPFA budget
narrative format would make a good standard for
the national budget.

Barry - that the consolidated budget (which is generating
the confusion) is just an overview, details are in the
individual station budgets. 
Does Pacifica have a line of credit [ laughter ]
A: no, can't get one [ laughter ]

Cagan - ask about Satellite expense. Not picked up
by KPFA?

Jim Bennent(KPFA): thinks that it's the cost of individual
station transmitters and rent on satellite that are 
referred to in the budget.

Cagan - remarks on widely wrangle staff statistics between
the 5 stations.
Supports adopting this budget with the understanding that
there will be a revised budget in December.

Robinson - supports ranging between iPNB finance committee
and ED, comptroller, Joyce Snowden(human resources person)

LaForest - is there an outreach person budgeted for each

Bryann - not all yet. Cash flow not there yet.

Coughlin - were still in the process of consolidation,
planning is coming.

Bryant - supports researching grants and other alternative
funding for training etc.
Asks about legal expenses items in budget
A: [ didn't get this ]
Where the "other" grant revenues are coming from
A: miscellaneous small grants

Spooner - is short fall based on 20% levy rate?
A: yes
will there be levees above the 20% on the stations
to cover shortcomings
A: no, if alternative funding is not found, those
items cut form the budget

Zakiya - we must remember that all the money
is Pacifica money. We are and must remember that
we are national network

MOTION: adopt this budget with the understanding that
there will be a revised budget in December.
PASSES with show of hands except for Spooner who 
doesn't want to approve a deficit budget for the national
[ applause ]
[ Approved Pacifica budget for 2003 [ 26 page pdf - 537kb ] ]

LaForest - with clarification of Mumia death penalty
status.[ still technically on death row ]

- 12:55 brief lunch break -

-2:05pm Reconvene-

Marion Barry absent

Affiliates Proposal 

Teresa Allen, iPNB affiliates committee
-Inspired at Grass Roots Radio conference 
by the affiliate stations and other community

Affiliates say that they have more to offer Pacifica
that we them.

Break agenda briefly
for presentation of plaques from FSRN
to KPFT, KPFA,  for their courageous support.
[ cheers and applause ]

Teresa Allen continues...
Suggestions from affiliates
-resolving tech issues, satellite etc.
-Pacfica to bring files, contact info etc up to date
-keep affiliates notified of special programming
-the possibility of Pacifica carrying affiliate contact
-linking  websites

Steve Pierce - Grass Roots Radio Coalition and WRPI - Troy, NY
-Talks about WRPI's involvement with airing Pacifica
The affiliates are an integral part of the Pacifica
network. Affiliates aren't interested in being a customer
but a partner.
It's been a difficult period in the relationship with Pacifica
where the affiliates are treated badly
The affiliates want to finally build a decent relationship
with Pacifica and to elect their own representative to
the national board.

Teresa Allen - reads proposal: 

-Pacifica pledges to work on the relationship
with the affiliates 
- fee reduction to 2/3 of '97 rates for
the next fiscal year
-that iPNB support direct participation
in Pacifica governance

MOTION: to adopt proposal

Barnstone - why should Pacifica agree to this
with the request for lower fee?

Fertig - but it will pay off

Bryant - we partly owe the affiliates, particularly
for the support for their during the hijack years.
They helped save Pacifica

Spooner - Pacifica offers less programming currently

LaForest - it pays to band together with the affiliates
in the tough political times

Zakiya - supports subcommittee to work on this [?],
more organization of the affiliates and
Could broaden this discussion to include the Indymedia
centers and others. 

Cagan - there already is an iPNB affiliates committee set up with
people various affiate stations and Pacifica people
to work on the relationship with the affiliates.

Steve Pierce - pacifica.org can greatly facilitate
connectivity for listeners etc between Pacifica
and the affiliates

MOTION: to approve of above resolution

Spooner - points out that iPNB cannot yet commit to
giving a seat to affiliates because the bylaws 
haven't been approved yet.

Cagan - the proposal understands this.

MOTION: is split up and voted on
-Pacifica pledges to work on the relationship
with the affiliates 
PASSES unanimously by show of hands

MOTION: fee reduction to 2/3 of '97 rates for
the next fiscal year 
PASSES by show of hands, one abstention

MOTION:that iPNB support direct participation
in Pacifica governance, details to be worked out
in bylaws process
PASSES by show of hands,one opposed, one abstention

Cagan - All motions carry [ applause ]

Marion Barry comes in.

Charles Smith is now seated on the iPNB
Charles Smith from Houston and appointed by the
former board majority members to fill the seat 
vacated by Wendell Johns earlier this year.

BYLAWS revision work continues...

Chair Cagan requests that the iPNB presently
prioritize the most basic items in the bylaws grid.
People listening to the broadcast unfortunately
can't see it. 

Roger Manning (me - wbai.net) - makes point of information that
people listening into the meeting can find the 
bylaws comparison grid 
at wbai.net 

Sam Husseni,  WPFW bylaws committee, LAB - gives brief 
input (wasn't able to make it yesterday)
-Concerned that the current listenership is still lacking
in decent knowledge of Pacifica and history of the
problems and issues. 
-who's qualified to vote: has proposed that all people's
that are a victim should be able to vote at Pacifica
[laughter  ]
Voters should be people who understand
the Pacifica mission and agree that it should be applied.

Chair Cagan proceeds to ARTICLE FOUR 
[ bylaws comparison grid ]

Bryant - requests that Bob Lederer present some ideas
from "Unity Caucus" on how to compromise or intregrate
the different approaches.

Cagan agrees, but after going over the article

Spooner presents...
[ see iPNB bylaws straw polls summary ]

ARTICLE FOUR: Election of delegates (only offered by KPFA draft(B))
Section 1. Delegate defined
Section 2. nomination of delegates
Section 3. Election of delegates
Section 4. Diversity goals

Fertig - KPFK proposal approved 2nd alternative of diversity
goals and was firm as to applying proportional representation
voting method. 

Bob Lederer - presents Unity Caucus compromise ideas and
Overview of Constituency model
Proposes that constituency approach be implemented locally 
and reviewed in a year by the PNB in a bylaws convention.
The KPFA model [ bylaws draft B ] could be used to implement approach
and some of Fertig draft(C) 

Barry - objects to provision against elected official
being disqualified from being on the board

Allen - sees potential conflict interests

Spooner -  Pacifica is frequently in disagreement with
government and office holder on board puts Pacifica
in awkward position

Barnstone - 1/3 of local board being staff is too high

Spooner  -  at KPFA staff enriches the station board

LaForest - 

   - important to have people serve a year on local
board to determing their dedication.

Cagan - concerned about having elections every year.
Too much work etc.

Zakiya - Supports greater proportional listener
representation. How did KPFA come up with these numbers?

Spooner - decision to have 2/3 listener reps. Had a larger board
(22), smaller(18) worked better. Annual elections have the
advantage of keeping the momentum.

Bryant - Feel annual elections are too much.
Would we not want to allow very cool elected officials
on the board? A:no

Chair Cagan - reiterates is the iPNB is not making final
decisions today, but getting a sense of the body

Ted Wiesgal - KPFT committee supports that local candidates
should  [ missed the rest ]
Cagan - is it possible that initially there not be only one elections
method applied to all the stations?

Robinson - agrees

Fertig - maybe we should test the different methods in different

Spooner - we'd only be putting off a difficult decision for a year
that would get any easier. We should do this now.

LaForest - doesn't feel that it would be delaying the process, but
allowing [ missed this ]

STRAW POLL: That the Pacifica Bylaws should have a 
diversity requirement
9 for, 2 against

Spooner - to change an area's election procedure in a year  
may be very difficult

...ongoing discussion about diversity requirements 
and how to apply them...

STRAW POLL: Should there be ONE common approach 
for election rules and diversity requirements for ALL 5 stations
7 for, 5 against, 1 abstain

STRAW POLL: Should iPNB set some minimal rules and the stations
determine their own elections and diversity methods
4 for, 7 against, 1 abstain

Section 2. part B. candidates and holders of any elective or 
appointive public office at any level of government be disqualified
from holding seats at Pacifica

Barry - strongly objects.

Zakiya - disagrees because Pacifica having government office holders
can interfere with it's independence

...some discussion... 

STRAW POLL: Should candidates of any elective or 
appointive public office at any level of government be disqualified
from holding seats at Pacifica
 7 for,  3 against,  3 abstain

STRAW POLL: Should former holders of any elective or 
appointive public office at any level of government in recent past 
be disqualified from holding seats at Pacifica
4 for,  8 against,  1 abstain

STRAW POLL: Should a person who chooses to run for any elective or 
appointive public office at any level of government be 
required to resign their seat at Pacifica
8 for,  2 against,  2 abstain

...more discussion on all this

STRAW POLL: should local elections happen every year?
3 for, 8 against, 1 abstain

Bernie Eisenberg (KPFK area)- objects to this vote. It shows that
the iPNB is ignoring the desires of all the proposals on the grid
that call for yearly elections.

Section 3, parts A., B. 
How many staff on local boards?

STRAW POLL: Support 1/3 staff seats on local board?
6 for

STRAW POLL: Support 1/6 staff seats on local board?
1 for

STRAW POLL: Support 1/4 staff seats on local board?
10 for

How many total seats on local boards?

Some discussion about whether or not could use
ranges (ex: 18-36)

STRAW POLL: Support using a single number when determing 
total seats on local boards
4 for

STRAW POLL: Support allowing ranges when determining 
total seats on local boards
8 for

Some discussion on choosing the range numbers...

STRAW POLL: Support 16 as minimum number total seats on local boards
6 for

STRAW POLL: Support 18 as minimum number total seats on local boards
6 for

STRAW POLL: Support 24 as maximum number total seats on local boards
8 for

STRAW POLL: Support 36 as maximum number total seats on local boards
4 for

STRAW POLL: Support 20 as minimum number total seats on local boards
6 for

Skip ahead to: 
ARTCLE SEVEN: committees of the board
Section 1: executive committee

Spooner - explains proposal. Should be called "administrative committee"
AC is for the PNB having a smaller group that act on smaller issues
in a timely manner, but must report to the PNB and wouldn't have 
the authority to act, but refer to executive director or
other entities to act. Creates a committee of more than 
just than just one person (ie: board chair)

...some discussion about executive/administrative committees...

after a while:

Bernie Eisenberg - "what a short memory we have..."
The hijackers used an excutive committee to hijack Pacifica
It is premature to discuss executive committees before
defining the structure of the foundation.

... some other comments...

iPNB decides to table discussion of EC

5:26pm Zakiya - moves that we adjourn at 5:45 out of courtesy
to the hotel and make use of that time for a little bylaws
public comment

Some announcements and Chair Cagan runs down tommorrow's amended agenda

Spooner - calls for discussion tomorow about scheduling a special
meeting for finishing the bylaws work.


Ted Wiesgal, KPFT - 

Marion Borenstien, WBAI LAB - how do we progress at local level

Tom , - doesn't support executive committees

Dina Kolberg, WBAI area - supports extending time for 
bylaws revision process

Stacy Davis, KPFT LAB - concerned that members will
have no say regarding handling of Pacifica major assets.

Debbie Speer, KPFA - 

Mary Berg, KPFA - supports prioritizing 

Michael Pimental, KPFT - against having executive board.

David Addelson, KPFK - if having executive committee meetings
they should be open

Cerene Roberts, WBAI area - 

Roger Manning[ writer of these notes], WBAI area 
- plugs public meetings bylaw 
that has been included in the KPFA draft in short form
[ under ARTICLE 8, SECTION 4. DUTIES part 6 (duties
of stations boards ]

Andrea Fishman, WBAI area - thanks iPNB for the
open process and supports extending the time for the process

Evan, KPFK LAB - appreciates the iPNB support for 1/4 staff
on local boards

Robertson - against creating committees such as
an executive board that effectively prevent the PNB
acting as a whole.

Zakiya - thanks everyone for working so well at this meeting
[ big applause ]

Spooner - as for extending time for bylaws revision, that is already
happening, but we must continue push and schedule another
meeting before Dec.

5:55 pm Adjourn

Roger Manning, NYC

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