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DAILY REPORTS and Documents index | iPNB Houston meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Houston
Sunday 9-22-02

9-22-02: Sunday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Intended AGENDA [ was radically altered ]
9:00 am National Office Move 
9:45 am Station Reports 
   (1) KPFT, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
   (2) WPFW, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
   (3) WBAI, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
   (4) KPFK, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
   (5) KPFA, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
   (include reports on Race and Nationality work at each station) 
12:45 pm Short Break 
1:00 am Race and Nationality  next steps in this work 
1:45 pm Personnel Committee Report 
2:30 pm Adjourn Meeting 

Sunday, Sept.,22 8:30am

Meeting convenes 9:04 am 

Directors present:
David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, 
Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson,
Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya, James Ferguson, 
Charles Smith

Not present: Bert Lee, Dick Gregory

Chair Cagan welcomes the broadcast audience
Gives revised Agenda... 

Adopt minutes from previous meetings

MOTION:to delay adoption of (60 page)June minutes
til next time iPNB meets
9 for 3 abstain

MOTION:to adopt July 16 conference call meeting minutes
10 for 1 abstain

MOTION:to adopt July 22 conference call meeting minutes
10 for 1 abstain

[Charles Smith - new board member from Houston 
has been abstaining]

MOTION:to adopt August 23 conference call meeting minutes
9 for 2 abstain

La Forest - asks that his name be added to those minutes because
was present.

MOTION:to adopt August 30 conference call meeting minutes

Fertig - request amend minutes  part regarding wording of
Berkeley move resolution
- some discussion as to the details of the motion and Fertig
withdraws motion

9 for 2 abstain

MOTION:to adopt September 1 conference call meeting minutes
9 for 3 abstain

National Office Move

Chair Cagan - Execute Director attached a budget for the
move to his report 
The issue of the move of the national office back to Berkeley
first came up in January 2002 and at March meeting.
Planning proceeded. In mid August there was request for 
a meeting to further discuss the move. The motion to move
back to Berkeley is still in effect.

Fertig - The motion in August was to delay planning 
until more information was available. The information
is now in front of us and let's now proceed.

Spooner - We don't really need a new motion to move as
soon as possible as it is still in effect.

Zakiya - The motion to move made in January failed because
the information wasn't there yet. In March when the vote
to separate the move of the finance office from the move
of the national office failed when several of the D.C. directors
were not present. The motion that passed in August was that
planning for the move would stop, so there should be no
information [ budget etc. ] at this meeting regarding the move.
The bylaws revision is a priority, the move was not made a 
"hot item" in the settlement. 
Is angry that, when after he gathered information on probable
cost and feasibility, people are attempting to disregard
what he has presented, particularly when no hard data had
been collected. 
The move to Berkeley effectively is a restructuring 
at a bad time. There many more important tasks.
"There is no rational reason to rush this thing."
Supports nullifying the move, and getting it out of
the way, to let the next board deal with it.

Bramson - Appreciates Jabari's input. 
Feels very about strongly  about bringing the
office back to Berkeley. There HAVE been cost and
feasibility studies.

Bryant - It is not accurate that the issue came out
of the blue. Many people in the Pacifica community
did know about the kidnapping of the office to D.C.
Feels that one of the reasons the Jabari is against
the move is convince for the directors from D.C.
What is the accountant's opinion?

LaForest - There are other reasons people are against
the move besides convince. Let's not second guess each
other. A main issue was that the information wasn't 
available yet.

Cagan - Supports the move back.
It is important to work on priority items, but it's is
important to right the wrongs of the past. One of those
wrongs was the theft of the office from Berkeley.
The iPNB righted the wrong of the fired and banned at
WBAI, the issue of station managers and other things
with demanding feasibility studies.
And there are no clear... [ miss end of statement]
[ cheers and applause ]

Spooner - Agrees with Cagan. It was reasonable to require
a plan before the move. The iPNB now has the info.
73,9000 a year saved on rent by the office being 
in Berkeley. The total move is estimated at 120,000.
It would be recovered in 2 years.
We also have to hire permanent financial office staff.
It this happens in D.C, then since the office will 
eventually move, people will be fired and disrupted.
Currently that wouldn't happen, because Jasmine is 
working with temps. 
Also, the Berkeley community is very supportive
and pledges to help raise funds for the move.
We live in difficult political times.
Pacifica has been a target.
Feels that the home of the Washington power
brokers should not be the home of Pacifica
[ cheers and applause ]

LaForest - We have conceptual and practical reasons
for moving. The move is a national issue as opposed 
to the fired and banned issue (local issue).
Doesn't agree that being at the belly of the beast
is an issue. 
The practical issue is cost, which has been addressed.
That leaves as main issue the accountant's assessment
in terms of finance office organization.
Reads recommended requirements [  ] [ mostly regarding staff ]
Is in favor in moving, the question on how to do it
in the least disruptive way

Barry - Is the cost of the staff training ect. in the

Cagan - asks Dan Coughlin to report 

Dan Coughlin - The move would not be made in an
irresponsible manner. They have budgeted for
staff travel and training. 

Spooner - Is there cost included regarding news staff.

Barry - There is not [ some other staff cost considered ]

Dan Coughlin - This is true.

Fertig - Certain things wouldn't of happened without the
listeners, and the iPNB needs to consider that the listeners
want the office back in Berkeley even if it's not entirely
a practical matter.
Who is the iPNB to ignore this wish?
We need to get the listeners feeling on this.

Zakiya - "I'm going to try to raise the integrity
of this debate" There is inaccurate information being
given. Training and indirect costs are not being
given. Not taking into account the operational 
impact of the move. The finance office never was in Berkeley,
so technically this is a restructuring. This is a national
issue. The people in D.C. haven't had a say.
Despite what the listeners want, the responsibility of the
iPNB to do the proper thing. This board is not able to make
the right decision on this issue. Spooner doesn't really care
what the cost. Let's be honest then and shove the numbers
aside and talk about the political aspect. And the iPNB
hasn't worked that out yet.

Robinson - Is not against the move back to Berkeley.
Concerned about the healing process at Pacifica and this
issue has negatively affected the situation.
Currently the national functions are falling apart
(only one national program currently).
Concerned with Pacifica's national strength.
Supports creating a definite timetable for the move
and that there a commitment to re-stenghten.
If your going to in the business of slaying dragons,
(what Pacifica does)
you had better be prepared to go into the dragon's

Ferguson - When he came on last Nov. his aim was
to be pragmatic. Concerned that, with the listeners' concern
is to stabilize Pacifica and deal with the debt, that
people want this move at a time when it is not realistic.
Supports the move on a timetable

Barry - Also supports the move but on a pragmatic 
timetable. Disagrees with Spooner

LAB chairs and Station managers input invited:

Susan Desilva, KPFA LAB
-The listeners HAVE urged the move.
Doesn't feel that the board is representative of the
listeners [  sites statistics ]

Lydia R , KPFK LAB
- Profound discussions have taken place.
3 LABs have issued supportive statements for the move.
Putting off the move creates problems for the executive
director and putting staff together.
There is an irrational posessiveness involved with
opposing the move.

Sam Husseini, WPFW LAB
-WPFW LAB also voted by a slim margin to move
the national back Berkeley, with no comment about
the finance office.
There are 10,000 reasons to move to Berkeley,
the people who came out in the streets there
to demonstrate the takeover of KPFA/Pacifica.
[  applause ]
It was difficult to get 12 people to out in D.C.

Eva Georgia, KPFK station manager
-The wishes of the listeners should be honored.

Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB
-The interest of the listeners was the main
reason for regaining the network. The healing of
the network is a priority and it's time
for the  move. Delay makes it more difficult.

Valerie Van Isler, WBAI station manager
-Talks about the history of Pacifica.
Over the last year, through the work
of the listeners, Pacifica has succeeded
in coming back and it's time to return
the office to Berkeley. We are now a position
to make a proper move.
[  ]

Jim Bennent, KPFA station manager
-Earlier this year, Pacifica  turned to him and
Van Isler for financial guidance.
Urges the board not to let power politics
contribute to it's disjunction of the board.
[ laughter, applause]

Brian Deshaser, Archives
-Was in L.A. when finance office
was hijacked. There was an aborted
attempt to take the archives which
fortunately didn't happen.
No one from the former L.A... [didn't get this part]

Debbie Speer, KFCF 
Reads statement
-The KFCF board is displeased with the iPNB
for blocking the move back to Berkeley.
Had issued statement supporting the move
back in Feb.
It has had negative effect financially
on KFCF.

Duane Bradley, KPFT station manager
-The structure that the listeners built
in Berkeley lays empty.
KPFT wouldn't of survived without the
support of KPFT.
The office needs to be set up so as to get
a working national staff in place.
Not having the national staff has been
a major problem for the station managers.
Berkeley is the rightful home of the Pacifica. 
[ applause ]

Tony R , WPFW station manager
-Concerned that Pacifica fully support WPFW,
to not leave them alone in the belly of the
beast. Supports leaving some form of national
office in D.C. Supports working out a timetable.
Hopes for a Pacifica national news presence in D.C.

Cagan -  No matter where the office is, the staff will
still need to be rebuilt?

Coughlin - Yes, more or less.
We haven't hired permanent staff.
As station managers said, this needs to happen. We are ready to go

Allen - Concerned with healing at Pacifica. Also feels that
if motivated the money can easily be found.
Concerned with institutional memory, time to move is now
because we know what went down in Berkeley.
Supports move. [  applause ]
Jabari is rightly concerned with examine the big picture.
Supports the opponents of moving sooner call for time
table, including national development.

Couglin - National development/programming was given
as the main priority in the executive director report
yesterday. A plan for weekly national new program on
the war issues. Assures a commitment to 
[  applause ]

Cagan - Hopes that there has been adequate discussion
which would mean that the national office may proceed
with the planning, unless there is a motion to the 

Barry - When would the move take place?

Cagan - The ED would come up with the assessment.

Barry - Would there be national news staff in D.C.

Couglin - Yes. (in form of national news program)

Zakiya - The  financial logic given for the move isn't 
accurate. There needs to be a new motion to nullify the
motion to suspend the planning.

Barnstone - Supports national news office in D.C.

Coughlin - There are various national news solutions
in the works. 

Barnstone - Supports national news office in D.C.

Fertig - The iPNB has agreed to move, the question is when.

LaForest - How does complying with the accountant Ross Wisdom's
recommendations affect the planning?

Couglin - Wisdom's recommended move time of March is realistic.
Some of the hiring would start before.

Bryant - What would the vision thing have to be? [to Rob, George, Jabari]
[laughter  ]  

Barnstone - 

Robinson - The iPNB has to get input from the listeners as to what the
vision should be. Discussions needed.

Bryant - Is that happening the deal breaker for you Rob and George?

Cagan -

Ferguson - Supports perhaps that the $1.5 million debt be dealt 
with before moving. The move is a major item that is beyond the 
scope of what the iPNB is charged.

LaForest - announces that Bob Lederers's mother has died.
-- moment of silence -- 
[ Bob receives many hugs as the meeting proceeds ]

Spooner - We need to discuss vision well into the future.
It doesn't need to delay the move back to Berkeley.
Also concerned about finances. The listener have been the 
financial support and their wishes to move back must be acknowledged.
The $1.5 million is irrelevant
There IS a timetable in the board packet.
Gives rundown of plan and how staff will be put
into place etc.
The accountant has said that this plan will accelerate
establishing stability.

Cagan - The motion for the move still stands unless there
is a motion to change

Barry - Points out that the move would "completed" by March,
things would be started before.

Barnstone - Would be satisfied as long as accountant's advice
is followed.

Cagan - Does Jabari have a date?

Zakiya - No, it there isn't any real financial data.

Cagan - Does Rob have a date? 

Robinson - Supports working with ED

Cagan - MOTION: that iPNB approves the completion of the move
of the national office by March as by accountants' recommendations
and instructs the excessive director to resume planning 
and implementation.

All for, except: against-Zakiya
 [ applause as each of the  former opponents votes yes  ]

[ standing ovation and cheers] 

CHAIR calls for 11 minute break

11:55 am reconvene

Chair Cagan - This morning's proceeding nicely demonstrates the 
need and benefit from having open meetings as it facilitates
reaching consensus and reaching resolutions. Thanks the stations
that are broadcasting etc.

There is not enough time to finish the agenda, need to schedule
another meetingto continue work on bylaws. Ask for proposals 
and input for planning.

Spooner - supports a date when at least 10 board members can show up.
Goes through calendar.

Discussion ...

Decide on October 13,14 - will research the cheapest location etc. 

Chair Cagan -

Robin Lewis -KPFA LAB
-will subcommittee people be part of the bylaws 
meeting? A: yes


(1) KPFT 
Duane Bradley, station manager
- Reports on fund raising goals.
Reports on staff developments
Otis McClay appointed fulltime Program director. 
[ cheers, applause ]
128 volunteer on-air staff 
[ cheers, applause ]
Fledgling KPFT news staff (currently broadcasts once a week) 
has already made a difference.
A story on Palestian family being evicted was picked
up nationally and in local press and acted on 
by local politicians.
 [ applause ]
Working on resolving the conflicts in the KPFT
community. Developing a code of conduct.

Quotes George dubbya,
"We are relentless, we are strong,  we shall prevail"
 [ cheers, applause ]

Bryant - Thanks for code of conduct. Why KPFT not
broadcasting the meeting?

Bradley - Too disruptive at this point in the evolution process
at KPFT, especially right before upcoming fundraiser.

Deb Shafto, KPFT LAB chair
-Talks about process.
There has been a consensus that a larger number of 
people in KPFT governance is important. Power in too few hands bad.
Important that more people be heard.
Supports iPNB appointing a national coordinator
for diversity.

KPFT Comunity Comment:

Akua Holt
-Ideas from her community have been implemented.
Prisons issues,prisons, death penalty, hiv in prisons, black

Chris Simpson, KPFT volunteer
-Feels things have improved at the station.

Robert Mohammed, "Connect the Dots" program
-We have to stop the bickering locally, and
nationally. [passionate] We must pull ourselves together, we 
need to be the voice for the voiceless etc.

Michael Pimental
-Welcome to everyone, thanks the board for a mostly
constructive meeting.
Concerned with spending of funds on a conflict
that involves people no longer at the station.

Anel Wialliams, programmer
-Has returned to KPFT but concerned
that there is still there is much resistance
to change. Concerned that the programming
that would produce the proper audience
hasn't been in place yet, too soon for good
Concerned with some of the proposed elections

Ken Freeland 
-Clarifies the purpose of aforementioned 
fact finding thing...

(2) WPFW, , LAB chair, community comment 

Tony Regusters, interim general manager
-Tech infrastructure problems still exist, though
somewhat stabilized. Transmitter knocked out
5 times this year, once right before special 
programming. Request funding for backup transmitter
and moving transmitter. [shares location with secret
service!!] Local news programming getting stronger.
Developing wpfx webcast station to be used
for community access, training etc.
Developing fundraising.

Spooner - Has there been any help from Don Muscle,
Pacifica engineer?

Tony - Not yet. Working on it.

Sam Husseini, LAB chair.
-Considers working on WPFW news dept. a priority.
Tensions between LAB and management continue,
hopefully planned program council will help
with that.
LAB supports jazz at the station, but wants
to further expand programming.
Supports working with the D.C. indymedia center.

Cagan - iPNB might consider making  editorial in support
of D.C. statehood
[ applause ]

WPFW community comment:

Rhyme, WBIX - 
The D.C. listenership has been fired, massive 
outreach effort needed.

(3) WBAI
Valerie Van Isler, station manager
-Record fund raising this year. Brought back 6,000 new
subscribers. Credits staff and volunteers.
Programming has and is being revised.
Staff - 67% is of "minority" groups,  32% female.
Feels that national office has been supportive
of WBAI and vise versa.
Hopes that iPNB continues to work as it has.
WBAI's commitment is to continue to rebuild
and connect with the other stations.
The mission is both a tool and a weapon....
[ applause]

Miguel Maldanado, LAB chair
- Welcomes Valerie's sentiment that the iPNB
continues the process...
Reports on the general manager search committee.
Down to 2 finalist. A recommendation coming next
Bylaws revision sub-committee, would liked to of 
been more involved.
Hope to improve of LAB involvement on program
council and folio.
Has been one LAB on-air show that went well.
LAB resolutions supporting FSRN, and diversity.

WBAI listener comment:

Deena Kolberg
-Supports instead of reporting the pledges made,
report actual money coming in.

Fred Nyguen 

Eve Moser
-Please remember when working on the bylaws
that all 5 signal areas have expressed that
they want NO appointed seats.
The Unity Caucus constituency model allows a member to vote for
only a fraction of the number of board seats being elected.
All 5 signal areas want 'one person, one vote', whereby
members elect ALL board seats, because this gives maximum
accountability to the people who care most about Pacifica,
and that is what will best safeguard the Foundation's
ability to pursue Pacifica's mission.

Carolyn Birden
-supports a national broadcast to effectively
educate the listeners with regard to elections
at Pacifica.
Didn't previously, but now supports move to Berkeley.
Thanks for the iPNB editorial on the death penalty.
Against motions that allows for different
elections procedures for different listener areas.
Plugs wbai.net and Coalition for a democratic Pacifica - NY
hotline [ (212) 465-7562 ]

Patty Heffley
Supports one elections procedure for all listening
Informs people to email their documents presented at this
weekend's meeting to wbai.net [  ] 
for posting and acknowledges
me (Roger M) the editor [ applause - thanks very much ]
Raises concerns over the 
Democracy Now! contract. 
Urges that it be entirely

Andrea Fishman
- thanks Leslie Cagan for inviting
people to the special bylaws meetings.
The bylaws programming at WBAI has mostly
not been strong, and listeners have not had
enough input in putting them together. The 
listeners who have been
working very hard on  bylaws revision have much of value to
contribute the iPNB's process, so please keep them

Fahima (WPFW)
-The D.C area has yet to pass judgement on the constituency model 
as it hadn't had a proper hearing in D.C.

Cerene Roberts
-There are no appointed seats in
the constituency model.
Quotes Spooner "democracy is not the priority
at Pacifica, the mission is"

Bob Lederer
- Gratitude for compassion from
everyone regarding his mother's death.
Grateful for all his experience at 
[ applause ]

Errol Maitland
-Is grateful for dissenting votes
on today's iPNB. Absent in the past.
We need to continue dialogue and
evolution of Pacifica. 
Criticized opponents of the constituency model
as being against important things and acting

Roger Manning
-The opponents of the constituency
model that I've talked to are actually
in agreement with about 90% of what the
model wants.
No one is against diversity,  
the principles of the constituency model 
and the direct election  model are the same, it is the 
method that is different.

(4) KPFK 

Eva Georgia, station manager
-Pacifica needs to continue expressing human issues.
Reports signal conflicts with Los Angeles station KUSC
who is planning to broadcast into Mexico and back into
CA with very strong signal from station who already
interfering with KPFK signal.
Thanks listeners for financial support.
Have been bringing back multi-lingual
Have developed more of a relationship with 
the Pacifica archive and KPFK LAB.
Folio will be back.
Supports 800 number for listener comment at iPNB meetings.
Proposes that Pacifica become more pro-active against
Iraq war perhaps in the form of a peace march.

Allen - 

Lydia Brazon, LAB chair
-Recent adding of people to the LAB was not
"stacking", but resulted in much more diverse
LAB, racially, gender, and staff.
Great momentum with various collectives.
Station manager involved.
LAB supports bylaws convention a year after
bylaws adoption.
Had a 2 day bylaws convention where much concensus
was reached document forthcoming. 
Summarizes some items...

Eva Georgia - Reason why there is a deficit despite
record fundraising is that budget has increased.

Spooner - Does the new iPNB approved budget reflect this?
A: yes

KPFK public comment:

Tom Camerella, LAB  
-Urges people to come to the iPNB
meeting to have input and help
sort things out.

Eben Rey, LAB
-It's the staff that through it all keeps
things on the mission. We all need unions
in Pacifica and to work on work place
democracy with programming councils etc.
The KPFA staff has agreed to take paycut
and do extra fundraising to prevent the 
staff from shrinking and becoming less
effective. The "Shubites" are gone and
the staff cares about unity and good work.

Bernie Eisenberg
-Supports the station manager etc
but there are still "Shubites"
at KPFK. Critical of various
programs/programmers who, while they may
present alternative points of view, they are 
not addressing Pacifica's mission and
in fact are opposed. Sites
Ian Masters who has been recently
awarded more airtime. Accuses Masters
of red-baiting.

Fernando Velasquez 
- Props to Bob Lederer and his mother.
Important that any candidates are chosen based
on their commitment to peace and the 
principles of the Pacifica mission.

-Supports airing of the upcoming special
iPNB bylaws meeting and that a phone #
and email be set up for listener comment.
We need to get to the issues outside 
of Pacifica. Thanks for the great meeting.

Tracy Larkins
-The bylaws revision process has brought
together factions in L.A.
Thanks to people responsible.
Thanks to KPFK management for improvement
in programming.
Feels that there is a strong conflict of
interested in having staff on governance boards.
Supports more public affairs programming and
unscreened listener call-ins.

- Believes that the KPFK bylaws draft
is the most democratic.
Members must be able to vote
on bylaws changes in order to have
full and complete democracy.
The process at the KPFK bylaws convention
facilitated much harmony.

Raphael Renteria and Leslie Radford
-Important to grasp what happened at KPFK.
The most important thing learned is what 
the bylaws revision should be.
There needs to be a bylaws convention in a 
Leslie - Urges the iPNB to move today to establish
the bylaws convention.

 (5) KPFA

Jim Bennet, Station manager
-gives legal ids for the 5 stations.
Urges national office to re-examine the
the definition and duties of the national
program director and that it would be better
not to have a national PD.
Talks about the KPFA's program councils'
procedure which includes regular evaluations.
This process is for helping improve programming,
not just for removing bad programming.

Susan Desilva, LAB
-Thanks the board for listening to each other
and the public regarding the move back to Berkeley.
The LAB struggles to keep up with the workload.
A good station manager search committee.
KPFA bylaws revision subcommittee supports a 
strong boards, that this will strengthen the
national. Against any appointed seats, feels
that diversity is effectively implemented using
proportional representation.
The KPFA LAB feels that all she the Democracy Now!
contract should seen by all before it's signed.

Steve Coneley
-Reports on diversity committee at KPFA.
KPFA needs quite a bit of diversity
and this is agreed upon.
A lot to be done, progress has clearly
been made.

Ted Friedman
-Pleased with the new harmony at the meeting
and the network.
KPFA is offering up their elections methods
to the network.

Mary Berg
-Supports reevaluation of national program
director function.
Against large national staff.
Feels that basic elements of the constituency model
elections are divisive.

Chandra Hauptman
-Praises the iPNB the board for conducting
process democratically.
Would save costs at the stations to do
some of the national work locally.

Willie Ratcliff, LAB co-chair
-Making much progress in the diversity
committee. Largely because of involving
people(listeners) and respecting them.
Supports proportional representation on
the PNB [applause]

Maria Galardin
-Thanks the iPNB for the office move decision.
Appalled at the size of the proposed
national staff. Don't need a national PD.
The resources are better used locally.
Pleads with the iPNB to properly
rectify mistakes of the Democracy Now contract.
Supports a programming convention amongst
the 5 stations [ applause ]
On racism; we all are living in a colony society,
all participants in this system. Racism won't
be resolved until native americans are properly 

Jane Jackson
-Thanks to Leslie Cagan for all her activist work 
and Jabari for his contribution to the office move issue.
Props to Mumia Abul Jamal...
reads statement 
power to the people, not corporate government....

Quotes Barbara Lubin (reporter) as joking about have to go to Iraq
to cover the news, "at least I don't have to Pacifica national board
meeting" [ laughter ]

Chair Cagan - with regard to national staffing, the budget approved
this weekend is to be re-examined and refined, including
the national staff.
Suggests tabling the request for voting on national bylaws
convention till the special bylaws meeting in 3 weeks.

Some discussion... 

move agenda.

Barnstone - Wants discussion on Washington new bureau

MOTION:That the iPNB express support for  a news bureau
in D.C

PASSES unanimously

Race and Nationality  next steps in this work

 Lauby, KPFA
-Gives overview of report *
Strong work in the KPFA area, results
from all the signal areas.
Much of the work revolves around bylaws.
Also working on hiring policy
Established an unmoderated list at thespring@yahoo.groups.com
Encourage the listening areas to compile data.
Lack of staff meetings at stations impedes progress.
Ask iPNB to:
-mandate diversity committees in each area
-direct national staff to produce national diversity program
-coordinate the efforts of the 5 areas
-need some funding for  professional trainers,
some travel expenses ...

Raphael Renteria
-It's a complex process.
Has faith that KPFK is committed
to the task and it will succeed.
It is essential that the leadership
has the will and empowerment to deal the issues. 

Steve Coneley
-It's a complex process.

Ted Wiesgal, KPFT
-The Houston Peace News, small
publication is part of the effort
in Houston.
Committees are being formed
to deal with these issues.
Currently only white males during 
KPFT drive time.
Optimistic though.

-A lot education work needed.
Pacifica has to set a proper
Compliments the board on this meeting

La Forest - Speaks to lack of promotion for
the iPNB meeting and lack of attendance of 
minority communities and as to why this location
[Warwick hotel] was chosen.

______, KPFT LAB
It was the most practical and cost effective location.

Chair Cagan - asks for comments from the iPNB on the
5 Race and Nationality proposals before them 

Consensus: for setting up a national Race and 
Nationality committee
determine reps from each area for the committee.

MOTION: mandate for LABs to  set up local Race and 
Nationality committees

10 for 1 abstain

...Rather involved discussion regarding establishing a 
short term national staff person to coordinate Race and 
Nationality efforts including some related national programming
and the whole concept in general...

Spooner - Asks the very active Race and Nationality committee
in the KPFA area to do the national coordinating in the interim, provided
the other LABs approve

MOTION: to accept the offer of the KPFA Race and Nationality committee
to temporarily fund and coordinate the  national Race and Nationality 
effort and seek grant money.

Zakiya - Brings some issues with the process iPNB making a motion in
support of this process when there is no solid outcome. 
... much back and forth...

Spooner calls the question

Vote proceeds

10 for , 1 abstain
[ aplause ]

Chair Cagan - We will reconvene in 3 weeks [ to work on bylaws revision ].

Cerene Roberts - brings up point of information
that the weekend falls in the middle of several fund drives

confusion and talking and meeting seems to adjourn??
(everyone up, walking around and talking)

3:50pm Adjourned I guess...

It's been a pretty good meeting.
Many people pleased.
Positive mood in general

Roger Manning, NYC

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