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interim Pacifica national board NYC meeting info
Sept. 19,20,21 2003

[ more info to be posted here soon ]

Sept. 19,20,21 2003
"interim" Pacifica National Board meeting
Synod House of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Ave. at 110th St., NYC
Meeting open to the public
- Friday, 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
- Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
- Sunday, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm


Webcast on kpftx.org

WBAI Broadcast coverage:
- Sat., Sept. 20, 12 noon-1:30 pm and 3:00-5:00 pm - Live and taped
  proceedings from the meeting, including public comment.
- Sun., Sept. 21, 6:00-6:30 pm - Summary and news roundup about meeting.


Meeting of the Interim Pacifica National Board
New York City - September 19, 20, 21, 2003

Subject to Change

Friday, Sept. 19th
4:00 pm Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda
4:15 pm Report from Board Chair
4:30 pm Pacifica's Internet Work
5:15 pm Affiliates Proposal
6:00 pm Break
6:45 pm Community Comment
8:30pm Adjourn for the evening

Saturday, Sept. 20th
9:00 am Executive Session of IPNB - re: indemnification
9:45 am Report from Executive Director - Q and A
10:00 am Free Speech Radio News
10:45 am Report from Development Director - Q and A
11:15 am FY04 Budgets
  - presentation by CFO
  - discussion
1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Personnel Committee
  - search committees
  - evaluations process
  - on air policy
3:00 pm Archives
3:45 pm Training Programs
4:30 pm Race and Nationality/Diversity
6:00 pm Adjourn for the evening

7:00 pm Reception at WBAI
120 Wall Street -10th floor , at the corner of South St. near the East River.
Photo ID required to enter the building.

Sunday, Sept. 21st
9:00 am Station Reports: managers and LAB chairs
11:00 am Elections - next steps
1:30 pm Lunch
2:15 pm IPNB Meeting Schedule
2:30 pm Community Comment
3:30 pm Meeting adjournment

Please Note: In addition to the two times set aside for Community Comment (one on Friday evening and one on Sunday afternoon) we will try to have community comments and input during other parts of the meeting as well.


From http://www.wbai.org/about/bg/bg_ipnb_mtg_9-19-03.php


The meeting is to take place at the Synod House of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 110th Street--one block east of the 110th Street stop on the #1 and #9 trains. (However, note that the 110th St. station is currently closed on the uptown side; instead, you can go to either the 103rd St. stop and walk uptown, or the 116th St. stop and walk downtown.) The 1 and 9 are the local trains on the 7th Avenue line (express trains are #2 or #3). (While references are to the #1 and #9, note that the #9 doesn't run on weekends.)

* More directions at: http://www.stjohndivine.org/ (At base, click on "Information", "Plan A Visit to the Cathedral" and then, "Directions and Parking Information")

Subway fares have changed since the last iPNB meeting in NY. It now costs $2 for NYC buses and trains. Tokens are no longer sold. Coins are acceptable on the buses, however, the "free" transfer will not be usable on the train, only on another bus. Metrocards can be used on buses, MUST be used on trains and may be purchased at some neighborhood stores and at subway stations. Token booth clerks accept cash only; machines accept cash and credit/debit cards. There are two basic kinds of metrocards: pay-per-ride and unlimited:--Pay-per-ride cards can be bought in preset denominations of $10, from neighborhood stores or in any whole-dollar amount from a token booth-clerk or machine. Two dollars is deducted for each use, except that "free" transfers are allowed to or from a bus within 2 hours of the start of the trip. One-trip cards valued at $2 can be purchased only from subway machines and are only good 2 hours from time of transaction.

Unlimited cards may be $7 1-day (aka Fun Pass)types which allow unlimited usage for one person from the time you begin using it until 3am the next calendar day or 7-day unlimited card for $21 (same cost as three one-day passes). If you opt for the 7-day card, give it away when you're leaving town. The recipient can use it until midnight of the seventh day after initial use.

* More at: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/metrocard/mcgtreng.htm

For updates on any other service problems, go to: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/nyct/service/subsrvnweekend.htm

NYC buses are wheelchair accessible unless the mechanism is malfunctioning. Some subway stations are accessible. More on that at: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/mta/ada/stations.htm

Wider area travel info at: http://www.mta.info/mta/phone.htm


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