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Report from the iPNB meeting NYC
Saturday, January 12, 2002

Houston LAB situation looks hopeful ( see below )
All 8 points on the WBAI issues committee proposal pass! ( see below )

[ Thanks to Orlando and Patty for loads of note taking help -ed.]

Meeting starts a bit late. The morning session is full to capacity. The afternoon session overflows into a small annex room set up with a loudspeaker. The going gets rough as the afternoon progresses, but chairperson Cagan keeps the ship off the rocks somehow.

Chair Cagan makes announcements and instructs people as how to sign up for the public comment session.

Directors present:
George Barnstone, Carol Spooner, Dave Fertig, Ray Laforest, Jabari Zakiya , Leslie Cagan, Rob Robinson, Pete Bramson, Janice K. Bryant, Teresa Allen, Marion Barry, Bert Lee, James Ferguson
Not present:
Dick Gregory, Wendell Johns

Wendell Johns resigns via fax.

Chair delivers memo from AFTRA (union) for board to examine for discussion later.

Chair thanks people showing their support by turning out in large numbers. Makes a passionate plea for everyone to be considerate to be cool.

Robinson makes a motion to that the board makes a statement "deplore" such violent activities as was committed by Clayton Riley at the end of last night's meeting. Passed unanimously.

Boardmember Ferguson delays the meeting making a request for a tape of yesterdays financial report.

Public comment

? of the green party reads a statement supporting FSRN, DN! and condemns harassment in the work place and the firing and banning. Calls for complete transparency financially and otherwise and for Pacifica to return to it's mission.

Steve Pierce from Troy, NY affiliate speaks in support of DN! and alternative media and Pacifica

[Rhyme of wbix.org informs me that the meeting is being broadcast on WBAI!!]

? from Berkeley points out that the Berkeley resistance made the nature of this meeting possible.

Ken Greene assist director AFTRA:
"Fact" 1: volunteers cannot be a bargaining unit with paid staff
"Fact" 2: AFTRA has not taken sides but does back it's units (PNN) and is working
to help workers at Pacifica achieve their goal of AFTRA representation.

Evan Davis from OH. Very glad that the dissents are the majority. Talks about lessening of diversity on Pacifica under the hijackers. Do not fall into the trap of dwelling on what we lost, keep our eyes on the prize.

Barbara Lubin, Berkeley - middle east children's alliance. Hopes that we've learned the lesson to not wait till it happens to us to act which is what happened at KPFA and WBAI. But it is a new day. Talks about how the KPFA money was stolen and that it was outrageous that Jim Bennett be interrogated about it. Bring the first fired and banned (Berkeley) Move the office back from DC to Berkeley.

Greg from NYC talks about bigotry.

Jim Davis - Disabled in Action. WBAI/Pacifica needs to come in to compliance with disability access.

Ann Abram(?) from Africa. Says don't forget the people who pledged a million $ in the
last WBAI pledge drive [ where's the proof?] . Praises and supports Utrice Leid. Challenges the the free Pacifica movement to do better than the programming and actions of the hijackers. Talks about racist callers when she volunteered to answer phones. Plays the race card.

Nellie from NYC accuses the meeting of discriminating against speakers who disagree with the progressives. Plays the race card. Accuses the movement as being based on lies and distortions. Race always been an issue at WBAI. WBAI was a "white" station. Black's people had to be brought in by former program director Samori Marksman The progressive blacks are misogynists. Capitol is the enemy. Claims sexism and racism has been directed against [ fascist] Utrice Leid

Francis - Plays the race card. Supports Utrice Leid. The progressives fear a strong black woman.

Joan Indusi Westchester CF. Protest various producers shockjock behavior while the banned and fired have no voice. Membership claims may be exaggerated because she receives thankyou notes and membership cards although she hasn't pledged

Gregory -Weschester CF. We need radio responsible to the community back.

Ken Friedman KPFA lab. Elections are key to a successful Pacifica as it facilitates listener input. Speaks to important election details

John Sheridan, KPFA area. Very optimistic for the future of Pacifica. We need return the National office back to Berkley. FSRN should replace PNN. iPNB should meet monthly. End Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding. [ supplies 10-15% or so of budget]

George Rider, former KPFT programmer. We're creating airtime for the new society.

Sheila from Rockland CF. Offended by on air racebaiting at WBAI.. RCF works with many diverse Rockland groups towards a free Pacifica. Calls for youth programming, return the folio, and more suburban coverage.

Juan Gonzales. Resigned from DN and started the Pacifica Campaign because he couldn't stand what "Pacifica" was doing to the network. PC has been slanderously attacked on the airwaves and offered no opportunities for answering on air. PC has never condoned improper behavior but apologizes for any such behavior by individuals directed at the board. PC doesn't support any firings and bannings - past and future and calls for due process.
[somewhat passionate, angry]

Jim Dingman, NYC. Pacifica mission statement should needs to be adhered to. Also, we need the true story of this past year's coup. Why was the decision made? Calls for a truth and reconciliation committee. More airtime for discussion and enlightening listeners on Pacifica matters.

? -former KRAB( Seattle) women's programmer. Race is still an issue. Originally supported Utrice but not after the purge.

Rhyme (wbix.org). "I am a Muslim". What is important now are major issues such as the Arabs who are currently under attack and dying around the world. WBAI is supposed to be a voice for peace. We need to drop the infighting and cover these important issues. Pacifica, lets' get down to business and get back to the mission.

The time runs out. The chair pleads that although there are more speakers that we be able to move on, but a little more time is granted to speakers after various outbursts.

Chair announce that WBAI has been selectivity airing the meeting and breaking in with derogatory commentary.

Randy Steele, Woodstock, NY. Wants Democracy Now! back on now. The licensee must be in control of the station(fcc). The iPNB is the licensee.

Leonard Nielson, NJ. Condemns being censored at WBAI. Rips up membership card. Condemns racism.

Ken Nash, NYC. Condemns the union not making effort to include unpaid staff.

Paul Sorovel, NJ. Questions Ferguson as what is behind his attacks at this meeting, does he have contact with Murdock and other resigned hijackers?.

Andrea Fishman, NYC defers

Station Manager Reports

Station Manager -10 minutes each, LAB chairs -5 Minutes. Also community comments form listeners in each signal area.

Jim Bennett - KPFA committed term GM KPFA 2 years - philosophically look forward to moving meeting to West Coast. Concerned about network and KPFA finances. 1st worked as a volunteer in 1980, employee - 1981 Mgmt 1983 - Deeply committed to mission, that's why I'm still here. Hopeful about working together and turning things around.

I am an engineer. I have a long institutional memory. Great programming since 9-11-01. Focused in on mission. We provide what has not been heard on all the stations, a voice to the voiceless and an alternative to mainstream media. Our listener community and staff have rallied in the aftermath. We've raised $710,000 in 10 days the shortest drive ever. Unprecedented response. 50% pledges paid by credit card. Winter fund drive coming up. Increase in online pledges. Web related income entered separately. Thanks to all who worked on fund drive.

Finances :
Projects that got off track when money was centralized by Pacifica: The power of repairing the tower was disrupted. There's been no explanation of where that money went. Delays Transmitter replacement project; we have grant, but cannot proceed until the first project is done. Stations should not be tapped to cover the crisis of the PNB. Bring in individual accountants from the stations to get involved with solving the books crisis. ON air drive to relieve the debt ASAP. Listeners need to know what we are doing they will come through. If you are honest with the listeners they will come through. Listeners are KEY to rebuilding. National benefit to relieve debt. National response to national crisis. Supports comptroller for network. Better communication between stations and board - especially around finances. Need a plan to get out of the debt AND REPAY the stations for the funds that have been taken from them in the crisis. Feel free to contact me and I will respond as quickly as possible

- Curtis Grey KPFA LAB
Recently elected to LAB - 2nd election! Following the principle - whose station our station.

Why don't we have a vote, where to intervene. Elections came out of this. Elections are part of the settlement. Major victory for listener Proportional rep. -- allows low threshold - diversity geographic, gender and ethnic. Community acessment needed asking listeners what is wanted. Seats on the national board for listeners and board members. Staff and unpaid staffs could elect people to the national board ...staff unpaid staff and listeners in majority. Peaceful transformation of KPFA To deal with underlying issues. Restore and expand diversity of programming. The Purges and reprogramming was an effort to get rid of activists and programmers of color in the MID 90s -0 by Pat Scott and Jack Odell. New media tech, satellite radio, digital FM

Barbara Lubin - Bay area is not just San Francisco. Central Valley - reiterate. We all have a history. Middle East Childrens' Alliance. KPFA the only place that would allow discussion of Palestine. We have gone through a lot. Business office should come back to Berkeley. It is a Northern California corporation. Demand for 3 years. When PNB came with the Van and STOLE the business office..it must come back the Northern CA.


Jabari has a question that he wants to ask all the station managers - Jim B Do you fully and faithfully pledge to carry out all directives of the National board?

Jim - Yes.

Chair - I don't think we need to do that.

Barry - Finical discussion. Jim how does it work now? W

Chair What happened without he budgets?

Bennett - What do you mean.

Barry - What happens with fund drive where does it go...what do you recommend.

Bennett - recommend immediate operating account. imperative for bureaucracy to paid up so emergency can be avoided. We must remain on the air. Combination of increased reporting to national, and regular schedule for payments., system for reporting to comptroller imperative to relieve debt and get out of crisis management.,

Barry - revenue short fall who decides what gets cut.

Bennett - CFO works with business managers at station. GM decides.

We are just getting info now on finances from the he last year. Surpluses were not shifted back to the station because of crisis.

Agenda shifted by chair - Brooklyn Rep Major Owens will speak [big applause!]
Lots has happened since I was cut off the station. Very disturbed by what I hear on the air attempt to drive a wedge between blacks and whites. At Samori's funeral - when I saw the power of the diversity there. Most impressive.This is the kind of power that someone will seek to sabotage... we need to come together to fight on...diversity in unison is what we lack...city run by power mongers.. Divide and conquer has been the way it's done ... Progressive caucus - felt that org purpose and mission the stuff wouldn't happen ...BAI should be an autonomous republic. Divisions in the station led people to believe certain people could be taken over. Sprit of fighting clear...radiates throughout all communities....diversity of people support the station. Few places where issues of diversity and progressive are treated in media...these voices usually muted. I hope that the decompromiseers will use their wisdom and understanding of comprise to restore the grander WBAI. [Shakes boardmember hands on way out. Big applause]

Chair - Thanks Major Owens and thanks the station managers for being gracious.

KPFT - Houston Station Report

Chair summarizes: Last week Garland Ganter resigned effective yesterday. Interim Pacifica executive director - in consultation determined to ask Steve Balwell(station engineer) to step in as interim station manager - set up process - involve staff and community to find permanent station manager. Neither are here. Susan Darrow LAB chair..can't attend Don't have a report form either.. move directly to Community comments from Houston attendees.

Deb Shapto. Emergency situation in Houston - Garland Ganter apointned LAB. Members have no knowledge of radio, little interest in Pacifica or KPFT. Activists shut out. Almost total lack of access to station. Access is critical. Elements in the Houston community overcome differences to form a movement working for 2 years. The aim to diversify the station board. The current lab has not been able to make a decision without Garland Ganter. Action must be taken now, cannot let energy dwindle.

Dan Jones. Deb is chair of interim lab, I am secreatary. We have been trying for along time. sent detailed list of violations of Pacifica policy by the Houston LAB. Only six members [12 required], no public notice of meetings, meetings cancelled a an hour before, not representative, does no work. No members except Teresa Allen at PNB meetings.

We need change now. It is long overdue. Asks interim national Board to consider their resolution. We support local democratic elections within a year. We made a goal to dissolve board if this has not happened. Since settlement we have asked you to resolve the question. We CANT wait any longer. Station in transition --- we [Houston interim LAB] can help.

Greg Diselman
Resolution proposed: Look at signed...Garland Ganter is not on sign. Listeners exerted pressure for garland to resign 5 pts.for the board to consider
-non compliment board resolved
-interim board recognized

Hep, producer KPFT. Need a new GM that comes the progressive community ranks.[amen]

Spooner comments. Has been very concerned about the Houston LAB situation. The LAB has been entirely out of compliance with legal requirements that concern legal FCC status. (not enough members, improper meeting procedures, not being independent of the station). But she is concerned that the iPNB doesn't not select LAB members or devolve the current "lab". Wants to find awhile a compromise solution to getting people on the lab that is within existing rules.

Chair calls on boardmember Teresa Allen (Houston lab). Teresa asks the room how many labs are able to meet in station? She was arrested trying to enter kpft as a LAB member. She is concerned that the current "LAB" is not interested in setting a nominating committee to get new members. Audience enjoy accounts of the Houston LABs' antics. No Houston program council. Needs a compliment LAB. She supports recognizing the iLAB.

A boardmember supports merging the 2 labs.

Boardmember Zakiya says that non compliant Pacifica entities must be removed. The iPNB's newly appointed should be directed to bring the Houston LAB within compliance.

Ferguson expresses concerned about people simultaneously on a lab and iPNB.

Spooner says that there is no case law on the matter. Only answerable to Corporation for Public Broadcasting currently.

Fertig says that the CPB was only concerned with there being a majority of lab officers on the iPNB. Chair states that the iPNB does not and shouldn't have the power to select the labs. The old board did this illegally. But with Houston the iPNB is being asked to deal with a board that is out of compliance. Recommends that the board urge that the two labs combine.

Allen proposes resolution that iPNB come into compliance and invite the interested parties to sit on the board.

Ferguson expresses concern that there is no rep of the "lab" present. And can't it be worked out locally?

Allen - no success after exhuastive attempts to contact and cooperate.

Barry - seeks some clarification on details

Fertig - Houston LAB is not cooperative ... we need the pnb to DIRECT the lab to DO their job or move aside.

Please amend the motion ...require lab to obtain numerical qualification within 30 days, diversity in all scopes and demonstrate dedication to the mission. Add language that the current members of LAB be asked if they are willing to actually DO the work.

Allen moves that iPNB directs interim station manager to require the lab to get into compliance, meet regularly and immediate and bring people into the LAB ( see resolution!!!!!)

Chair We can help Houston move ahead within ONE WEEK.

Bramson - strongly suggest merger. Sensitive to it begin a directive form iPNB. Feel they could get together and resolve, just like the new iPNB.

Ferguson - Still seeking autonomy for local LAB. Members on both boards involves invading of autonomy of local board. Has problem with Teresa Allen being both on iPNB and Houston LAB.

Would Teresa Allen accept "merger"?

Teresa Allen - yes.

Robinson suggests iPNB recommends that, because of noncompliance, the 2 labs to vote themselves onto the lab. (iLAB agrees.)

Bert Lee loudly calls the question

Chair consults Parliamentarian. The question is called.

The motion is that the iPNB recommends that, because of noncompliance, the 2 labs meet in one week to vote themselves onto the lab. Passes 15-1 (Ferguson against. 2 with "observations or reservations" )

WPFW Report.

Lou Hankins, WPFW station manager starts his report to hisses. Chair strongly directs the crowd to cut it out.

Hankins reports that WPFW is extremely successful with fund raising and diversity giving various statistics. They also have successful ratings. 200,000 listeners. Numbers from Radio Research (uses arbitrons). 60 newscasts a week. Says that WPFW's biggest problem is commingling of funds with Pacifica national office which is in the same building. In proportion to the money raised by WPFW they are shortchanged at times.

Sam Huseini DC Lab Chair reads lab resolutions:
- The Station Manager must be removed
- WPFW must stop censoring DN!
- Airtime for the lab and meeting time at the station.
- WPFW must promote and cover progressive events (IMF protests etc.)
- Establish an intern program
- restore recently fired and banned
- restore progressive national programs
- Pacifica national must have a more progressive news coverage policy

Husseini - Hankins is aware of, and has been invited to LAB meetings. In February the PNB told manager and lab to work together. Mr Hankins is aware of what's going on and has not resposnded.

Barry - has he been specifically invited?

Bert Lee - WAS he invited yes or no

Chair - Tries to get the room to ORDER.

Three people from D.C area called to speak.

Barry - I haven't finished.

Chair - Clarifies what is happening.

Speakers from WPFW listening area speak.

Mariama Orange - recently elected to WPFW LAB. I like to make informed descisions. Stumbled on meeting not because it was announced on WPFW, but it was mailed to me through a flyer... march last year. Had conversation with Lou Hankins - I was disrespected, hung up on, after asking questions about censoring of crucial programming. Listeners must come first. We are pPacifica these are our princles . How can we have a a manager that is hostile or unresponsive to listeners. We the constituents cannot be disrepsected. DN was censored. WPFW in exile webcast has been bringing the community together. We are not a happy family -- the image of a happy family is due the the public being uninformed. We hope to rebuild.

Fahima Hotep. - Born and raised in Harlem, living in DC. Listened to WBAI --in dc grad school. Put together a canidates forum and was asked to do a show called HEAL DC. HEAL DC used Get up Stand Up which was changed to an apolitical instrumental. Constituancy for AFRICA ...contacted BW over and did not return our calls. .Bessie Wash said well you have to pay - you know how that works. Pharmaceutical company wrote informercial paid for by big Pharmaceutical . Ambassador from south africa CECE was thrown out of the station. Police called. Purges - Brother ah , 2000 black, the spear. Brother shine NEW YEARS, I knew I wouldn't be back on the station. I wanted to warn my family about what happend in DC.

Grew up in NY...some members of our community are exploiting our poeple . The country is at war, if ever we needed free speech and democracy we need it now. Stop this foolishness. I listnened to DN - people have been visited by agents , asked about posters on their walls. Democracy Now! was the only program that covered marches in DC. I had people on , talked about police, WPFW played MUSIC during the ASHCROFT hearings! Broadasts covering the Shadow inaguration/counter bush demos were conduted from WPFW but not broadcast on WPFW!!!! What kind of insanity is that? [room goes nuts!! YAY!]

Chair brings room to order.

Frank Wagner -
WPFW LAB member . in my 2 + years. I am so grateful for once we are meeting in a union hall!!! instead of hotels corporate capitlist symbol. When I joined it looked bleak, dark and black. Mary Frances Berry [ex - national board chair] ran the board like a nazi and a facist. I am really happy and encouraged now. Lou Hankins threw us out 2 years ago..he said "There are security reasons...they are being investigated." Never returns calls, unrepsonsive, MUST GO NOW.

Bryant - Relays report from over the phone; WBAI's broadcast of the iPNB meeting is being interupted by Clayton Riley. Music played.

Barry - Bessie Wash [former executive director] orderd station manager not to allow LAB to meet there. Relationship is TOO adversarial. iPNB should mandate they work together, invite GM to meeting. Sam and Lou need to work toghether. Please respect each other

Bert Lee- Would it be too much for the PNB to suggest to GM and chair of LAB that they get together today and get to some agreement and share with us what they can get together on. Im trying to do something that can move us forward. Ask the 2 to discus and share conclusions. To much to ask?

Spooner - I think it may be too much to ask that years long greivances and bad feelings ..both sides...all five stations between LABS and GMS ...status of boards... disagreements throughout...hostility has tremendous depth...iPNBs responsiblities to get to the mission and how to move forward.

Laforest - Maybe Carol is expressing a feeling that comes from being on the LABs -- our experience is of being dispesected.

Bert Lee Moves we ask all station manageres and lab chairs to get together over 24 hours...and begin to discuss differences and give us a brief report.

Laforest seconds motion.

Chair moved to vote...favor 8? no 1 ab 1

1.5 hour Break for lunch meetings.

KPFK Report: Mark Shubb- For the record Pacifica national wasn't always in Berkeley.

Will the board be addressing the 2 yr outstanding Kpfk staff grevience against it's LAB?

Chair apologizes that it's not on the agenda.

Feels it's unfair to deal with the Houston LAB and not this grievance.

KPFK is broadcasting at 1/4 power because new transmiter hasn't been installed. The money was in place. Due to Pacifica's financial disorganization the work is stalled. Needs more power because transmission from Mexico is causing signal disruption. KPFk very successful with fundraising and strong listenership. yada, yada, yada.

Makes all kinds of excuses why they aren't even more successful. Their pitching techiques are very effective etc, etc,etc. A lot of their money is missing. (sucked up by national)This money should be returned to KPFK. It's unacceptable that the stations will be the source of making up the money. Condemns national's dictating programming (Democracy Now!)without process.

-a point of order requesting air conditioning.[Schubb's hot air?]

Schubb accuses the movement of "macarthyite" style tactics. and that there are many grey areas in the conflict. "The staff are a 3rd faction." Spews a bunch more Orwellian crap slandering the free Pacifica movement.

[For some reason the Chair allows Schubb to speak for a very long time. He is a good speaker, organized and convincing]

David Addelson -KPFK lab speaks...
Hourly statement on KPFK falsely aligns the malpractice of the old PNB with the new iPNB and seems to actually make way for a decrease in contibutions.

Schubb removed over 60 programs under the order of executive director in order to reach a different audience, which it did, but was it in line with Pacifica's mission? All that was because exactly what Schubb spoke against; programming orders from national. Addelson claims that anouncement is meant to undermine listener confidence. The statement is gross misinformation. [it is]

The ability of the LAB to move forward will be enhanced by real information.

There are upcoming public meetings sponsored by the LAB to talk about elections. Meetings very well attended. Many confused people come to the meetings and leave enlightened. [ppn.org]

Chairman asks that we can move on, Schubb wants to respond

Karen Palmer - 30 yr KPFK listener wants DN back on at regular 9am timeslot [currently only at 6am] and wants Seditious beats -hip hop show back.[was removed after the host mc'd a DN benfit.] Schubb has fired 150 programmers, most people of color, decimated spanish language programming, nearly no people of color on drivetime. Hundreds of letters calling for Shubb to resign. [Hudge crowd cheers]

Sara -Pacifca Campaign staff- LA
The managers are afraid of the listeners. They only care about the money. Notice how Shubb's report was primarily about money matters. Schubb has unaccessable to listeners and is hipocrytical about fighting the powers that be when the guests on the station come from corporate and government sources. Schubb's 911 programming was bullshit. Request Schubb imediately removed [cheers from crowd] "We want OUR station back!"

The meeting is running way late and the crowd, larger than this morning is getting testy. There is time wasted on process.

Schubb responds to accusations contradicting all of them.

Adelson ask more questions. Schubb replies etc. etc.

Major interuption of meeting by Barry who insisting on asking his question. "I am going to ask my question." over and over and is WAY out of order. The parlimentarian is brought in and explains the procedure. Blah blah blah - Barry continues to disrupt etc... a roll call vote is taken on whether to grant Barry his out of order crap which loses and meeting moves forward. [whew!]

16:13hours EST: a short break while the stenographer stretches his fingers, adds a ream of paper.

[editorial comment....
sitting in this room of over 500 people listening to the accounts of station by station decimation by the Pacifica National board and its management over the last decade wipes out any credibility of the opposing opinion...back to the show

16:1hours EST: And now for something completely different:

WBAI station report by Bob Daughtry

Cagan speaks of resolution passed by board to make a committee to fix WBAI, Bert Lee is intervening again about how there is no fair play and Barry should get to ask his question [The beltway is the place where filibustering is king....]

Daughtry reports:
[much hissing, Chair tries to keep peace]

Daughtry mentions that the meeting is being carried on WBAI and now is describing the scene to the listeners mentioning signs that say "fire daughtry", warm room, [hissing continues], large room filled with people, [how do you say filibuster?].

Praises the staff at WBAI, fall membership drive raises $1million. [open the books]. 7000 pledges, 65% fulfillment rate. WBAI is having problems. Owe $200K. Some bills are 150 days. Major reason is the relocation of the finances to DC. mentions special programs, major problems at the station. Basic layout of station is bad, has 5 year plan for fixing it. Open position of development director and program director is open. Spring 2001 metro cume is up 12%. Recent success in fall fund drive shows major support. The end.

Miguel Maldonato [chair of WBAI lab] speaks;
Mentions that lab is composed of different ethnic groups like NY and hope that the rest of the network can reflect the diversity as well.

Thanks the iPNB for being in NYC. Discusses the steady deterioration of the station since the xmas coup. Ironically the station before that actually experienced a record drive and was out of the red [open the books].

Wants the lab to return to have a say at the station returns the producers and staff both paid and unpaid to the rightful time slots remove those installed in those places now. Democracy now should be aired, please. The station manager has decided the program content this past year.

Bob Daughtry must be removed immediately. Return the station to it's original mission. Let the lab meet at the station. He mentions arrests when the attempt was made to meet there in January 2001.

Eliminate the distinction between paid and unpaid staff lift the gag rule, and the cameras.

LAB sought more listener input. The station should be a station for the community. He submits the report to the board and thanks the board for being in NYC. (includes the details of the report, including an audio report of on air nonsense that has gone over the airwaves. [Miguel got very emotional and the crowd went wild.]

NEXT:Listeners speak...

#1 Ricardo: Artist from Lower east side. It is hard to witness the last year's decimation. Has protested. WBAI and others need to be restored. There is much more than music that expresses the Latino experience.

#2 Rasheeda: LAB member: good speaker about all the issues of the day. Pacifism, requires asks iPNB to consider the crowd in a respectful manner. Urges the iPNB listen to us or they will find another way.

#3 Arun: NYC listener/organizer. Bring back the fired and banned but also the listeners. On 911 he heard the info from WFUV instead of WBAI. Situation has deteriorated, sexist, racist, homophobic remarks. A new low.... Last week Paulie and Clayton told people misinformation on air at WBAI and WPFW cuts to music during many parts. Censorship. Asks Daughtry how he could allow Clayton to go on the air after he would do such things as calling Janice K. Bryant a "Syphilitic whore" and told Leslie he hopes "she choke on her next meal". Etc....

#4 Anthony Sloan: Engineer of DN!. Reads a memo [lots of audience laughter, etc. ] cites lots of examples of his fabulous writing. Serious radio person in charge of music breaks. he made a cart to announce DN's return but when delivering it to the station. He was kicked out and threatened with the police. To iPNB members - if Pacifica is not at least the fourth priority in your life then step down!!!![much applause]

#5 Basir: Education at the crossroads producer.
Long ago warned Eutrice about cointelpro and racial decisiveness, which as it turns out she carried out all this past year.

#6 Omawalli Clay from Nov.12th coalition. They will not come back on the air as guests until the fired and banned are back. Prostitutes and pimps on the air, people never involved in our community, people who don't even exist in our community. The bottom line is that there are many black women in the world, Condi Rice is one...this is about struggle for equality and liberation of the masses. WBAI needs to be online to build march for reparations Freedom or death, right on ! No justice no Peace...to all these who have been fighting this fight. #7 Addirudha Das: 20 year listener, host Asia Pacifca forum
selective actions and censorship by management..targeted people they disagree with ...and plunging the station into irrelevance just when it is most needed by the community. outrageous charge against Amy Goodman [that she manufactured her East Timor story] Then Asia Pacific form was removed after 9-11-01 ..the ONLY progressive show on the radio...Afghanastan , attacks on Arabs, oil, information denied our listeners due to this arbitrary censorship...tried to harass the show's collective into abandoning me. We have been on the air for the last few months, AS RK BMC DR all banned fired suspended ..destructive ...nothing but the current hijacker management's removal will bring us back to our progressive mission.

  Report from the WBAI issues committee

Chair moves to the report from the WBAI committee, first giving an overview. The iPNB members of the committee met over lunch and approved recommendations to subject to votes by iPNB. Meeting is running quite late but the union hall has extended our time til 6:30

Anthony McCall reads the eight recommendations preceded by playing a recording [with much technical difficulty] of Daughtry speaking recently on WBAI.

1. immediate removal of Daughtry
2. immediate return of the fired of banned (since 12-22-00)
3. all banning orders are lifted
4. the LAB along with staff and management will procede with the review procedure of station manager Valerie Van Isler that was to be done before the coup.
5. For an interim period approval from the committee will be required for hiring firing and contracts
6. To seek a union solution that includes unpaid staff will be sought. Until then the last union agreement guidelines will be followed.
7. LAB meetings at the station.
8. The exe dir will work with the committee to do this work. All decisions must be in compliance with the foundation mission and rules.

The board asks questions.

Board member Bryant moves that the iPNB vote on the package as a whole, as opposed to point by point. Spooner seconds stating that there's been plenty of time over the past year to absorb this information.

Ferguson speaks against bundling the 8 points.

The vote is 9 - 3 in favor of bundling the 8 points.

Discussion of points.

Question of legality of the iPNB make what would be exe. director decisions. The board is not supposed to make day to day decisions, but as there currently is no executive director, the board must conduct the buisiness.

Ferguson has concern of self application of last union terms in view of the Aftra "card count" at WBAI. Zakiya offers alternative language.

Barry filibusters for a while. He makes a motion to strike item one (firing Daughtry) because it violates the Pacifica Bylaws. But can't find it quickly in his bylaws text. He also feels there needs to be a list of reasons for the termination.[already given in the committee's proposal text and by today's speakers].

Motion fails. Barry filibusters some more.

Question is called MOTION PASSES 9-3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ sudden incredible outburst of joy from approximately 500 people ]

yee haa
photo: Frank - http://www.goodlight.net/wbai/photos/


Ferguson ask about how the practical application will take place. Chair calls for an immediate meeting between Pacifica's personal director [who is present] and the WBAI issues committee to work on details.

Chair request an earlier start tomorrow - 9am.

[ yow...]

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