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WBAI Local Advisory Board chair Miguel Maldonado resolution regarding improper removal

Presented at the iPNB meeting in NYC Sept. 19-21, 2003



On September 17, 2003, Miguel Maldonado, the recognized chair of the WBAI LAB, was allegedly suspended as LAB chair in a process and proceeding that lacked the requried 30-day prior notification [1] and which was not conducted at a public or executive session meeting, also required for proper proceeding [2].

If such an action is sustained, the WBAI LAB would lack a recognized chair and a means of conducting business.

Therefore, the iPNB states that it does not recognize this improper removal and continues to recognize Miguel Maldonado as chair of the WBAI LAB, pending a properly conducted process and procedure to sustain or replace him as LAB Chair.

[1] WBAI Station Board (SB) Bylaws, last amended 9/91, article IV, section V: Removal from SB)

Removal of a board member shall be by a 2/3rds majority of those present and voting at a duly notice regular or special meeting of the SB. The written notice shall be given to all SB members 30 days prior to the meeting, specifying the proposed removal and stating, in general, the grounds thereof.

[2] Pacifica Foundation Policies Governing Local Station Advisory Boards, approved 4/11/97 by Governing Board from Council of Chairs.

Executive Session. The LAB may, by majority vote, call an executive session to consider matters relating to personnel, litigation or matters involving confidential relationship or proprietary matters. In the event that an executive session is held, the reason shall be announced and noted in the meeting minutes, [...]

NYC DAILY REPORTS and Documents | NYC iPNB meeting page
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