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DAILY REPORTS and Documents | iPNB Berkeley meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting - Berkeley
June 21 - 23, 2002

6-22-02: Saturday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

AGENDA [proposed]
9:00 am - Report from the acting Executive Director, Q&A/discussion 
9:45 am - Station Reports 
- KPFA, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
- KPFT, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
- WPFW, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
- WBAI, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
- KPFK, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
12:45 pm - Lunch Break 
2:15 pm - Treasurer's Report 
2:45 pm - Finances and Fund Raising: 
- brief report from auditor 
- review and adopt FY 2002 budget 
- process to prepare FY 2003 budget 
- discussion of resolutions/proposals 
- fund raising plans 
- community comment 
4:30 am - Personnel Committee: 
- proposal for establishment of a national committee 
- discussion of candidate confidentiality issues 
5:00 pm - Discussion of proposal on issues related to race and nationality at Pacifica 
5:45 pm - Report on status of Democracy Now! 
6:00 pm - Adjourn for the evening 

iPNB notes sat. 6-22-02

Directors present:
James Ferguson, David Fertig, Carol Spooner, Teresa Allen, 
Pete Bramson, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, Robbie Robinson,
Bert Lee, Janice K Bryant, Ray LaForest,
Jabari Zakiya.
Marion Barry comes in after lunch.
Not present: Dick Gregory

9:26am Chair opens meeting. Apologizes for late start.

Introduces parliamentarian.

Remarks on the small turnout, though not upset. 
Perhaps due to the the meetings
now being broadcast or people are out doing other activism,
perhaps inspired to do so after listening to Pacifica. 

Report from the Executive Director, Q&A/discussion Dan Coughlin
[ the full report ]

Thanks the iPNB for their work.

Five months after the start of the effort
to climb out the financial hole of 4.8 million debt
the debt is reduced to 1.3million.

The new concept of special coordinated national programming
has been hugely successful.

The KPFK transmitter is back up to full power.

The recovery has involved decreased spending and
increased fundraising: DN 35% cut, the archives
and other depts took large cuts.

Most of the "golden parachutes" demands of
departing hijackers have been denied.
A few were paid to avoid what would avoid an even
higher legal expense($140,000 paid out so far).

Hijacker law firm bills have been so far reduced to
2.6 to 1.6 million

There has been record fundraising all around the network
at the 5 stations and during the national fundraising

Side band leasing reactivated, revenue -
$528,000 income annually, more possible.

The financial office has been getting the accounting
software functional.

The central services allocation financial system 
is coming together.

Thanks Yasmine Bryan for working on finances.

Thanks KPFA manager Jim Bennett and KPFA community
and WBAI manager Valerie VanIsler and WBAI community
in particular for help.

New station mangers have been hired at KPFK, KPFT
and soon at other stations.

Working hard to resolve union issues. KPFA and national
workers union (AFTRA) agreements signed. More coming.

Local Advisory Boards have become more involved.
Function of LABs being sorted out.

Programming policies being developed.
"Mission Commission" had been working on this and
the developing relationships between Pacifica and
other activist communities, but a degree of misunderstanding
led to decision to not continue the committee.

Executive director's report to published on web [ exe. dir. report ]

Verna Avery Brown, Deputy executive director reports:

Thanks board. Supports Dan's selection as Executive director.

Still working out the division of executive director tasks.

Took notes during public comments.
Agrees that there needs more critical coverage of
"war on terrorism" etc.
We are back on track. We will be here to supply ammunition to
various lawmakers with which to fight to warmongers in congress.
Perhaps Pacifica can become a force to be reckoned with in the movement
for peace by a diverse community of activists working together.

Spooner - is there anymore golden parachute payout beyond the
Coughlin - there is one more case pending

Spooner - question on audits and distribution of money to national.

Coughlin - the system had broken down completely. We are working on an 
informal basis till we can get the system back together.
The levy on the local stations would be 20%, 12% to national office,
8% to national programming. The priority has been getting local 
expenses covered.

Dave Fertig - seeing as Free Speech Radio News has functioned well without
satellite system, can we dump the expense of the satellite? Question
on relation with affiliates.

Coughlin - 50 plus affiliates still using satellites and it's working 
well for now but there needs to be a reorganization of the system considering
new technologies (internet) which could be much more cost effective.
This needs to be worked out jointly with everyone.

Ray LaForest - Praises national staffs contribution to ED efforts.
Much of the debt was reduced by one-time large sources (insurance),
now what?

Couglin - looking into new possibilities.

Bert Lee - How many affiliates? A: 51

Coughlin - 1) need to define Pacifica's objectives 2) out reach to gain more 
affiliates. The affiliates must be involved in the process.
New relationships are being developed with the affiliates; they were
somewhat involved in producing national specials and carrying them.

Robinson - The national days of programming were exciting. 
Want to participate directly in developing new innovative national

Janice K. Bryant - Is there a plan to revitalize Pacifica national
news out of Free Speech Radio news?

Couglin - not financially viable for some time

Jabari Zakiya - How do you see the relationship between the Indypendent
media centers and what will be done to develop cross exchange of 
news reporting?

Coughlin - we need to do this.

Spooner - The national peace rally cast made her realize that "we'd won"
[regained Pacifica]

Brief report from WBIX.org

Rhyme - Wbix has been the gorilla network for content and training.
At last iPNB meeting it was decided to determine how Pacifica
could support wbix.
WBIX so far has decided to use the existing resources of the stations.
Is setting up new technology at WBAI, making high bandwidth
connection available for streaming WBAI. 
Facilitating coverage of more things and helping to provide content.
Helped raised $50,000 for WBAI.
Also working with WPFW and KPFT.
Trying to develop WBIX funding to be able to do more at the stations.
In a position facilitate acquisition of technology cheaply.
Wants to develop recruitment and training.
The WPFW LAB and staff cooperated well with WBIX included funding for 
a project. A good model.
Request that Pacifica fund one full-time paid person to cover wbix.
WBIX is Pacifica and will be there in case it goes down again.

Station Reports

KPFA report
Jim Bennet, general manager [  ]- Kpfa operates the Satellite for free to the rest of the
network.($500 a month)

Welcomes radio audience. Invites people to come down to the meeting.
Thanks meeting organizers.
Last PNB meeting in Berkeley was 3 years ago when the hijackers
kicked the LABs out of power sharing and now it's the opposite.

This report will be available on the web. Chair Cagan calls for all reports
to be posted at pacifica.org (((((()))))))

Urges iPNB to organize the system of local money sent to national
so that local can get around to planning their budgets. Please 
take into consideration KPFA's contributions to national 
projects (satellite, Free Speech Radio News)

He helped found the apprentice program at KPFA. The program produced
KPFA's producer for the recent national programming.
The apprentice program's graduates tend to stay and work at the
station. Encourages other stations to set up programs.
Support creating a mentoring program at Pacifica so as develop
future workers and officers at Pacifica [applause]

KPFA LAB report:  Susan DeSilva - LAB chair , 
LAB co-chair - Willie Ratcliff

22 elected people. Strong and working together.
Public encouraged to attend monthly meetings.
Most committees are open to everyone and people encouraged 
to participate.
It's been a difficult time of recovery.
New voices needed in this process.
Pacifica Now! conference is a result of ongoing
projects of outreach etc.
Station board attends staff meetings.(need more meetings)
Lack of funding is major issue at station.
Many committees have been formed and a lot of effort made.
Finance, programming(very popular), personnel and policy, diversity,
general manager search, bylaws revision.
It's been overly difficult to get the current LAB on-air show. Only happened
because a producer gave up airtime.

Finances, bylaws, and new gm are priority.

Need more Pacifica governance programming on all the stations.[applause]

Gravest concern is the lack of coordinated budgeting/accounting process.
Request that this be a collaborative process with the LABs etc.

Another $60,000 was taken from KPFA last week by Pacifica national
without LAB having any knowledge.
Wille Ratcliff, LAB co-chair - A newcomer to Pacifica. Was recruited 
because he was editor
of activist newspaper that covers what Pacifica should and does cover. 
Thanks KPFA for holding eviromental hearings
that helped expose local waste issue. We need to train young people
to help carry out the mission inside and outside of Pacifica.

Needs to more outreach, power sharing and transparency [applause]

KPFA community comment:

Nancy Delany - was programmer for 16 years at KPFA
Feels that there is an artificial class division between paid and unpaid
staff. Need women's dept back. Need women's production training.

John Page - July 12th documentary on "Camp KPFA" that helped 
get the community back into KPFA. Homeless people participated. 
After KPFA was regained, they stayed on in parking lot trying to
call attention to their situation.
We owe a debt to these homeless people. They haven't been on air.

Gail Blaise, LAB - Excited with some of the new programming
and the Pacifica Now! conference. Request that iPNB get the stations
to do more Pacifica governance programming.
The listeners have been cut out of programming.

___________- More use should be made of the subscriber base.
Get more help and involvement from listeners for outreach,
publicity etc.

Mary Berg, LAB, unpaid staff, Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica
 - Talk of transparency, power sharing etc. has been mostly 
lip service. Needs to be genuine in order to avoid
the problems Pacifica has had in the past. 
Finances etc. is important.
Urges a new day.

____________ - Needs to more grassroots/radical opinions of the air.
Would Lou Hill be too radical for today's KPFA.

Bill Mandel, 37yr broadcaster KPFA/WBAI - Various removals have been
for political reasons.
Current iPNB is the best he's seen in 40 years.
Pleased with LAB member being from the docks.

Eric Berkman(?)
Thanks KPFA/WBAI for airing Mumia Abu Jamal.

Ray Myer - Request LAB chair to elaborate KPFA "turmoil" and
the $60,000 removal.

Desolva - 60,  [didn't catch the answer -ed.]

Steve Conley - supports institutionalizing of apprenticeship program
at Pacifica. Testifies to it's success.

Kurt _____ KPFA LAB - Looking for Pacifica's support for low power radio.
Supports governance programming.

Chairs asks board if they need questions.

Ferguson - hasn't seen KPFA elections model, is it available
Spooner - it's on pacifica.org [and wbai.net of course!]

Allen - applauds KPFA for it's being able to work around the hijackers
in fundraising and finances.

KPFT Report: Duane Bradley -Station manager, Deb Shafto -LAB chair

Duane Bradley -Station manager [  full report ] -

Best fundraiser in KPFT history. $300,000. New members. %75 pledges
paid. Spring drive starting late. Goal- $240,000. Very optimistic.

Working on filling out staff. Permanent Program Director hired soon.
6 paid staff in total.

Volunteer staff has expanded from 70 to 160. 
Developing with local universities t o build local news program

Proud to be returning diverse voices to KPFT.
Democracy Now! and Flashpoints have returned and
been very popular and helpful in fundraising.

Have been splitting up time slots to allow more programs.
The only station to get "Pacifica Matters" on air.
[ http://pacificamatters.net ]

Plenty of tech and financial problems but forging ahead.
Plan to install a translator in Galveston and increase
internet streaming.

Feels that the backbiting and infighting in the KPFT community
is coming from well intentioned people but very wasteful. 
Has sought out a mediator but not optimistic.

Thanks for help for national, KPFT Lab and others.

Optimistic for future.

Deb Shafto, KPFT LAB chair
Despite all the crud on the web, the LAB has been going 
very well. 
Committees thriving which much increased diversity.
Outreach continues.
Bylaws committees had rough start but has developed
and accomplished alot.
Finance committee.
Technology committee training people.
Membership committee enlarging.

There has been alot of resolution between former
opponents and more valuable community members 
are now involved.

Main problem is people wanting to eliminate opinions
and people from the process. It has kept the real issues
from being addressed and aired.
Main goal is to get past all this BS.

Teresa Allen - Houston will host next iPNB meeting. Encourages
people to sign up to be involved.

KPFT  community comment

George Rider, LAB, staff - Speaks to the fighting in Houston
People heed to embrace each others views.

Michael Pimintal, LAB - disagrees with appointments to LAB
prior to the election.

Ken Freeland -feels that the LAB should be empowered to make it's own
decision. Speaks against "a small group" of disrupters in Houston
efforts which is responsible for removing a programmer.
Supports establishing a Pacifica code of ethics.

Rhyme, wbix - would like to get a KPFT program director report
KPFT has made

Brian Deshaser, Pacifica archives - disturbed that outgoing
hijacker KPFT general manager Garland Ganter
reportedly removed and destroyed(?) KPFT archives.

WPFW Report: Tony Regusters GM , Sam Husseini -LAB Chair

Tony Regusters, GM

WPFW is powerful because it speaks truth to power on the issues.
Staff has work hard over last 5 months on programming quality,

Website is back and much more effective.

A lot of new powerful programming included 
"2k Nation" a show for and by teens which is
very popular.
New African, Palestinian,Latino issues, coverage.
F.A.I.R's "Counterspin" program is back.
Re-establishing local news programming.

Quarterly townhall meeting program planned.

Co-partnering with the DC Indymedia center for  successful training
sessions. Located near WPFW.

Fundraising on the increase.

Plans WPFW awards event for fund

May was rough with transmitter going down 3 times,
initially for mysterious reasons.
2nd outage due to storm.
3rd outage due to Verizon cutting fiber optic
cable. Possible lawsuit [Cagan comments and laughter]

Needs some basic tech equipment improvements and perhaps
transmitter relocation. Hard working new chief engineer.
Tech work in progress.

New Program director, long time staffer.

Compliments executive director.

Next major project is building local news dept.

Major outreach and publicity needed to increase
awareness of the station.

Quarterly townhall meetings planned.
[ similar to my proposed bylaw for general meetings! - ed.]

New weekly LAB show.

Sam Husseini -LAB Chair
Major progress has been made.
Supports increased LAB/station cooperation.

Steps need to made realize Pacifica's mission at WPFW.
Missions based news and public affairs programming needs
be re-established.

Governance/mission programming needed to educate 
WPFW listeners.
Increased committees and outreach from LAB

WPFW should support the closing DC Indypendent media center.

WPFW Should attend journalism conferences in the interest
of networking and publicizing the station.

David Fertig - Concerned that the LAB was not involved
it the program director selection.

WPFW community comment:

Joe Warrenhunter(?) - The LAB report was not collaborative.
The lab is not representative of the population of DC.
Concerned with the health of the black community  of DC
and disproportionate imprisonment of blacks.
Has statements from several DC organizations.

Mariana ____, LAB - Need new program director selection process.
Need strategic plan for making needed change
and transition to elected LAB.
Public affairs and music programming if a false

David Welsh - Concerned that too much reporting
sounded like NPR reporting. Asks for some comment
on the difficulties.

Tony Augustus- news still being developed at WPFW.
WPFW will be a beacon in DC
Husseni - progress is being made.

WBAI report: Valerie VanIsler - general manager, Miguel Maldonado - LAB chair

Valerie VanIsler [ full report ] -

Gives thanks to all involved and credits listeners and staff in 
the progress made.
Record fundraisers.($1million winter, 900,000 spring) 21% increase 
over last year. $300,000 away from the years's goal.
18,000 members - (30% increase)
Crisis is far from over. Projects a moderate deficit ($100,000)
Lot's of back debts.
Is optimistic.

Staff developments. 8 people accepted severance packages,
a few other have filed charges which are being dealt with.

It's been a very intense year with alot of hard work.

Unpaid staff have been organizing and choosing a union
(likely to be UAW)

Some positions open. Public notice given.

Programming: much coverage of major issues.
Live East Timor coverage by Democracy Now!

Programming changes have been in process
and new schedule implemented in May.
Much public affairs work and changes.
Wider involvement/input gathering in the process.
New programming will be re-evaluated in fall.

June 19th national programming was powerful.

Equipment improvements.

Special projects connected with 911, 
getting composition funding from government etc.

Membership campaign continuing.

Art exhibit at the station to help connect
with the arts community.
In transition to a new GM. Work continues in the

Miguel Maldanado, LAB chair:
Props to outgoing KPFA LAB Chair.

The LAB is involved in selection of new GM.
Trying to get as much involvement as possible.

The appointment of new public affairs director
was not transparent was distressed people on
the LAB.

Outreach and membership campaign needs to be a priority.

The LAB is trying to support no more appointed seats
to the LAB but it is difficult because people more
LAB members are needed to help with the work.
But any new people will be elected.

It's important for all the stations need to stay
connected and knowledgeable with each other.

Though Utrice Leid is gone, the "Utrice Leid model"
is still in effect. It will very difficult for new GM
to make changes. There is a lack or transparency
and accessibility in the power structure at WBAI.

Calls for review of local directors.(?)

Has striven to understand Pacifica's history.
Important to keep visionary people keeping 
Pacifica going.

WBAI community comment

Steve Brown - Supports greater transparency at Pacifica.
Supports the posting of salaries and obligations 
of the national staff. Job openings should be better

Roger Manning, wbai.net - Please email documents 
to  for posting on wbai.net.
Supports regular on-air time for governance. Was told when presenting
a proposal for a weekly 1.5 hour program on Pacifica governance and history
at WBAI there wasn't enough time which is simply not true.
It has been proposed this weekend that each station acquire a training
director. Was a training director at another station and had volunteered 
at WBAI but no response as of yet.

Carolyn Birden - thanks WBAI LAB chair
Needs to be more accountability and transparency
with programming council and other bodies.
Reports to the listener on WBAI have been superficial
and insufficient. Strong lack of process.

Bob Lederer, staff - First Pacifica political 
prisoner Faruk Abdel-Muhti Arrested in April. [ story ]
An activist to free Palestine
As a Jewish American urges support of Faruk Abdel-Muhti 
and Arab Americans being persecuted by the American government.

Chair Cagan - Asks board to consider proposal from
the WBAI committee. It will be tabled til tomorrow.

KPFK Report:  Eva Georgia, new GM, Lydia Brozen - new LAB chair,
Dave Adelson - outgoing LAB chair, Roy Hurst - outgoing interim GM

Eva Georgia - Transmitter project will go to full power tomorrow [cheers]
Thanks to Pacifica network and listener.
Just also cleared KPFK debt, though cash flow still
a problem.

Roy Hurst, Outgoing interim GM [ full report ] - Thanks to interim GM Steven Star for 
making a good start.

Working on programming.

Successful Spring fund drive.

Achieving increased openness at station.

Gm search committee process has been difficult.
Tough start, focus on diverse input. Came together

Increased outreach. Co-sponsoring of events
around L.A. with various organizations.

All sides of the struggle have contributed
to the re-making of KPFK. 
Arguments were important and helped produce better
results. There's enough room for all progressives at KPFK.

Eva Georgia - GM search process was tough.
Receiving alot of welcoming communication from the community.
Very excited and optimistic.
Supports the sharing of power and decision making.
Supports programming with diverse viewpoints including
Mike Ruppert though, distressed that he continues to accuse
KPFK on air of misconduct towards him.
We need to promote peace and real democracy at Pacifica.

Lydia Brozen, new LAB chair - Thanks to Dave Addelson.

The KPFK collectives are important.
(Asian, Black, Latin ...)
A proposed 5 year plan to create a Spanish
speaking Pacifica station [applause]

Bringing in more communities is the solution
to peace at Pacifica.

Dave Addelson, outgoing LAB chair [ full report ]- Fund drives 
have big success (50% increase)
particular increase in lower income subscribers.

Has been broadened political scope.
Increased input on committees etc.

Decision making at the station needs 
to structured, policies established.
The effective input of the LAB and 
community needs to be a part of the
policy. Is optimistic.

Programming: supports mission item
of promoting understanding etc...

Feels that the goal of the current process
of Pacifica to create a new kind of organization.

Thanks the LAB and Lynn Gerry.

Chair Cagan request that speakers keep to 1 minute

KPFK community comment
Bernie Eisenberg - loudly protest shortened time. 

Jonathon Markowitz - objects to cutting of the comment
time. Holds a tape player up to the microphone and 
plays tape of Ian Masters program on KPFK.
Protest that this right wing programming is on KPFK.

Bernie Eisenberg - protest shortened time.
Protest the accepting of AFTRA after they had 
been in opposition to the free Pacifica movement.
Questions Pacifica involvement with NFCB.
Calls for mandated governance programming.((((())))).

Chair urges Bernie wrap it up.
Chair calls for break. Running an hour late
Some shouting etc.



Lee, Ferguson absent

Chair Cagan apologizes for distess just before lunch.

KPFK community comment continues

Raphael Renteria - KPFK is very troubled in terms
of the programming largely involving the "Nation [magazine] cabal"
who is promoting war and imperialism from a "liberal 
democratic party point of view.
Supports aw

Fernando Vasquez - Speaks in Spanish/english.
Mark Cooper has paved the way for c
L.A. fired and banned need to go back.
Calls for inclusion of 

Tracy Larkins - agrees with previous L.A. speakers.
Also feels that there is a co-intel style campaign against
programmer Mike Ruppert. Calls for justice for Rupert.

Sasha - supports on-air survey to discover who we are
in order to help direct policy.
Supports diversity in outreach(using other media)
Buy a billboard.

_________ - KPFK needs democratic control of it's
airwaves and LAB. Needs diversity. Wants the iPNB
to help.

Eva Georgia, KPFK GM - responds: the concerns raised are real.
We are open. Invites the speakers to come in and 
help resolve the issues.

Treasurer's Report - Jabari Zakiya 
Reads report.

[I apologize for missing a lot in the financial reports
segment. Things were pretty hard to follow at times and
it was hard to keep up. -ed]

Accounting software and training have been set up.
Currently all stations are set up and connected.
Plans to eventually convert to Linux operating system because 
of problems with Windows.

The audit: Massive amount work by finance office and others
coverting data  to current software needs to be completed 
before audit can be completed.

Budgeting process: budgets from the 5 stations handed
in fiscal year 2002. More budget assessment process needed.

Debt reduction: The debt holds Pacifica's development back.
Recommends prioritizing eliminating debt.

Finance committees: Local finance committees should 
be formalized.

Finance operations: Understaffed. 
Recommends that moving the finance office from DC should
be put off until more stable (2 years?)

Fundraising: We need to make fund drives more efficient:
reduce reliance on premiums, build a better web pledging system.

Recommends national management in form of:
-National program director
-National tech director
-National development director
-national database of members

Recommends national Strategic planning
-license acquirement
-print publishing
-stategic alliances

Pacifica needs to operate more efficiently.

Questions from board:

Teresa Allen - asks about the procedure of Pacifica central asking
for money from the stations.

Jabari - it's been necessary for the time being

Ray LaForest - is treasurer looking to make move of
financial office a discussion topic.

Jabari - yes

George Barnstone - asks about payroll structure

Jabari - national organizes payroll for all of Pacifica.
Payroll is first priority in paying bills.

Yamine Ryan, controller - finance office determines payroll cost 
and goes to different sources(stations)to find money.

David Fertig - has Jabari discussed the idea of reducing
premiums with fund drive managers to determine impact?

Jabari - not yet

Marion Barry - why hasn't there been a system formalized
for getting money from the stations? there's seems to be inequality
in demands put on the stations.

Yamine Ryan - Haven't been able to do it yet.
Need to complete 2001 audit first. In the end
each station will have contributed 20% of their 

Some confusion about explanation, Chair clarifies

Barry - feels the system needs to more worked out.

Cagan - This money solicited from the stations goes strictly
to payroll,  where does the money come from for other
national office functions such as the iPNB meetings?

Ryan - A few smaller random sources

Barry - Where does the CPB money go?

Ryan - It goes to the stations, but the latest CPB
grant can not come in till the audit is done.

Robinson - Pacifica National should be self sustaining.
Supports more national programming that generates funds
for national.
We need to invest in infrastructure.

Carol Spooner - The station levy up to now has been 17%.
Now it's 20% of stations incomes and 30% of CPB funds.
This has never been formally approved and needs to be.

Cagan - when did the change to 20 occur?

Eileen Carr, KPFA accountant - Helps clarify
that when Pacifica came to KPFA for funds,
that they cooperated.

Auditor's report
Ross Wisdom, accountant
Recommendations made in Spring:
- stop financial hemorrhaging - Pacifica has done 
a decent job.
- aquifer a formal chief financial officer.
Not to take away from Jabari, it would be a much
better situation for all.
-balancing a budget- operating budget of 300,000 cash.
Still shows a cash flow problem for the year. Budget
is balanced on paper but debt payment is problem.
Also a problem is no large income till fall when 
money is to run out in August.

-setting up a book keeping system

Audit status: delays continues. There's been problems
in continuity. Agrees with Jabari that accounting office
is too delicate to move any time soon.
Have been major computer problems, data loss, virus problems,
major disorganization during hijacker years.
Still, the current team has things coming together
so hopefully the audit will come together soon.

Debt for "professional services" being worked out.

Chair Cagan itemizes 7 things that need to addressed,
though not all necessarily today.

Questions from board:
Spooner - Does CFO need to be physically present
at national accounting office? What does it actually
mean about running out of money in August?

Ross Wisdom - CFO wouldn't have to physically present.
Current resources will run out by August.

Janice K Bryant - Asks about subcarrier income;
included in accounting? A: yes

Barry - Board agreed to recruit a CFO?

Cagan - A volunteer CFO has been sought unsuccessfully
so far

Robinson - They put out an ad an got a 100 of responses
particularly from overseas. [laughter]

Barry - is there enough money to meet the payroll in the
station accounts?

Wisdom - Till August.

Ryan - Don't forget the utilities and other bills.

Barry - We need to develop strategy

LaForest - Asks accountant to elaborate on ...

Wisdom - Don't move the office till monthly reports are
established, about 2 years.

Dave Fertig - What are we doing right?

Wisdom - Controlled expenses, strong listener support, providing
stability for accounting staff, have hired good people.
Tremendous progress in 5 months.

Barnstone - what is the biweekly payroll? A:$250,000

Cagan - Not entirely worried carrying some debt.
Confused about how if so much progress has been made,
why should it take another 2 years to move the financial
office? It's important to keep the national office together,
because they are 2 branches of the same political body.

Jabari - When he first took office as treasurer 
there was no controller. Yasmine had quit during 
hijacker Besse Wash's regime because
she didn't want do improper things. He sought her out
and credits her with saving the financial situation.
The situation was in a serious mess and we're always just
a month away from falling back into it. The system is still
very delicate. The 2 offices have been in different
locations in the past and it was ok.

Allen - What's up with the spy agency that the hijackers
hired to collect information on people in the free Pacifica movement? 
Wants to see the files/work that was produced.
Shouldn't pay until they produce the product, if at all.

Wisdom - We have been billed for $214,000 but it's in dispute.
$14,000 has been paid.

Cagan - Who contracted the work must be detrained as well
as other factors. It's common to negotiate bills.

Allen - Also questions Westhill Partners [hijacker PR firm] invoice.

Spooner -  There are legal negotiations taking place regarding

Wisdom - it's tough situation, not so much because the debt, it's 
the cash flow and monthly expenses.

Ryan - Every day the office is in crisis management mode.
need to get a CFO and some longer term planning in place.

Robinson - would it help for the board to work directly
with Ryan?


LaForest - what would be cost of CFO?

Ryan - part time S40,000

Cagan re-accesses agenda. need to move on to budget issues.

Barry - are we going to address issues on the table?

Cagan - suggests moving to the budget and come back

Allen - moves that they take Cagan's suggestion

Ferguson - seeks clarification

MOTION: to move agenda to budget
PASSES, one abstention

Review and adopt FY 2002 budget

Controller Yasmine Ryan presents budget 

11,276,596 projected income
11,614,347 payable
337,751 operating deficit

(1.6 million total deficit )

[...many details, will try to post or link to later]

Dave Fertig - about affiliate billings, archives income

Spooner - has questions about the station budgets. The numbers
on the individual budgets and consolidated versions are different

Ryan - there was updated information when the consolidated version
was made.

Spooner - Has many detailed questions on line items...
Suggests that the board does not adopt the 02 budget as most of
it is moot ...

Wisdom - agrees with Spooner, especially since it would mean
grandfathering in hijacker expenditures from last fall that the 
iPNB would not of approved of.

Bryant - we would be/have been abdicating fiduciary responsibility.

It's suggested to adopt only the next 3 months.

Barry - Is that allowed?

Cagan - do we have the info?

Ryan - not quite

Barry - makes motion

A lot of sorting out the wording of motion

MOTION: To meet to review 3 month budget (remainder of fiscal year) 
in 2 weeks after Ryan comes up with figures. Consolidated budget
will be posted on the web. Board will meet one week later.
PASSES unanimously

Barry - request a line item for a CFO. Agreed.

Process to prepare FY 2003 budget 

Chair Cagan - the aim is to get the budget together for
the Sept. iPNB meeting. Suggestions??

Spooner - suggestions should be done at the station level
and submitted to Ryan before she puts the report/budget 

Ferguson - what is a normal time frame for having a budget

Wisdom - by the beginning of the fiscal year [Sept.]

Cagan - all working documents  should be made available to all iPNB
members, while the finance committee does the bulk of the
analysis and coordination

Spooner - suggests that members of the finance committee
are responsible for collecting the information from
their areas.

Jabari - the iPNB needs to set a direction in the budget

Ryan - Question on the process.

Spooner - Everyone needs information/data to analyze.

Barry - Suggests that finance committees makes suggestions for
items to be included in budgets

It's been suggested that the finance committee meet this weekend
to set up some budget approval procedure and timeline.

Cagan moves the agenda.
Moves various items to tomorrow and advances to Personnel committee.

There's a request for the scheduled public comment on budget matters.
Despite reluctance due to running way behind schedule, Chair grants

Community comments on budget/finance:

Jane Jackson - thanks Leslie Cagan. Audit has not happened
and should be a priority. Open programming council needed.
Transparency needed. Pacifica still in violation of disability

Patty Heffley, CdPNY -  We need financial transparency locally
as well as nationally. Props to the late Jack Biello.
Request that the executive director decision be reversed.
Marty Durlin was the proper choice. She likes Dan Coughlin
but he is too close to the people that
he has to discipline or even perhaps fire. It is also a major
conflict of interest for him to have participated in Pacifica's
negotiations with Democracy Now! because he is former
DN staff. Marty Durlin has had longer and more extensive
experience in community radio... [Continues to read statement
past time alloted despite protest by Allen that it 
was off-topic and request by chair to finish
etc. etc. some excitement and disruption]

_____, WPFW area elections committee
Needs to be consideration for elections expenses in Pacifica budget.

Eileen Carr, KPFA tresurer - supports not moving finance office yet.
Also concerned with elections and Free Speech Radio new funding.

Miguel Maldonado - Something is not quite clear in the financial
information being presented.

Gail Blaise - Wants to see all the budgets included salaries
made public [applause]

Wendy ____, KPFA - what about Jabari's suggestion of a national
development director?

Jonathon Markowitz -  asks about Garland Ganter's destroying
KPFT archives.
Wants to know details of severance packages.

David Fertig - the facts are not clear.

Deena Kolberg - what about the outreach coordinator item?

Bryant - in progress

_________ - we shouldn't give any money to the spy firm.
We should sue them for the materials they produced. It's an important
issue and Pacifica should take a stand.

Gregory Wonderwheel - 
- make a motion to stop referring to the stations as "units"
- should be a line item for the folios [applause]
- national office should be limited to 15% levy on the stations
- wants the info on the severance packages
- should make a budget from at least December 2001
 when iPNB took control

Bernie - supports restricting national's cut from
local station to 15%
Also has the board done fundraising?

David  Addelson  - listeners still feel a lack of clarity.
More informative programming needed [applause]

Bramson - cost of folio?

Valerie Van Isler, WBAI GM - $30,000 - $60,000

MOTION: To include folio as a line item on the
2003 budget
PASSES unanimously

Jabari - suggests getting the items together and having 
the finance committee research.

MOTION: To include elections budget as a line item on the
2003 budget
PASSES unanimously

MOTION: To include training coordinator as a line item on the
2003 budget
PASSES 9 - 3

MOTION: To include outreach coordinator as a line item on the
2003 budget

LaForest - has suggested that there need be a national outreach
coordinator and there needs to be more discussion and that
the motion be tabled.

Spooner - agrees with LaForest to table

Dave Fertig - agrees with LaForest to table.  A line item showing that
the board supports outreach is not needed.

Byant - We need to make a specific commitment to outreach.

Ferguson - In support. All line items needn't be funded.

Cagan - We're just trying to set some direction.

PASSES 9-2-1

Ferguson - about not using the word "unit" regarding
the stations

Cagan - Point taken [applause]

Motion to adjourn

Barry - Wants to address personnel issue.

Chair Cagan - Urges starting on time tomorrow.

Bramson - Makes a few announcements about cleaning up and leaving
the auditorium.


Roger Manning, NYC

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