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D.C DAILY REPORTS and Documents | D.C. iPNB meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting in Washington D.C

12-8-02: Sunday

Apologies for name misspellings.
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Directors present:
David Fertig, Carol Spooner, George Barnstone, Leslie Cagan, 
Ray LaForest, Jabari Zakiya,   Teresa Allen,
James Ferguson,  Dick Gregory

Not present: Charles Smith, Bert Lee, Pete Bramson, 
Janice K Bryant (ill),Marion Barry

Several board members leave during early afternoon
in order to travel.

Proposed Agenda:

9:00 am Personnel Committee Report 
9:30 am Station Reports 
(1) WPFW, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
(2) WBAI, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
(3) KPFK, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
(4) KPFA, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
(5) KPFT, general manager, LAB chair, community comment 
12:30 pm Lunch Break 
1:15 pm Archives ? report and proposal 
2:00 pm Any items carried over from earlier in the weekend. 
3:00 pm Adjourn Meeting 

Meeting convenes 9:15

Chair Cagan - A quorum is present. Thanks the stations and
websites. Goes over agenda

Personnel Committee Report

Fertig, committee chair - Thanks all the people who do the 
work at Pacicica and the listeners. Thanks Joyce Snowden 
and Melissa of human resources dept.
There are many issues to be deal with. Many should left
to the new elected board who will more accountable.

Guidelines and procedures for grievances
One case regarding severance pay for a general 
manager still pending.
Four cases pending regarding released staff.

Joyce Snowden, human resource dept. - reads report
Main categories of jobs: Administration, programming, 
3-4,000 volunteer at the stations.
Pacifica supplies employees with health insurance
and benefits as required by law.
85% of human resources time is taken up by employee relations.
Thanks Melissa, Robert West who helped with this iPNB meeting.
HR helps iPNB with all their meetings.
Since Jan, have hired 86 new staff and 63 
have left throughout Pacifica.
Reason that so much time is spent on employees
relations is because, though we claim to be promoters
of peace, there is much infighting etc.

We say we value diversity, but don't necessarily
practice it. We need to be more understanding
of each others diversity. There is distrust,
we can do better. Need to be less reactive and
defensive, less attitude and ego.

Due process is in existence at Pacifica despite
what many believe. Performance is evaluated. 
New hires have 6 months to get up to speed before
Process includes feedback. General Managers will be
The "me" attitude prevalent at the stations is
not what is best for the organization.
This doesn't work for Pacifica.
Affirmative action is for 

Valuing diversity awareness...
Recognizing uniqueness

Cagan - thanks Joyce... questions?

Spooner  - how many employees? A:160?
Wants copy of report - will be emailed

Robinson - is their any training models out there

Snowden - yes, when we get the money and time
will do a "road show" to train people around the

Susan Lee, WBAI - has never seen any of the processes
Joyce has described such as evaluation practiced
at WBAI . We do need processes. Please get processes
to us to help us function rather than dysfunction.

Zakiya - what would be the cost involved in
training orienting Pacifica management and employees
to Pacifica and it's history?

Snowden - agrees that at extensive orientation process
is needed, particularly with incoming management but
more of an investment in the human resources dept,
right now it's only her... enough work for a
whole dept. What we need to do, and what we can do
is not the same.

Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB - wants copies of Snowden report.
Would like a breakdown of the 169 employees. A: na today,
will be emailed out.
Something about creating jobs ...

Cagan - Snowden is interested in hearing from people

Spooner - hearing from Snowden that our internal strife
is costing alot of money which will impact on things
like programming

Fertig - Let's try make human resources department's
job easier

Zakiya - disagrees that Pacifica can't pay for HR.
The iPNB isn't planning well enough.
HR and the people problems Snowden describes should
be a main priority. We can fund this we really want to
just like alot of other things. It's up to the iPNB.

Cagan - agrees with Zabari, but money would need to come
from the stations

Robinson - alot of dereliction of the iPNB is due it's
to reluctance to raise money outside of listener contribution.
Fundraising and development needed.

Lasar statement on the FCC

Cagan - Reads Lasar statement

Spooner - moves to adopt Lasar statement

Zabari - if Pacifica is to be serious about this, we need
make a statement at the hearings.
Also, Pacifica needs to keep up on radio technology which
we in order to be more effective in these matters

Cagan - due to time, we can't get into the discussion of
these essential things right now. Suggest adding to the motion
that Pacifica national staff to get testimony at hearing.

Fertig - the iPNB should do the testimony because the 
the national staff. 
Zakiya agrees to organize testimony.

MOTION: To adopt Lasar statement and to 
testify at FCC hearing


iPNB Meeting planning

Cagan - Need to discuss this before iPNB members
have to leave today. Takes proposals for meeting schedule

Spooner - Proposes that the iPNB combine business and 
bylaws at special Feb. meeting planned yesterday

... discussion and sorting out of dates with regard
to tasks, costs etc ... plan is to schedule only as
far as April until we know when the bylaws will 

MOTION:to meet
Jan. 31 in L.A.
April 11 -13 NYC


Cagan - reads off names of directors present and voting
for the broadcast and webcast audience...
[see list  at top of this page]

Station reports

Cagan - asks the station managers to not read printed 
reports which the iPNB has in front of them, but 
just to go over essential items and
leave the "fluff" [thankyou]...
Thanks WPFW folks for all the work in setting this meeting
We are very to have the free be back

WPFW report

Tony Regusters,WPFW interim general manager - Reads report.

WPFW welcomes the meeting to the belly of the beast
Thanks the All Souls Church for housing the meeting.
WPFW has had special AIDs programming and has 
been part of AIDs activism.
Thanks WPFW listeners. Successful fund drives.
Successful fundraiser event with help from Gary Null
and Dick Gregory.
WPFW contributed $30,000 to Pacifica central
CPB grant $120,000
WPFW worked with LAB on "thanks for giving day"
of awareness event on thanksgiving.
Training program in effect with help from 
DC indymedia center, Ryme Khathouda - wbix... 40
listeners involved.
WPFW helped pass local resolution
WPFW followed Pacifica's day long coverage
of the big peace rally with 3 hour show.
"How the Idiots conquered the World"
Plans for new afternoon programs on union issues,
civil liberties etc.
Problems with transmitter have been partially
repaired, more work soon...
Thanks to WPFW listeners for the funds.
New "music and the message" logo and stationary etc.
WPFW's reputation for being Pacifica's "stepchild"
is partially true, prefers
The "child that stepped up."

Sam Husseini, KhaRabia Rayford WPFW LAB -
Rayford reads statement. Quotes Sam the that station still
is mostly music(Jazz)... this issue of main interest to
the LAB.
The LAB is doing well, and has some new members...
To help promote a balance between the music and
the mission, and increasing the listenership
LAB concerned with hiring policies and supports
that hiring policies be established to get 
mission oriented folks and avoiding cronyism.
Outreach major concern.
LAB suggest wpfw.org site be worked on 
by Pacifica webmaster.
Supports national outreach coordinator in order
to better expose programs.
WPFW native american program Nightwolf
is good. 
Reads a good WPFW flyer made by Rupert from 
WPFW reclaimed thanksgiving as a progressive holiday.
The writing and reading of youth essays was very effective.
Got  parents to listen to WPFW.
Supports expanding news outreach by doing some print
and coordinating public affairs to expand on the stories.
Top down organizing structure for proposed for
DC news bureau would be less effective.

Sam Husseini - thanks dc indymedia and wbix for helping with
the training. Urge the board to promote cross network
communications. Hopes that DC bylaws work will unutilized
in the elections model bylaws work.
Moslem community...
More transparency needed on programming issues.


Fertig - 

Spooner - wants details on programming council

Ron Pinchback, WPFW program director - programming council meets 
monthly. Looking to de-centralize process, make it
less top-down.

LaForest - what the LAB's plans for outreach expanding
listenership and getting them to the elections.

Regusters - wants to hire an outreach person, but can't yet

Rayford - outreach is multifaceted. Supports WPFW attending
and having more public events. WMNF Tampa is a great
example. Inside the station
Outreach to the youth through hip hop programming, which she
is working on. Need to get the listeners more 
involved in the work of the LAB and the station
Needs to be more support for local artists, produces a good
outreach result.

Pinchback - all of Rayford's suggestions will happen
at the station.

Barry - what was the process for putting the 3 new people
on the LAB? 

Husseni - 2 staff needed, diversity considered. Selected by
existing LAB

Barry - Were listeners alerted of open seats? A:no, Though meetings are
well announced

Barry - critical of the process not being open.

Cagan -  this why we're having elections, there should be
no more appointed seats.

Barry - congratulates pd Pinchback for a good job

Husseni - agrees, adds though programming is still mostly
music, the music is much more vital now.

Regusters - 

Barry - one hour is not enough

Husseni- agrees. The LAB bringing in indymedia brings a large
youth contingent

Allen - asks about timeline for getting news director

Regusters - hopefully by Feb. Working with LAB

Cagan - moves to WPFW community comment

Pinchback - Props to Ryme Khathouda for her work at WPFW

WPFW community comment

Paul Prinell - longtime supporter, Aids activist
- Been working with WPFW. Has had a great impact
on the DC community. Alot coming together
and organizing and bringing in of more people.
Supports making this more national. A good 
example of the power of Pacifica.

Brigsby Hubbard - longtime supporter. 
Bylaws work over the weekend resulting
in much agreement with KPFA model.

Ingrid Drake - First time listener sponsor
this year and wbix training. Very diverse
program, excited to be there.
Involved in youth work, wanted to connect
WPFW with youth.
Pacifica has an older crowd, but there's 
a lot of intense youth activism in the 
country right now and some youthful music programming
is the way to get people listening 
and hear  the news show
Regusters -  makes a joke and agrees

Tom Gomez, works with wbix - we ignore alot of 
the local activism in favor of more national
activism - gives examples...
This applies to the hiring process as well.
Lets' cover local peoples issues more.

Hakim ___, training program - Pacifica needs to do more
outreach to the Moslem community. Appreciates what's going
on at Pacifica.

Joanie Eisenberg, Heal DC radio show - agrees about
outreach and letting what we are doing be seen.
Props to Nap Turner WPFW pioneer, a good example

Josh Chaffin, in training program - thanks to Ryme and
WPFW staff...
Reads statement from Free Speech Radio news.
FSRN wants to be more involved in DC and other
listenering areas ...
.. FSRN expects to be the national news source
for Pacifica
FSRN supports more training and diversity...

Matthew Bradley, DC indymedia - thanks to Ryme's training program
he has been able to contribute to indymedia and 
Peace watch.
Strongly supports that coming DC news department is not 
organized top-down but organized more like indymedia

Allen Barish, WPFW LaB - from Maryland. Inspired by
WPFW/Pacifica. Responsible for getting his poetry on the
air. Calls for better meeting time for WPFW LAB.
Meetings need to more accessibly planned. It's worth it.

______, Caribbean community appreciates WPFW. Mentions programs.

Ryme Khathouda, wbix - Thanks WPFW for being so welcoming and 
cooperative. Much great relationships have developed.
Following the concepts of the constituency model, 
she has been reaching out and bringing people into training.
We also need to nurture WPFW as we be leaning on them 
more to handle the events out of D.C.
Also, there are local D.C. issues that 
are national programming

Jim Brown, WPFW LAB - important to think of our youth - the source
for future mission savy listeners and programmers, thanks
WPFW for work so far.

Don Smith, Black voices for peace, WPFW - 
when he announced that WPFW and Pacifica at the 
big peace rally the crowd roared...
because we are doing something right.
Let's remember this.
The right wing have an agenda, we need to permeate
our programming with the message of peace.
Was one of the people that stopped listening
to WPFW. The new programming is
bringing people back. It would good promotion
to play the supportive phone messages on the air.
Thanks WPFW management.

The WBAI report

Van Isler - Points out faces painted in mural on wall
overlooking the long table at which the iPNB are seated.
Quotes Martin L. King about speaking out.
Reads statement.
WBAI came back from extreme circumstances this past year.
Record fund drives.[applause]
Props to PD Bernard White, staff, national
office and listeners for making the reformed
WBAI possible.
40% increase in listener-sponsors 
Personnel and union issues being worked on.
Has hired temp and interim staff, hopes new 
GM can work to make those posts permanent.  
33 paid, 100 unpaid staff.
50% staff are people of color, 29% female.
There will the first unpaid staff union
representation at Pacifica[applause]
Diverse staff, needs to improve.
Programming changes made in the summer.
Digital and youth training has been
Democracy Now! raised 250,000 for WBAI,
Wake up call 176,000 for the fall drive.
DN is worth it's cost.
Proposes a national special program
for Pacifica's anniversary.
WBAI held up fundraising drive
for congressional war hearings and
was instrumental in peace rally converge.
Many positive things happening.
Thanks participation in bylaws process
Asks national board to continue its' work
and guidance.
Because of all the good work WBAI is much
safer now to support the mission
Pacifica has a mandate in these 
dangerous times to be the voice for peace.
Let us break though the silence and bring it
on home...
[standing ovation for out going 
WBAI general manager]

Cagan - 

Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB chair - Welcomes and 
pledges support new WBAI gm Don Rojas and gives
props to Van Isler's service.
The WBAI LAB supports the constituency model and
though it is now not supported in the process, 
there are some aspects of it that are still relevant
such as grandparenting.
Describes the gm manager selection search committee
which had a diverse makeup. There were about 50 
candidates who submitted resumes.  Composition of that 
committee included 6 or 7 different listener groups as 
well as LAB members.  About 9 interviews, 4-5 chosen, 
3 selected and records checked, and decided 2 were further 
checked, and 2 were recommended, Don Rojas recommended. 
Thanks Chair Cagan for helping out with the WBAI
bylaws work by coming to NY bylaws meetings.

Cagan - thanks. questions?

LaForest - thanks to Van Isler for her work. Ask about 
about status of constantly needed equipment repairs etc

Van Isler - there has been work, but the engineer who does repairs
is only part time

LaForest - asks about the large expense of premiums and fundraising?

Van Isler - a 10 to 1 a rule as to cost, a lot of left over
cost and problems from previous hijacker year.

LaForest - Thanks for your outreach work...Ask Maldanado about
his thoughts on outreach

Maldanado - first we need to come together more in our WBAI 
community. The outreach needs to become more 

LaForest - do you support hiring an outreach coordinator?

Van Isler - has budgeted an outreach person and a training process.
Very important.

WBAI community comment

Fred Nyguen, WBAI "unity caucus" - Looking at the line
of people from the WBAI area waiting he sees that they
are mostly from the "elections committee" [laughter]
and since he is pretty much the only one in line 
representing the "unity caucus", which is opposition, 
he grants himself extra time to speak.
The WBAI LAB in favor of the constituency model. 
He is opposed to uniformity [in elections
procedures for the 5 Pacifica stations] 
because it is not unity. Supports autonomy.
This about inclusion, and this must be
understood. The KPFA model is a corporate model.
The LAB is against that there should be a prohibition against
on-air staff on national board.
That outreach is done on the air is a myth, have to go
out into the community.

Patty Heffley - looks forward to new management at WBAI.
The lack of the 
Supports leaving the union finalization of union contract
for the incoming station manager.
Thanks the iPNB for it's work on the byalws.

Howard Brandstein - talking about constituency model vs others.
Discusses his Proposal
for 3 at large members
being elected by the total listener subscribers
across the network, thus cutting the federation
type model that will instill local vs network 
focus. More difficult to resolve conflict on nat'l 
board with local focus. we cannot fuse this network 
without direct elections from the national at large members.

Paul Surovell - "I am not, nor have I been a member
of the elections committee"... [loud laughter]
Is starting a grassroots membership campaign for teachers.
Has fliers, etc. please contact him. 
Selling peoples' radio buttons for funds. 
Honors Valerie Van Isler's  
unwavering support to progressive programming,
her work in Pacifica campaign. She is a beacon 
for free speech. Thanks.

Roger Manning - not a member of the elections committee nor a member of
cdpny who's website he maintains, wbai.net. There are [these]
badly typed up meeting notes there. Asks people to email documents
they've presented at this meeting to 
Very inspired by Joyce Snowden's comments.
Suggests using his approach to dealing 
with each other in the Pacifica community;
came into things determined not to dislike anyone.
Though sometimes questioning a few people's 
motives [laughter], appreciates everyone's work. 
Everyone cares.

Cagan -  thanks him for work on wbai.net - everyone cheers

Steve Brown- Endorses paul's commendation of valerie
Thanks the iPNB for taking the beatings of everyone.
re: the Democracy now income and contract.
this contract makes the money raised from it
30-40% less. Hopes the review committee will 
do the right thing. 

Carolyn Birden - recovering member of the elections
committee and member of cdpny.
Wants a document for employment and budget,
transparency in hiring.
Outreach needs to be done on the air.
Petitions that have been signed should be
public. prisoners, etc. What have they been 
promised? Last night's meeting of the 
3 K labs included non lab people who are 
not interested in supporting the kpfa model.
Please advertise the meetings for bylaws 
revision if they are open to people that 
are not LAB members.

Cagan - maybe there can be a report on last
night's LAB meeting after the station reports.
Jim Dingemann - Asks why Valerie van isler broke the union at
wbai. for the interest of history, what happened?
re: constituency model vs. kpfa model
checks and balances.
Weekly report from the listeners.
Free space for policy discussion.
This kind of programming may of prevented
the takeover of Pacifica.
Go to grassroots, program councils with listeners.
Training needs to much more open. 
History, who did what and where is important. 

James Bryant - on matter of petitions, lots of petitions going around
has carried petitions to youth. has experienced ageism.
has felt this. Re: Miguel and Valerie, thanks.
has found a hotbed of active youth: college campuses
wants feedback.

Andrea Fishmann -  doesn't know if she should 
admit if she was a member of 
the elections committee.
She started in 1996. Has been told that the station
staff doesn't know what's going on and there are
new people as well.
The station staff should be aware of the importance
of the responsibility to this public trust.
Knows of at least 2 instances of programming 
sanctions against programmers who tried to bring 
this information to the air. There are programmers afraid 
to bring these issues to the air: invokes discussion of 
the gag rule at WBAI.  There is a duty to discuss this on the air.   
Other efforts to curtail freedom of speech has been 
observed by her. Real talk about the gag rule and freedom
of speech needed.

Eve Moser - Has questions about the bylaws: when to have input.
(bylaws subcommittees and labs should meet and discuss details)
asks Valerie for budget for elections. A: up to 15K
national handling of elections? 

Barry - question about who's involved with 
A: executive director will be involved

Barry - commends Van Isler

Cagan - running short on time 

very short break

Cagan - urges the diversity committees through out
Pacifica to address gender issues

Spooner - we did add gender, it should be the document
and committees titles

Very brief Report on last nights LAB bylaws LAB meeting

Deb Shafto, KPFT LAB - meeting went well and long . They made up 
A list of 15 items to take back to their LABs for discussion.
[doesn't read list]

KPFT station report

Duane Bradley, KPFT gm -  Thanks to WPFW for organizing this 
weekends meeting.
Report is brief and will be posted on KPFT.org...
Record fund raising.
1800 new members which regains number listener-sponsors
lost during this year's changeover.
New business manager working very well.
Collective news department working well
Have brought in Monica from Free Speech radio
news which has been great.
New digital work station.
Working on moving peace watch to prime 
time slot soon [applause]
Will be opening more prime time
schedule for this other important programming
by moving currents programs to slots earlier
in the day.
The relation between the affiliates and Pacifica
stations needs to evolve. KPFT is looking at 
bringing programming from more stations.
Have come a long way with improving diversity
at KPFT and there's much more to do.
Bringing back diverse programming and 
community connections that were eliminated in the
past. Disabled access to the station
is in progress.
Props to Jon, Chris and Otis of kpftx.org
for streaming these meetings 

That have been hearings in Houston
regarding a code of conduct. 
He is one of the people concerned that
listener money is being used in the effort
to bring peace at the station, but
feels that there is healing occurring,
that it's been valuable.
Ombuds will be delivering results
on the hearing tomorrow. Code of conduct 
has been modified as a result.
Very optimistic about Pacifica's 
future in Houston.

Spooner - how is Flashpoints
received in Houston

Bradley - Flashpoints is doing well at KPFT - top 5
fundraising. Sometimes have had to remind Burnstein
that Houston is listening when making events
announcements. Now Flashpoints occasionally announces
Houston stuff

Deb Shafto , KPFT LAB chair - short report - things are
going very well.
...New committee to promote diversity
Thankyou to Dan Coughlin and Cagan for 
emailing comments regarding the harsh
on-line fighting in Houston. It's helped.

LaForest - thankyou
Concerned that the KPFT LAB voted not to have
any diversity requirements. Asks how important
this and outreach are to the KPFT LAB.

Bradley - Outreach will require more that hiring 
a person. Needs to be town hall meetings etc.

Shafto - The LAB voted against quotas not because
they are not concerned with diversity but that
the quotas will cause serious problems.
The LAB has alternative plan for outreach.

LaForest - what is this?

Shafto - That national has a committee to insure 
diversity is done. There has been very strong
outreach efforts in Houston.

LaForest - continues to ask questions... 

Zakiya - when does the mandated bylaws programming
air on KPFT? A:sunday evening 
In one 2 hour chunk?A: yes, they'd tried other ways, 
but this have proved to work best
When could KPFT complete a programming assessment?
A: soon
What is the current project listener base?
A: 4 million people in Houston
What are ways to draw Houston listeners?
A: looking into donated billboard space
amongst other gorilla approaches.
Individuals at the station are a good 
way to help with inexpensive creative

Allen - Ray Hill and the KPFT prison show
was just featured in Mother Jones magazine.

KPFK station report

Eva Georgia, KPFK general Manager - 
Props to Muslim listeners in KPFK land...
Successful fundraising combining air and
Ongoing problem with interference with
Mexican radio transmission. K___ has ceased
to broadcast on the signal so as not
to be interference. Thanks K___ for
their cooperation on this matter.
Success with outreach using peace video.
Success with hiphop/poetry event.
Great thanksgiving programming, thanks
to native american programmers.

Airing peacewatch during drivetime
despite resistance at the station.
Too important not to.
There has been a successful retreat
aiming to deal with internal conflicts.
A woman who had competed
with Gerogia for gm position is now 
the new development director.
Thanks to producers for picking up the slack
in the absence of a program director.
Thanks to all...
Also, a major contributor is sponsoring
project of sending media team to Iraq.

Kwazi Nkrumah, KPFK LAB co-chair -
Many local activists who had stopped listening
because of lack of useful programming and alienation
with the staff/management are coming back...
Most of these changes have taken place during
difficult internal struggles within the KPFK
community and structure - Longstanding racial issues
amongst them. The public is watching. We are products
of the culture we are out to change. He has considered quitting,
it's been serious enough. We need to prioritize 
resolving this issue internally for us to more effective in
the community at large. Our internal contradictions 
scare us. We can set example for people, to show them that
they have the power to overcome these problems internally
and otherwise. Very heartened by the genuine commitment
and effort to struggle with these issues.
Brothers and sisters be strong...is optimistic...

Cagan - thanks, questions

LaForest - remembers to thank Van Isler.. question about
KPFK member figures and about outreach

Georgia - better transmitter signal and lower subscription

Ferig - very proud of KPFK

Georgia - has gotten agreement from all the station managers
to work on a national show on racism

KPFA station report

Jim Bennet,KPFA gm - Suggestions for a different approach to 
scheduling station reports at future 
meetings - moving to Friday nights so as to reach as many
iPNB board meetings. Suggests that there be a fundraiser held for 
each board meeting in that city prior to the meeting to help
with meeting expenses....
Will post report on kpfa.org
Last fundraiser was the biggest ever.
Record 28,000 subscribers
The People are tuning away from other public stations
because they see something is happening at KPFA.
The way you get young people involved is to connect
to the mission and listen to what they want.
Important to listen to what they have
have to offer. Has to be more that just talk
comment to attract youth, music etc.

[WBAI listener personality Monroe has entered
the meeting and is distributing a document
to the iPNB]

Hard Knock radio [ hip hop show ] at KPFA a good example
of what works for youth.
Training is a very important way for outreach.
Important to address how to integrate people
into the station after training. Important to 
see that it's sustained.
Important that the training program doesn't
turn into a source of cheap labor.

Susan DeSilva, KPFA LAB chair - written report 
will be handed out later.
Much thanks to KPFA listeners for great support
Very active LAB.
8 of 22 LAB members are staff, but no divisions
are apparent.
Meetings include report from programming council.
Goes over details regarding various committees.
Have had a LAB show on KPFA during the Living Room
program slot temporarily. Reads proposal for 
a weekly LAB show.
There is a problem with lack of 
trust between groups in the KPFA community.
It's helped to have staff on the LAB and that
LAB members are welcome at staff meetings.
Program council work has been very contentious
but atleast they have a PC.
Democracy is sometimes messy and difficult but
worth it. 

Mary Berg, KPFA - Staff grievance assessment is in progress.
Yes, the programming council has had a tough time due to
personal issues but much progress is being made.
Supports including staff on committees, boards - very
helpful in building trust etc. It has helped.
Urges that everyone has a seat at the table, everyone

Willie Ratcliff, KPFA Lab personnel committee - committee
is working very hard to come out with fair policy.
Thanks Jim Benett and DeSilva. Things have much improved 
between the different segments of the KPFA community has
got to know each other and develop trust.
Thanks everybody.

Kahlil Jacobs Fantauzzi, KPFA LAB - Conscious music 
and content is what works for youth and others.
Supports this kind of programming
at all the stations. Thanks show for setting a great 
example. Urges solid outreach work with elections
that will assure real diversity, not artificial approaches

DeSilva - outreach

Spooner - agrees with Bennet
We're for solidarity not unity, let's support each other.

LaForest - question about outreach director and training

Benett - Training has been mostly by volunteers.

LaForest - how do you see doing outreach better than
in the past during election.

Bennet - The LAB runs the elections...

DeSilva - KPFA elected a very diverse board and continue
it's outreach.

LaForest - Jokes: by the way, you don't see Bob Lederer
[of WBAI "unity caucus"] coming up to whisper instructions
[as it was complained that he did a the recent 
iPNB meeting in Houston] to me because he wrote the 
questions down this time so that I could read them as
you may of noticed that I've been doing.

Pacifica Archives Report

Brian Deshaser, Pacifica Archives [ www.pacificaarchives.org ] - 
Points out that the iPNB is sitting frount of 
a terrific mural of major civil rights figures
who voices are all in the Pacifica archives.
Funny story about when recording "sorry wrong
number" at KPFK recently, a station staffer interpreted
the bloody scream from the performance as being 
just the sounds of another iPNB meeting was 
being conducted

Appreciates the support of the iPNB for the 
the support of the archives initiated this year.
Things are finally moving out crisis mode
and going forward.

$170,000 raised in recent day of national
broadcast for the archives

Proud to part of list of peace organizations
on the web.

Archives Website has been very helpful in
fundraising and distribution.
[ www.pacificaarchives.org ]

Connecting with educational institutions.
The press is responding to publicity
and outreach efforts, largely due to 
the Pacifica archives
significance and importance.
He is very daunted and grateful to be
a part of the effort.
Supports creative aspect of broadcasting
at Pacifica and reminds People that
before television, radio was the
medium, and very powerful.

Reads supportive comments received
through the archives website.
Extremely grateful for the national
day of broadcast for the archives...
The classic programs at the archives
are an important resource. 
Asks that an archives committee be set
up to help with collection development
[gathering audio from the stations]
amongst other things.

[Monroe, WBAI area special character - standing 
up in the room  at the public comment mike offers his
tape collection of WBAI programs....]

End of archive report.

Cagan - props to hard working archives staff.
Agrees with idea of archives committee.
[Spooner will help organize this.]
$Millions will eventually be needed to
complete work on the archives.

Zabari - has a separate building to properly
operate the archives been considered?

Deshaser - envisions eventually establishing
a Pacifica library... 

Cagan - we're done..

Monroe demands to speak to the iPNB and the Pacifica radio 
audience - rants raves a bit... some mayhem...

Cagan - we're going to end this meeting with a song...

people crowd around Monroe by the public comment mike
and start singing "woke up this morning with freedom on my mind..."
gospel style.. and chanting "the people united will never be defeated" 
en Español

meeting adjourned 3:08 pm

Note taker comment:

Meeting ends on a very up note
with archives report and 
song etc. A lot was offered today
and throughout the weekend to
inspire optimism dispute the 
great deal of work ahead at Pacifica
and the stations. I am personally
optimistic as well. The bylaws
issue of elections may actually
be moving forward, more mission
based programming is coming on
across the network, all kinds
of stuff...
And more people are getting along
within the local station communities
- if one is to believe the reports.
In any case, Pacifica has come a very
long way in this past year. It's
miraculous actually. Look at the articles
dated a year ago in the archives section
of wbai.net to confirm this.

We met in a gym today. People are playing
basketball now...I will end up uploading
these notes and joining them.

Roger Manning, NYC

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