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L.A. DAILY REPORTS and Documents | L.A. iPNB meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting in Los Angeles

3-7-03: Friday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Directors present:
David Fertig, Carol Spooner, George Barnstone, 
Leslie Cagan, 
Teresa Allen, Charles Smith,   
Dick Gregory(late),  
Robbie Robinson, Janice K Bryant 
Jabari Zakiya(late)

Not present (various directors will be late):
Ray LaForest,  James Ferguson, Bert Lee, Pete Bramson, Marion Barry

Proposed Agenda:
Friday, March 7th
4:00 pm: Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda
4:15 pm: Report from Board Chair
4:30 pm: Report from Executive Director,(training programs move here) with Qamp;A
5:15 pm: Personnel Committee report and action on proposals (moved to Sat.)
6:15 pm: short break
6:30 pm: Community Comment
9:00 pm: Adjourn for the evening

Meeting convenes 4:25pm  

Chair Cagan - Has David Moore, Liam Kirshner and David Fertig open up meeting with 
a song: "Come Back Baby" or the "Dialog Blues"


Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda

Chair Cagan - Reorganizes agenda... Cagan will not be able to be here
Sunday, therefore various items normally included at iPNB meetings 
will not fit in and Sunday will be committee meetings.

Barnstone - feels that since the bylaws are the primary purpose of this
meeting, he moves that the vote for the bylaws be on Sunday so there can 
be the most discussion possible

MOTION: bylaws vote moved to Sun

No second

MOTION: to adopt agenda

6 for
1 oppose

Cagan and Fertig give props to the organizers of the 
L.A. meeting


Report from Board Chair

Cagan - points out that it's one year since the last iPNB meeting
in L.A. which where the bylaws revision process began.
It's been a long involved process. People have done alot of work.
We're getting closer to the conclusion of the process.
This will be a remarkable achievement that will result for the fist
time at Pacifica, and maybe even in the country, a structure 
that involves the membership being involved in the governance.
It's an amazing story, with regard to all the work we've done
and the reclaiming and revitalizing the network,  particularly 
for the purpose of serving the country's peace movement in these dire 
times. That our membership grows so much in these times proves that
we're on the right track.
There really IS a  [peace and justice] movement happening in 
the country at this time.
A case in point is the Feb.15th, 2003 when the rally organizers put 
instructions to tune into WBAI on hundreds of thousands of fliers 
and there were radios everywhere thoughout the crowd.

Report from Executive Director

Dan Coughlin - Thanks the Pacifica and KPFK staff for pulling this meeting

Introduces Lonnie Hicks, new Chief Financial officer 

Hands out financial and general manager reports to iPNB to 
read for tomorrow's discussion.

Valerie Van Isler, Pacifica Director of Administrative Operations -  Reports: 
Congratulates stations for successful.
Gives a diversity report. Jokes about the "3 white guys 
singing a blues song" earlier [laughter].
Gives network wide statistics. Pacifica is very diverse.
WPFW does the best of the stations.
Recommends changing the way the stations do programming 
Diversity is our strength. We are coming back, but let's 
not go back to the old non-diverse Pacifica [the earlier years]

Dan Coughlin - A skilled, diverse pool of people must 
a key factor in the developing Pacifica. There a good 
examples of how to do this from within Pacifica.

Introduces Norman Gile from KPFA apprenticeship program who gives 
a presentation with slide show:

Norman Jayo, KPFA apprenticeship program -   
[does presentation using nicely animated slideshow projected
on a screen]
Gives some history about "minority" involvement at KPFA  
going back to the 60's. A difficult struggle. First fired, and 
last hired. Victims of the gag rule. Resisted by Public radio and Pacifica.
The apprentice program came up with different ways of presenting news. 
For 33 years, people of color have been struggling to achieve equity at Pacifica.
Very difficult to obtain airtime. Have been give excuses of technical shortcomings.
The apprenticeship program strove to create qualified people.

Pacifica has to, by mission, offer equity.
Diversity is more than just numbers...
There should be more outreach...
This iPNB meeting should be filled with people.
[the conference room is around half full]

The apprenticeship program was an act of self determination.
An aim to serve as well as receive from the station/community,
that there be an exchange.
Important that the people are trained well and are skilled.
Doing all this properly takes a lot of time.

People need to come to the station with the intent to serve
the community/station, not to become part of the cult of 
the programmer.[applause]

Bringing generation after generation of new people in 
strengthens the program and the station. The earlier 
people become the trainers of the later people. The
generations provide support for one another.

3 phases: incoming people, medium time people, elderly...
A culture evolves, which is a powerful thing.

Amelia Gonzalez, a graduate of the program and now the
- speaks about the apprenticeship program during
the "crisis" [around 1999] period. The program and 
the connection of generations of the program's groups
were disrupted.
Still had to overcome Pacifica's resistance to diversity and 
had continued difficulty with placing. 
Had to adopt the apprenticeship program to the current situation 
and this weakened the program.
Having previous generations in the station is important.

The apprenticeship program has to rely on outreach and 
community involvement. A new group every 6 months.

Apprenticeship = equity, new producers and programs, diversity.
People in the programs are from the communities and therefore 
representative. Have stories, cultures, traditions, events.

Gives rundown of participants ethnic makeup. More work needed
in some communities.
200 have participated. 72 have gone on to paid involvement in 

[ Statistics for KPFA apprenticeship program ]

Tarabu Betserai - Long time Pacifica involvement. KPFK GM 86 - 89.
The apprenticeship program aims:
- to increase the access to Pacifica for
people from underrepresented groups
- to teach technology
- to better represent the constituencies of the community

There will extensive program evaluation by people from the 
various levels of Pacifica community.
Gives details of evaluation process...

Norman Jayo - summarizes... we need to find room for people
at Pacifica. We need to move forward with the technology, the
web etc. What will the role of the apprenticeship be?

Thanks Janice K. Bryant for bringing attention 
to the apprenticeship program and getting the executive
director to investigate.

Jayo - Hopeful for he future.

Questions from the iPNB:

Spooner - The program has existed over  what period of time?
A: 17years.

Smith - is the apprenticeship program documented, can it
be passed along to other stations?
A: it's getting there.

Coughlin - there's work to be done before Pacifica could adopt
the apprenticeship program. Part of this involves determining
the new technological approaches at Pacifica.

Cagan - 

Susan DeSilva, KPFA LAB - supports having the apprenticeship program 
include stuff about the evolving Pacifica, encourages getting the 
people to serve on boards etc., which is another way to serve.

Robinson - it's not enough to simply have someone be from a 
targeted community. They need be able to speak to that community.
How will this be more that just numbers?

Norman Jayo - there things that have be done for the stations/Pacifca
to see these people, that they exist...

Robinson - we have to make diversity part of Pacifica's culture 
[beyond numbers] How do we make this happen?

Jayo - You have to share power.
We have to rise above the programming struggles which are causing
alot damage...
Share the time, share the power, share the dream...

Cagan - yes, but the programming time struggle is real, and
some programmers are going need to practice as they preach with 
regard to diversity ect and step aside to make room for others.

Jayo - there are good people whose programming is in the
way, but there shouldn't be any lifetime quarantees.

Fertig - The microphone is addictive. People who have 
been on air for a long time should become part of
passing along knowledge 
Where does the funding for the apprenticeship program come from? 
A: underfunded. Some state funds.
A need for Pacifica to invest more in apprenticeship.

Spooner - Supports revisiting the issue of "stip programming"
which was brought in during the hijacker national board.
Doesn't seem to have been a good thing.
Re: apprenticeship program - supports the generational aspect...

Bryant - Talks about how she learned about the apprenticeship program.
She was inspired by seeing youth at KPFA when she visited.
Re: affirmative action, you can't legislate how people think, but 
you can legislate how the have to act. Is not forever, but until things
are straightened out.

Adrienne Lauby , Free Speech Radio News - asks about apprenticeship 
program stats of people who went on to actual jobs...

Mary Berg, KPFA - great presentation. Concerned with Pacifica getting 
into new technologies that people without money cannot access.
Supports getting into micropower radio. Shortage of airtime a big

_______ - There needs to real diversity requirements in the bylaws
in order for Pacifica to change.

Dan Coughlin - wraps up training program presentation. Thanks etc...

6:15 brief break

6:35 meeting reconvenes

Community Comment

Roger Manning, wbai.net - Has been to every iPNB meeting taking notes
and appreciates the efforts and hard work. Supports the passing of the 
bylaws at this weekend's meeting.

Ted Friedman, KPFA - Reads CDP statement
[Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - the 
people responsible for the KPFA elections ] 
supporting the passing the bylaws .
On to elections, start the process of inclusion.

Mary Burke, KPFA area - urges the board to pass the 
bylaws and to publicly commit to the at least 50%
diversity requirements of the KPFA model.

Ed Pearl, KPFK - Any part of these bylaws can be amended
easy enough. There's no reason to not pass the bylaws.

Raphael Renteria, KPFK - Alot of people in the 
Pacifica community consider it a very bitter pill to 
swallow - [the proposed bylaws with other stronger
affirmative action language] Los Angeles is 50%
Spanish speaking, and yet there is only 3 hours 
of  hours a week dedicated. Talks about shortcomings 
with regard to diversity of programming around Pacifica.

Marion Borenstein, WBAI LAB - supports only passing the
bylaws only item by item.
Feels that some members of the board doesn't understands
the importance of what the constituency model 
represents. There needs to be proper representation.
Expects to hear the iPNB go over bylaws item by item...

Sherna Gluck, KPFK - The current biracial (black/white) 
makeup is serious issue. Need real diversity(gender as well)
She agrees with people that these bylaws are terrible,
[laughter]but feels that they should be approved.
We need to get an elected board in place and then resume
the evolution of Pacifica and the bylaws.

Steve Brown, WBAI area - Commend appointed iPNB working so hard
on setting up the situation to replace themselves. We need to 
approve the bylaws and stabilize the foundation and move forward.

Dina Kolberg, WBAI, affiliates committee - Affiliates wanted to be here, but
have had to send letters.

Bob Lederer, WBAI - Refers to sharing power issue referred to in 
the apprenticeship program presentation. We need to work out a 
solid affirmative action policy that doesn't threaten Pacifica

Ted Wiesgal, KPFT - the current bylaws draft a vast improvement
over the previous draft.
Points out remaining weaknesses in the language.
No mention of vice-chair's duties...

Mark Hernandez, KPFK LAB - The bylaws looks like it was
written by a committee.[laughter]
Alot of it stinks. Particularly regarding the affiliates.
But they are better than nothing and need to be passed.
There are threats to Pacifica. We need to get back
to focusing on the work of the foundation etc...

Cerene Roberts, WBAI - Doesn't question that 
board members support affirmative action, but questions
their courage. The bylaws are not adequate. Pacifica 
needs to make a stand...

Muntu Matsimela, WBAI - Asks about what happens if the bylaws
are not passed? how is some judge who does know anything about 
Pacifica going to rewrite our bylaws?

Fertig, Spooner clarifies: we go back into court, litigation resumes...

Susan DeSilva, KPFA - Adds her name to the CDP statement.

It's encouraging that 4 of 5 LABs attended the elections 
meeting held earlier today by David Greene.

David Moore, Montana [Pacifica founder Lew Hill's son] 
- Grateful for everyone's long efforts 
on the bylaws. Pacifica has been hampered for 50 years
by it's internal strife. Hopes for a sense of solidarity
to come out around the result of this weekend's decisions.
There should be time for further development.

Harrison - Speaks against centralization at Pacifica.
Reads statement... He wants the LABs to have elections
now, but without approving these bylaws. Reads list 
of what he considers to flaws in this draft...
Most of all we need diversity and local control...

Adrienne Lauby - Ask board to pass the bylaws. Urges people 
connect with people they disagree with this weekend, have 
dialog. Asks that the rest of her 2 minutes be used for 
a moment of silence for [?]...

[room is quiet, then laughter]

Naomi, KPFK - Blames KPFK management for low local turnout
at this iPNB meeting, that it's intentional... 
Feels that Fertig doesn't prop

Howard , KPFK area - Thanks iPNB for their work. Plugs anti-war
KPFK t-shirts. The bylaws are not what the KPFK LAB wanted.
KPFK LAB is still discussion in issues like 
what does it mean to delay elections and keep unelected people
in position?

Leslie Radford, KPFK - The core of democracy is diversity...
reads statement. Disapproves of current process, bylaws etc.
There is movement around the country regarding diversity.
Supports delaying vote on bylaws until strongest possible 
policy is developed.

Arturo, KPFK area Colectivo de Radio,  - Presents/reads letter to iPNB. From Spanish speaking
community. There is severe lack of Spanish speaking programming on KPFK.
92% English speaking programming...
Supports end of programming freeze and initiation of new programming 
that involves the communities...


Lydia Brazon, KPFK LAB - Strongly supports affirmative action and
diversity, but doesn't feel that they can be in the bylaws now...
There much that can be, and should be done.
Supports inviting civil rights organizations to help us to
develop Pacifica

_____, KPFK area - We are not going to get any further with the bylaws with 
the current board. We need to approve these bylaws and then move forward
and developing the bylaws further with the new board. She has problems 
with the bylaws, but feels this is the best approach.

Fernando Velàzquez, KPFK area - L.A. is like a Latino South Africa...
Programming time is very tight at KPFK and no-one wants to give up
airtime, newcomers are considered enemies... Keep the programmers that
are there now, but "share the pie" shorten some shows and get more people 
on the air. We need real action. Real outreach....

________, KPFK - Concerned that there items in the current bylaws draft.
Supports one year PNB terms, mandated airtime for elections, listener approval of
bylaws changes, more transparency, bylaws convention sooner than 3 years.

[...brief break for tech reasons]

Fertig - announces reception for after tonight's meeting

Michael Pimental, KPFT LAB - Was admonished for using swear words
at Houston bylaws meeting. Speaks against Pacifica using funds
on coming up with a "code of conduct" and deciplining him.
Supports a personnel manager

Billy , KPFK - Though Pacifica is progressive, the attendance of 
tonight's meeting doesn't illustrate that. (mostly white people)
There is hypocrisy in the KPFK area. Let's empower people and put 
them on the air, and then they will come to these meetings.

Hugh Stegman, KPFK area - Supports passing the bylaws and moving 
forward with improving them.

Myla Reson, KPFK area - Has problems with bylaws draft, but supports
passing the bylaws.

Margalo Ashley, KPFK area, lawyer - Concerned that the latest 
drafts are less democratic that previous drafts. That the current 
attorney is relying heavily on the corporate model. Sites various items
- Article 3 , Section 11 proxy voting... other weakening of democratic rights.
Supports voting item by item...

Nancy Lawrence, Peace and Freedom party - We live in very dangerous
times... against a top down model. We need more bi-lingual programs.

Carl Gunther, KPFK area - We cannot rely on amendment process to remedy 
these bylaws because the amendment provisions in these bylaws
are also flawed. Goes into detail...
Supports item by item vote.

Nalini Lasiewicz, KPFK area - Disturbed by the urging to pass the bylaws and
fix them later... Concerned that we're losing local creative control.
...electing the local boards is not enough...should be electing the
national board as well.

David Greene, KPFA elections coordinator - Asks for hands as to people who 
have voted in a proportional representation election? [not many]

Willy Radcliff, KPFA LAB - Concerned with changes in the bylaws over the 
last 6 weeks...we need to make sure that diversity is in the bylaws...
there needs to be real representation in the bylaws. The real issue is 
local control over  programming. Local power is needed in order 
solve the problems. Only white people support passing these bylaws,
looking for the easy way out.
Supports item by item vote. [Passionately] against these bylaws.

Anel, KPFT - Appreciates the work that iPNB has done on bylaws.
Concerned with local control over programming.
Concerned with committee of inclusion. Supports point by point 
review of bylaws. We need to be an example for the world.

Cagan - 

Ryme Khathouda, WBIX - It is artificial urgency to focusing on these
bylaws when there is a very important anti-war movement...
if we can't work on our racism problems, how can 

Frank Schweitzer, - we aren't going to be able to get 

John Wenger, KPFK area - Bylaws are very flawed, we need to get them right.
Supports elections before bylaws revision. Calls on KPFK general manager.
We can have diversity through outreach. 
A solid bylaws convention policy will solve many problems.

Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB chair - Speaking for himself...
People are talking about power sharing, but many 
people don't understand that having power doesn't mean excluding other
groups...elected station boards will more truly represent people,
we need elections

Stan Woods, KPFA LAB - Would like to see the bylaws passed but 
is very concerned with the lack of empowerment of the local boards
in the current draft. Would like to see more clarity on where people 
in the diversity debate actually stand on other political issues.

Eve Moser, WBAI area - Very torn about the current bylaws draft, 
understands the desire to delay, but 

Loyd, KPFK area, Pacifica Accountability Committee - 
The PAC bylaws are far superior than the
current draft which "sucks". The PAC 

Carolyn Birden, WBAI area - The bylaws draft has deteriorated, is 
concerned, but the alternative is of not having the bylaws is place
is worse...

Mark Hernandez - Reads Gregory Wonderwheel(KPFA area)statement supporting 
proportional representation elections; a revolutionary action
in this country...

Errol Maitland, WBAI, WBIX - gives brief history of his long 
involvement with Pacifica and it's struggles... Speaks out 
against the new AFTRA contract just signed at WBAI with an anti-strike
clause... he will fight on until things are right at Pacifica.
Considers the iPNB to be in step with George Bush

Bryant - resents the iPNB being compared to George Bush

Jane Jackson, KPFA area - concerned with lack of strong disability language 
in bylaws. Had suggested that the bylaws would simply state that
Pacifica would conform with existing disability/accessibility laws...

Jonathon Markowitz, KPFK area - concerned with the lack of 
democratic and diversity elements in the current bylaws draft.
It's hypocritical considering the previous board

Eva Cristofalo Fernández , KPFK - lifetime listener, her parents met because of KPFK...
Urges the board to take a stronger stand with regard to coming
closer to the Pacifica mission

Deb Shafto, KPFT LAB - The majority of the KPFT community wants
the bylaws passed

Community comment ends.

Chair Cagan goes over Saturday's amended agenda.

Musical close by KhaRabia Rayford (WPFW LAB) and David Moore.

8:51 meeting adjourned

Editor's note:
The general mood is rather cheerful despite all the 
concern over the bylaws.

Roger Manning, NYC

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