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NYC DAILY REPORTS and Documents | NYC iPNB meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting in NYC
Sept. 19, 20, 21 2003

9-19-03: Friday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Directors Present:
Teresa Allen, George Barnstone, Janice K Bryant, Leslie Cagan,  
Acie Byrd, David Fertig,  Ray LaForest, 

Ray LaForest , 

Not present:
Marion Barry, Pete Bramson, Carol Spooner, James Ferguson (resigned),
Dick Gregory, Bert Lee, Robbie Robinson, Charles Smith,  Jabari Zakiya

Proposed Agenda:
Friday, Sept. 19th 
4:00 pm Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda 
4:15 pm Report from Board Chair 
4:30 pm Pacifica's Internet Work 
5:15 pm Affiliates Proposal 
6:00 pm Break 
6:45 pm Community Comment 
8:30pm Adjourn for the evening 

Synod House of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine is
a big beautiful old stone church with a beautiful  
airy spacious interior. It's a glorious sunny post hurricane 
windy day outside.

Board members are late. Meeting gets late start.

Meeting  convenes 4:54pm 

Chair Cagan - Apologizes for late start.
Makes announcements.
Expresses concern that none of the 5 stations are 
doing major broadcast of the meeting. Urges the stations
to do thorough report of the meeting. Not happy.
This a major moment for Pacifica with the ratification 
of the new bylaws... [applause]
Thanks to Valerie Van Isler for making meeting 

3 Local Advisory board [LAB] chairs are ill 
and will not be at the meeting.
Susan Desilva -KPFA (has stepped down due to health problems -
Willy Ratcliff will replace), Lydia -KPFK, Deb Shaft -KPFT

Bert Lee, Dick Gregory, Pete Bramson, Jabari Zakiya will not 
attend this meeting

James Ferguson has recently resigned. The old board majority 
has chosen Acie Byrd (WPFW) to be fill the vacancy

Robinson, Barry, Smith will arrive later this evening.
LaForest is late.

Eli Merchant - is  the meeting Parlimentarian

A quorum is not present so nothing can be voted on until 
later, including adopting the meeting agenda.

A moment of silence for Arthur _____ a Pacifican and an activist
who has recently died...

Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda
Will be moved till tomorrow morning.

This evening will have the Pacifica webmaster report
and public comment.

Goes over business that is hoped to be covered this weekend:
Sat. morning:
Free Speech Radio News [FSRN], Development director 
report, budget reports
Sat. Afternoon
Personnel , archive, training programs, 
diversity issues discussion
Reports from the stations, elections.

Pacifica's Internet Work
Pete Korakis reports. The presentation is 
viewable http://pacifica.org/meeting.
Summary of pacifica.org statistics. Monitoring visits, time spent, which pages
visited. The average time spent on the site has gone up since last year. 
Traffic is up.(more visitors)
[technical problems with big screen hookup, so only a 
verbal presentation...]

Plans for moving pacifica.org forward. Working on content management system 
for managing the daily programming information thoughout Pacifica which 
will be available through all the station websites. Pacifia's web presence 
will be greatly increased. May produce a 15 fold increase in traffic to 
pacifica websites.

Another possibility is providing services for the activist community such 
as secure web email.

Other things now on Pacifica.org: photo galleries, forums...

Takes questions from iPNB:

Allen - will program  or event information that she inputs in Houston automatically 
come up on all the sites in the new cms? A:yes. Who approves postings? A: Korakis 
currently does at pacifica.org, the local website editors take care of local 

Fertig - is there anything that the iPNB can do to help get producers to participate
in the websites? A: that the websites are well promoted on the airwaves.
...Discussion about webstreaming...

Barnstone - has problems with streaming Democracy Now...

Korakis - yes, it's important to increase Pacifica's streaming capabilities.
In the past, there wasn't the needed planning so Pacifica is behind...

Byrd - Pacifica has a very diverse audience, large number of them are not 
on the web. What is the outreach strategy for outreach?

Cagan - an important issue, but not part of Korakis' role
which is web development...

Korakis - it's Pacifica's mission to get information out to people.
His aim is to keep the information free.
His planned services like free Pacifica email and keeping the
audio on the web free can help.

Bryant - doesn't understand tech so well. What is the barrier
to increasing streaming capacity? A: expense. How will increase happen?
A: has put in budget request to allow slow increase in streaming capacity.
Since streaming is so expensive, is there a way to increase listenership
via radio? A: [Allen] - adding affiliates 

[alot of ongoing low level feedback from sound system...]

Dan Coughlin (Pacifica executive director)- there is a lot 
of potential income from stream listeners.

Korakis - capturing the programming on the servers will create a 
network wide programming audio resource...

Coughlin - part of the vision is to capture the talented output 
of the 5 stations can make Pacifica a major source of 
progressive programming. Aim to create internet radio...

Korakis - a lot of potential ... multiple channels - music, 
public affairs...

Fertig - will all this be searchable? A: not yet, but will be...

Barnstone - something about channels...

Korakis - best to start with public affairs, issue of 
internet broadcasting music  fees still not sure...

LaForest - seeks some clarification on web statistics...events 
can increase traffic? A:yes, in fact that's when 
a lot of people not familiar with Pacifica find 
the site because they are searching for information 
on issues/events and our sites come up on the 
search engines

Korakis - the current logging software is somewhat 
limited... the traffic is often off the charts, more 
than can be counted...

Bob Lederer, wbai.org editor - addresses a few questions asked...
How to get producers more involved in the websites: need to make 
constant effort. 
Re: crossing the digital divide: WBAI elections supervisor has 
come up with the idea of establishing locations throughout 
the city where there is free access to computers 
and provide a pick up point for printed matter.

Ryme Khathouda, WPFW,wbix.org - Pacifica needs to invest more money 
in tech. More internet outreach... a cheap resource.

Korakis - pleased with the increased support from the national and local
staffs for web development.

LaForest - concerned that there is a delay in posting 
new policy information on Pacifica.org.

Korakis - is overwhelmed with incoming emails etc.,
it would help is there was better communication, he is not as connected
with current Pacifica events as many others are...

Cagan - it's been a tough times in Pacifica, thanks to Pete 
for keeping the website focused...

Affiliates Report
Teresa Allen - chair, Ursula Rudenberg, Deena Kolbert

Allen - hard working team formed last year in Berkeley

Kolbert - working on the affiliates network has been very 
positive. Met with and listened to 30 - 40 affiliates at 
various radio conferences. The old Pacifica contract with
affiliates was inadequate. Now have formed 
Pacifica and Affiliates Communication Exchange (PACE). Have been gathering
information and input from affiliates all year. Set up 
listserve. Rudenberg conducted survey. Jim Bennett (former 
KPFA GM) has joined committee... Need to do a tech survey...
there is no forward looking tech strategy for Pacifica...
Sprouts program - produced by affiliates is very interesting.
Ursula and committee have been working on an affiliates 

Rudenberg - Talks about PACE proposal 
[posted at http://pacifica.org/meeting] 
that outlines a plan 
for Pacifica's work and relations with the affiliates. 
It's a good time to bring Pacifica and affiliates together 
to have an effect on the world. Gives overview of proposal...
Proposes a full time affiliates person, a affiliates 
hotline, an archive. Aims to build a broadcast network that
practices the Pacifica mission.
Proposed to include some affiliate programming in the proposed
Pacifica online audio resource.
Large and small stations involved, many who have been long 
connected with and supportive of Pacifica.
New stations are showing interest through word of
mouth. The conservative, corporate political climate 
helps to increase interest in Pacifica. It's 
not all easy. A alot competition in radio 
these days...

Questions from iPNB:

Barnstone - where is the competitions A: BBC, NPR etc...

Rudenberg - currently about 36 paying affiliates.
10 considering. About 30 stations taking Democracy Now,
but not yet paying Pacifica. 

Barnstone - question about DN affiliates.

Rudenberg - DN considers the stations Pacifica affiliates
though some of them want to pay DN directly. DN instructs
the stations to pay Pacifica (they get 6 months free).
Free Speech Radio News is also very important to 
building the affiliates.

There's different kinds of stations: Large budget community 
stations that are very helpful to Pacifica with advice.
Many smaller consistently supportive stations.
There are many lowpower progressive stations starting up.
Some community groups get involved in less active, unused 
college stations and broadcast Pacifica and other 
progressive programming over their airwaves...
When PACE starts, hopefully in October, tech will
be accessed, KU satellite schedule accessed, promotional 
campaign - goal of 80 stations added by next year.
We really need to build community radio network in the 
time we have before the political climate gets worse.

Cagan - thanks. To Rudenberg, what do you need from 
the iPNB this weekend?

Rudenberg - not sure that it needs it, but to ratify 
this PACE proposal so that it can be publicized to the

Cagan - the iPNB will review it tonight and come back to
it tomorrow


LaForest - how do you define affiliates? Do they need to 
part of an organization?

Rudenberg - the bylaws define an affiliate as station who has 
signed contract... there was an association formed to for the 
affiliates to understand the Pacifica mission 
and accommodate affiliates representation at Pacifica.
...discussion about affiliate contracts and status etc...

Bryant - things can't be rushed with updating status and accounts etc.

Cagan - the situation at Pacifica hasn't been clear, and so
things with affiliates have been somewhat up in the air.
Not everyone at Pacifica gets it yet as to the potential
of the affiliates. A large community of progressive radio etc..

Rudenberg - 

Kolbert -  affiliates bring suburban and rural area into the movement...

LaForest - 

Kolbert - the PACE proposal has a lot of ideas, but they haven't
been put into action. Now there will be a person to do things.

Ryme Khathouda, WBIX, WPFW -  the affiliates have been waiting for Pacifica to 
stabilize to get involved...

6:58 break

7:49 reconvene

Chair Cagan - 

Community Comment

Monroe, WBAI - loves WBAI, but doesn't like the general condescending attitude of
on air producers towards the listeners... we are all equal.
Al Lewis disregarded him when calling in a said that there, "is 
no free speech"... Democracy Now should be on 7 days a week...

Steve Seltzer, WBAI  - many people without computers may still not know 
what the court ruled this week regarding the Pacifica bylaws...
[not adequately covered on the radio]

Cagan - gives overview of court ruling

Mitchel Cohen, WBAI - welcomes the interim PNB to NYC.
Gary Null/Paul DeRienzo's threat to boycott WBAI is serious. We need to 
fully understand the issues and hold effective elections. 
Bylaws Draft B (the new bylaws) supporters and the bylaws do 
affirmative action through proportional representation [hissing from
a few people]. We should stopping fighting...
Presents proposal From The Committee to Effect 
Coverage of Pacifica News [ CECOPNOP ] from Curtis Gray [KPFA]

Mike Beasley, WBAI - Where is the official copy of the 
bylaws? Who will interpret the bylaws. Where are the elections
rules and regulations? Is there an Excel version of the Pacifica
financial report so that people can work with the figures?
Thanks Cagan and Spooner for finally getting the meeting 
to NYC.

Cagan - What has been known as Draft B are 
the new bylaws. Asks where they are posted... pacifica.org and the other 
station sites will post them soon. 
[They are only currently posted on wbai.net and perhaps a few 
other unofficial sites]

Deana Kolbert, WBAI - affiliates committee feels strongly
that there should be a media advocate in order to 
deal with the rapidly changing nature of broadcasting regulations
due to the current FCC regime.
Could there be a place to post the many good suggestions 
and ideas presented at these meetings so that they aren't 
lost? [nods of agreement from the iPNB] 

Muntu Matsimela, WBAI - Concerned with the distinction between
the national office and the local station management function.
What is the policy regarding the local stations autonomy?
In particular with fiscal policy and transparency. Who makes the
policy and where can we find out the details? Feels that there
is micromanagement. What is the policy with hiring the 
Pacifica CFO? Is it the same as for the rest of the hiring at the 
stations ect?...[lost his paid position at WBAI when the national 
office dictated the station was over budget]

Tom Gomez, WPFW - The bylaws revision period has very devisive
for us. He was a supporter of Draft A. 
Wants to see Pacifica 
committed to not only social justice abroad, but in our 
own cities. [applause]
Wants elections to focus on the issues. Is concerned that 
lesser know candidates have access to the station communities
via the mailing lists and airwaves. Hope that elections 
are not full of fighting...

Marco Del Fuego, WPFW - has been an activist in Central America 
and D.C. There are alot of immigrant issues in D.C.
D.C. Spanish language media is mostly right wing...
There has only recently been coverage at WPFW...
Supports Pacifica putting more resources and 
airtime for the Latino community like at KPFK...

Ingrid Drake, WPFW - last year joined radio co-op 
(wbix, wpfw...). It was very diverse. Is working towards
getting more young people involved in WPFW. It's 
important to cover youth news stories - this helps 
to draw youth interest in the station. Urges more
commitment to ground-up activity...

Patty Heffley,WBAI - Concerned that the iPNB meeting
is not being broadcast at this important time 
when listeners need to be informed about elections.
Concerned about lack about process with hiring
at Pacifica...
Choice voting is affirmative action, that it is good enough for 
Cynthia mckinney and for Lani Guiner, but not for pacifica?
Dirty campaigning has already started - reads internet
posting acusing her and others of being anti 
affirmative action by Sheila Hamanaka(WBAI): 
"...Mitchell and Ms. Birden (remember not to vote 
for her or other anti-affirmative
action candidates like Patty Heffley)..."

There needs to be clear elections policies and procedures...

Andy Norris, WBAI LAB - Welcomes iPNB to NYC looks forwards
to their "demise" ;-)[completed elections process]
Thanks Bryant for getting Joy Williams for Elections Supervisor...
Supports Curtis Gray CECOPNOP proposal, 
would be good to broadcast the
elections info part of this weekends meeting

Susan Lee, WBAI - a 'bean counter' [laughter]
concerned with oversights of spending at the station.
Supports listeners having input on spending, hiring...

Roger Manning, wbai.net - I am the editor of wbai.net
[applause] and maintenance and design for wbai.org.
To people who don't know, the reason that the bylaws
revision ended up in court is that the iPNB was 
formed by the lawsuits settlement  to 
come up with new Pacifica bylaws and set up
elections to replace them. Was supposed to of happened by 
last December
... the more recent direction of the iPNB 
was working against that, which is  why the 
bylaws process ended up in court. The iPNB
was failing to do it's job.

The characterization of the 
new bylaws as being "anti 
affirmative action" 
or  is false. 
We can disagree, but please stop the lying.
The WBAI LAB was on the air on WBAI this week
misleading and lying. They said that the bylaws 
are "anti diversity". This is bullshit.
You can read the bylaws 
at wbai.net and 
other sites for yourself...
Let's disagree and have dialogue, 
but please stop the lying.

David Occhiuto, WBAI - Also supports the proposal From The Committee to Effect Coverage of Pacifica news on
Pacifica. [ CECOPNOP ] There are many people without computers to access the wealth
of information on the web. It needs to be on the radio routinely
for the listeners and staff so that they can be informed and  effectively 
participate in Pacifica's new era. News departments at the 
Pacifica stations fall short, are afraid/reluctant to 
report news about Pacifica.

Bryant - why are the news depts. afraid to report on Pacifica?

Occhiuto - that is a tendency when part of an institution, they a less likely to 
report on it, fear of drawing harsh response from management, a delicate area, 
also news so close to home many  seem relatively unimportant...

Vajra Kilgour, WBAI - concerned about the way the bylaws were arrived 
at... feels that the bylaws have been forced on her.
Felt that draft A had an elegant solution for remedying 
non-diverse elections results...
Feels that things that are begun badly do not work.
Draft A provisions would not of kicked in unless Draft B's promises
did not materialize. Not happy, all this doesn't bode well.

Eve Moser, WBAI - Supports full broadcast of national board meetings
and supports not propaganda...

Sharon Davis, WBAI - can't underestimate the damage that has
been done by adopting Draft B without public hearings...
[there was a year and half of public hearings and process -editor]
Many people have been turned off by this process.
Supports waivers for all prisoners.
Is WBAI listnership predominately white?
Black people are being oppressed in the U.S.
Pacifica is not doing a good enough job covering this.
Is displeased about Pacifica's attitude towards affirmative action.
Legality should not the issue when doing the right thing challenges 
the law...
Applauds WBAI local board.

Carolyn Birden, WBAI - hard act to follow 
[heckling from a few people in audience...]
There was process in the bylaws revision
[more heckling]
We need keep our eyes on the prize, stop the fighting
and move the forward...

Manijeh Saba, WBAI - working at WBAI to bring the voices of 
women on the air and on the staff. Hoping that their 
work well help inspire the other Pacifica stations

Fran Luck, WBAI - also in WBAI women's collective.
Concerned with proportions of women to men at
WBAI. Women underrepresented only 12% solely hosted 
by women. Reads from proposal [posted here soon]

Ron Crenshaw, WBAI - listener since 1960. Upset with
passage of Draft B. 
Supported constituency approach
The U.S. is in a critical period...

Marquez , WBAI Haitian Collective -  Has proposal
for Pacifica to take part in the Haiti 200 year anniversary
Supports sending Verna Avery Brown to cover events.

David Combs, WBAI - Supports iPNB making contingency
plan for elections if low turn out. 
Listens to BBC; they are  not real competition for Pacifica 
in terms of progressive news.
Re: Democracy Now, let's not have "tv envy" radio is 
still very essential...

Irene,WBAI -   listener to Pacifica since the 50's. The programming
was interesting. With all the wrangling over the airtime, we are 
forgetting the audiences we want to reach. Where is the children's
airtime? [applause] These times need some. Disappointed with 
the revitalized folio (it's not like the old folio), it's 
important for non-computer people...

Chair Cagan - please be on time tomorrow

 9:00pm Adjourn

Roger Manning, NYC

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