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NYC DAILY REPORTS and Documents | NYC iPNB meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting in NYC
Sept. 19, 20, 21 2003

9-20-03: Saturday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Directors Present:
Teresa Allen, George Barnstone, Janice K Bryant, Leslie Cagan,  
Acie Byrd, Ray LaForest, Robbie Robinson, Carol Spooner,

Late: Marion Barry

Not present:
Pete Bramson,  James Ferguson (resigned),David Fertig (left due 
to leg injury problems),Dick Gregory, Bert Lee,  Charles Smith, 
Jabari Zakiya

Eli Merchant -  Parliamentarian

Original Proposed Agenda : (amended below)
Saturday, Sept. 20th 
9:00 am Executive Session of IPNB - re: indemnification 
9:45 am Report from Executive Director - Q and A 
10:00 am Free Speech Radio News 
10:45 am Report from Development Director - Q and A 
11:15 am FY04 Budgets 
  - presentation by CFO 
  - discussion 
1:00 pm Lunch 
2:00 pm Personnel Committee 
  - search committees 
  - evaluations process 
  - on air policy 
3:00 pm Archives 
3:45 pm Training Programs 
4:30 pm Race and Nationality/Diversity 
6:00 pm Adjourn for the evening  

The meeting has move to the spacious 
vaulted ceiling basement room for the 
remainder of the weekend. Not nearly as 
inspiring as the main room upstairs and 
with less outside light, but not bad.

(9:00am - Closed executive session to 
deal with indemnity issues)

Main meeting  convenes 10:21am 

Chair Cagan - Urges board members to 
be more on time in returning after breaks.

Goes over adjusted her proposed agenda:
. Executive director report including training programs
. Motion on PACE affiliates
. Archives presentation
. Development director report
   - short break -
. Start budget issues
   - lunch - 
. Finish budget
  -remove personnel committee report
 (Chair not present)
. Race and Nationality/Diversity

. Elections - process, timeline, 
. Station reports
. Set remaining iPNB meeting schedule
. Community comment

LaForest has an alternative agenda proposal

Parliamentarian gives point of order...

Bryant - it's important to get elections 
information out [apparently LaForest proposal
is to discuss the elections during the brief
3-5pm window when WBAI is airing the meeting ?]

Spooner - what exactly is Ray proposing?

LaForest - wants elections in the morning 
and race and nationality during the 3-5pm afternoon

Cagan - distressed about the progress of the 
meeting, the lack of focus and progress...

Executive Director report - including 
training programs
Dan Coughlin reports [ copy of E.D. report ]. 
Welcomes and thanks everyone....
The big picture...Pacifica is operating in a 
new radical political and media environment.
There is great public opposition to the media 
consolidation and the recent FCC direction...
Income increase  from 10 to 15 $million 
more that 100 affiliates taking Pacifica 
programming. We are in a position to 
move Pacifica into the #1 position as
progressive radio source...

Top 2 issues for Pacifica now are 
network finances, elections.
New national elections supervisor, Terry Bouricius.
Props to station staffs for fundraising efforts...
[applause] And thanks to management.
But, the network remains very fragile with 
regard to financial and political changes.
Revenues expected to decrease in the next year,
but, expenses are increasing faster than revenues.
The stations don't have back up generators due to 
expense. Financial transparency in a top priority.
All financial reports are on pacifica.org
Pacifier Chief Financial Officer's [CFO] 
recommendation that the stations 
create a surplus equal to one month's expenses. 

No proposals should be approved without a financial
impact acessment attached.The CFO and 
Executive director(ED) should have authority 
to disapprove of proposals.

Pacifica is in re-building mode - 
National/finance office move back to 
Berkeley is complete. Thanks to the 
staff for a good job.

National office has been working on 
remaining old board litigation cases.
Most of it is behind us.

Infrastructure has been a priority. WPFW 
transmitter work. Some of the stations 
are working on digitizing the broadcasting.

War coverage at the network and the stations
was successful. Peacewatch is not being carried
on most of the stations now, but there still needs
to be a D.C news bureau, which is in the works...

Training programs: We need to train the next generation 
of broadcasters. The future of Pacifica...

Shows nice video about KPFA "First Voice"
apprenticeship program...20 years, diverse, 250 people
trained...18 month program, 3 phases, the more senior trainees
and graduates mentor new people...help open up KPFA
programming, an exchange of assets - the station accesses 
community info and energy, the community attains skills...
Our future relies on expanding the training
programs. We need to strengthen connections to the 
community and technology...
The opportunity is right now
The future is ours, let's continue to seize it...

Barnstone - where are we going with digital

Coughlin - a trend in the radio industry to transform 
from analog to digital transmission (iboc - a common 
technology being tried).
Grants for digital tech are in the works...

Cagan - ...asks for buzz in sound system to be fixed

Coughlin - more on current technological trends...

Jim Bennett, KPFA [a main tech point person for 
Pacifica]- iboc system and other current 
developing technology is not quite good enough yet

Laforest - referring to comments yesterday about accusations
of national office micromanagement of the station 

Coughlin - financial transparency is top priority. Every 
single dollar spent throughout Pacifica is accounted for...

Cagan - to clarify, it's not about the accounting, but 
who decides how the money is spent - national or local...

Coughlin - the current process was started back in April.
It has a been a process of the national office working 
with local management to determine priorities.
Questions of authority for approving budgets will still 
be [with the iPNB -?]

Cagan - allows 2 questions form audience.

Steve Conley, KPFA - supports apprenticeship program 
(is a graduate) promotes diverse staff and feeding 
progressive community.  How would the apprenticeship program
be introduced at the other stations?
What the retention of the apprenticeship program?
This has been limited as well as making space at 
at Pacifica stations for graduates.

Coughlin - Retention has been an issue. The changing
media environment will improve this along with increasing 
There is a plan developing for bringing increasing 
capacity to accommodate more people through increasing 
broadcast possibilities - web etc. 

Miguel Maldonado, WBAI LAB chair - wants more 
details on the resolution of  various 
litigation...does this include the cases at 
WBAI where staff is suing for back pay missed 
during the "coup"?

Coughlin - will not comment on the WBAI personnel
issues. Also, one of the contracts with the former firms
hasn't actually been signed yet...

Cagan - thanks Coughlin... [applause] informs station 
managers that the revised agenda means that the elections
information will be on 3 - 5pm and asks that they
get their stations to air it, or at least play back 
the recording of this important segment.

Revisit affiliates proposal

Allen presents:
MOTION: PACE proposal
[at http://pacifica.org/meeting
- presented yesterday]
Proposal for work with Pacifica affiliates...

Spooner - makes substitute motion...

Cagan reads motion- be it resolved that 
iPNB endorse the direction outlined
in the PACE report Sept. and encourage further 
refinement through the 
affiliates committee and with the national staff ...

Allen - this is to replace my motion?

...consult parliamentarian......

Allen seconds....

-- some discussion ...

Barnstone - how is this distinct from Allen's original motion?

Cagan - allows the iPNB to vote on something pro-active
regarding the affiliates work without extensive discussion
[the meeting is very behind schedule] because no 
spending is being  approved at this time.

MOTION: PACE proposal -
Be it resolved that 
iPNB endorse the direction outlined
in the Sept. 2003 PACE report  and encourage further 
refinement through the 
affiliates committee and with the national staff ...

PASSES unanimously

Archive Report

Brian Deshaser, Pacifica radio archives.
Thanks giving archives to report time at this meeting 
with so much on the agenda.

Recent news that two grants from Radio Association[?]
and the National Endowment for the Arts [NEA] received.

Gives some history...PNB formed archives in 1971
47,000 recordings currently

Funding still in flux...
Since 1998 archive has not been 
funded by Pacifica central...
130% income increase this past year
due to tape sales.
78% from Democracy Now...Thanks to DN 
for being so cooperative

Looking to saving recordings for the 
long term - for the far future...

Funding found... on-air promotion...
produced special radio productions
Hiroshima, E.B. Debois...

Collaboration with other libraries..
$15,000 from NEA, $16,000 from RA made 
possible by the listeners matching 
the funds. $30,000 in total.

Digitizing the archives is not 
permanent solution. Digital 
only lasts 15 or so years before 
quality degrades.
Tape is  more stable, but is 
not going to be manufactured any more.
Needs to be a movement to insist that 
the industry continue to manufacture 

$715,000 annual budget needed, largely to 
hire qualified staff.

Has been working on a Vision statement 
for the Pacifica radio archives - need a 
larger longtime
vision needed for the archive. Wants
to collaborate on this with the stations etc...

Questions regarding archive:

Bryant - asks about recording media...

Deshaser - cds are not good, DAT tapes are 
worse... analog tape is still the best..
Digital detritus by losing bit here and there
and sound quality decreases...think of "the Matrix"
[the movie] where the numbers are falling away....

Barnstone - how long do CDs last? A: 5- 10 years, 
then sound quality starts to deteriorate...

Robinson - possibilities for growth/development?

Deshaser - the archive website [pacificaarchives.org ]
plays a major role

Robinson - how about selling to Universities etc?

Deshaser - yes...the Pacifica archive has much recognition
throughout the world, universities have been involved...

Robinson - the archives used to be considered a burden, 
and now with Deshaser's work it has become an important 
asset and is generating it's own revenues. Supports him and 
CFO presenting a plan to the iPNB. The approach that's 
been used to organize and revitalize the archives  
would be well to applied throughout Pacifica.

Deshaser - thanks for the compliments. Much of what 
the archives has done wasn't planned, but happened 
as situations arose...

Allen - supports the station managers promoting the 
archive to the programmers.

Byrd - is there an archives package that goes out to
the stations?

Deshaser - the archives are searchable on-line

Allen - will the affiliates be using the Pacifica 
archives as premiums more?

Deshaser - in the past, the affiliates had to 
pay an increased price, but that needs to change...

Cagan - thanks for the report

LaForest - wants to get the race and nationality 
discussion on the 3-5pm slot so that it can 
be on the WBAI broadcast time. He says that WBAI 
now is willing to put the meeting on the air 
at 1:30pm so that the elections discussion 
can be moved there...

Chair Cagan - Free Speech Radio news presentation 
is running late and has to start now because 
FSRN reporters have to leave...will have to see 
how things proceed...

Free Speech Radio News [FSRN]

________- FSRN broadcast widely, many stations, internet,
short-wave radio...
Born of the Pacifica radio struggle when
reporters left Pacifica national news...
Looking to make FSRN a formal part of Pacifica.
Jackson Allers(KPFT originally, now WBAI news training) - 
FSRN has a a following. When given the opportunity 
FSRN can help the stations. Raised $14,000 recently 
on WBAI during on-air pledge drive.

________ - FSRN just received a $20,000 Paul Robenson grant
to continue work base on reporting on oil stories around
the time of the Iraq war earlier this year...

Other FSRN people present:
Pauline (KPFA) - helps with training
Chandra Haupman (KPFA)
Josh - been covering the Capitol for 2 years. 
_____, NY, London
Ingrid Drake, DC, MI 
 - other reporters had to leave (report started late)
 -- play audio presentation on FSRN ... reports from 
 reporters all over the world 
 ...introduces some more reporters..Tom Gomez, 
Ryme Khathouda - FSRN give Pacifica more than just 
their reports

Spooner - FSRN reporters that go to other countries
train people in other countries? A: yes, and the new
foreign people become a resource...

Barnstone - what is the funding source? A: self funded 
through listener contributions and grants...

Hauptman - 

Josh - also FSRN is very grateful for the use of 
various Pacifica facilities...

Barnstone - FSRN seems to have replaced the old national
Pacifica National News [PNN]...

Cagan - gives background...PNN was terminated when Pacifica 
was gotten back due to it's $million budget..., it was agreed that if 
PNN was reconstructed within 18 months, then the old staff 
would be re-hired...FSRN is not a replacement for PNN.. 
As for FSRN being on Pacific stations, each of the 5 stations 
made the determination as to what news to carry...

Barnstone - it seems that there is a trend to out source 
for news content at Pacifica...(DN, FSRN)

Cagan - it may seem that way, but important to keep things
in context.. FSRN reporters were originally Pacifica reporters...

Spooner - each station required to spend %30 of their CPB funds

Ron Pinchback, WPFW - that FSRN does international reporting is 
wonderful, but it's a problem that Pacifica has no solid 
national issue coverage which is critical right now..

___________, disagrees ...FSRN does cover domestic issues.
Listen to the archive...

Pinchback - yes, but we need an exclusively Pacifica production 
for domestic issues... not meant as a criticism of FSRN

Cagan - refocuses, this is just a basic info presentation 
on FSRN...

_______, KPFK program director - what is the funding breakdown?
A: will come back with info during budget

LaForest - 

Hauptman - there is a workers collective talking to Pacifica

Byrd - we should encourage FSRN to work with the D.C. bureau

Hauptman - FSRN sub-committees established to work 
on this and with the affiliates...

Barnstone - FSRN does great work, is primarily NY, but is not Pacifica...

Cagan - yes, FSRN is independent, though is working on relations
with Pacifica

Barnstone - but FSRN might keep affiliates from coming to Pacifica....

Haupman- FSRN is working with the Pacifica affiliates committee...

Gomez(D.C) - FSRN is hardly just NY...

Rundenberg, Pacifica affiliates committee - there is not 
conflict with the affiliates...
FSRN relationship and status still evolving.

Cagan - move agenda...running late
Thanks FSRN [applause]

Development Director report

Pilar Gonzalez - an honor to be here... gives
some background...Mexican american indian, a survivor...
in fundraising for 13 years...major donor 
fundraising. Dedicates this presentation to the 
NY cabby that drove her today.. 
he was listening to Democracy Now...
he lost a fare the other day for 
refusing to turn it off..[applause]
Give slide presentation
195,000 was raised through direct mail in 2003
Average gift - $60 , which is good (30 is average
for non-profits) 5000 new donors
Have developed fundraising code of ethics, privacy policy, 
confidentiality policy [on pacifica.org]

Re-established relationships with vendors and services...relations needed 
to be repaired, resolved.
Constructed new language for talking with donors, designed new 
Identified major donors. First new major donor giving $5000 to 
the First Voices apprenticeship programs.
Tough times for foundation grants. A lot of competition.

Website fundraising is way up....

Created separate funds for archives, first voices, national 
programming, future building fund.
Allows contributors to target their contributions.
Gives details on rules for the funds...each independent...
10% for administrative overhead...disbursement policies...
No one station or contributor will solely hold the right to
influence programming ... more details on the four funds...

Susan Lee - are these capitol funds or to be spent? 
A: not enough at this point for making investments

Bryant - all these funds are separate, would like to 
see more collaboration with FSRN...A: FSRN is included 
in the national programming fund

Robinson - Pacifica is unique with respect with diversity issues, 
aren't there particular foundations that would be 
especially interested?
A: yes, but money is still tight...
Have we considered partnerships with other organizations who
share the Pacifica mission? A: yes...

Cagan - Development focus is primarily national? A: yes, 
but is for helping the stations as well...
Currently national is funded by the stations and the effort
is being made to find alternative funding for national, but
it's important to increase the income/involvement from 

Gonzales - yes, it's important to develop and maintain the 
listener contributors, foundation funds fall off after 
a few years...
Must develop acquisition programs...get out through other media and

Spooner - Pacifica was founded on the listener-sponsorship 
because it creates an independence for the programming [to not
have to rely on corporations, foundations, government] .
Concerned if Pacifica deviates by a large proportion in it's 
funding resources because it can begin to have a bad 
effect on policy and programming.
We've just converted Pacifica to a membership where people
are affiliated with one station, have to determine how 
to assign people who donate nationally...

Gonzales - yes...

Bryant - appreciates the spirit of recent fundraising event...

Gonzales - we can create/design our own community events 

Susan Lee, WBAI - we need to work out the local/national
fundraising issues, to organize a system and coordination

Gonzales - this is a tracking issue 

Ryme Khathouda, WBAI - acknowledges professional presentation...supports 
major training at Pacifier - computer and management training...
need to handle volunteers better

David Combs, WBAI - supports getting more done by volunteers, 
plenty of skilled people, more accessible websites...

Muntu Matsimela, WBAI -  is there a project to acquire a 
national endowment for Pacifica? A: yes, will need help

Gonzales - thanks ....

Cagan - thanks Gonzales
Give rundown for afternoon...

Break 1:20pm for 40 minutes

Reconvene 2:05pm

Dan Couglin w/ Chief Financial Officer Lonnie Hicks
- Pacifica has been able to organize the 
finance office and complete the budget.

Lonnie Hicks CFO  - will cover the budget but 
also talk about expenses...
Slide presentation- Budget and finance report:
 "Cashing in on the Future"

Revenue sources:
listeners - 12 million - 77% of total income.
The listeners keep us going.
Runs down income sources... 
[ FY04 budget available at http://pacifica.org/meeting ]

Payroll $6 m, fringe benefits $1 m, programming $1 m...
debt retirement $500,000 - last year retired $900,000 which
has been very helpful.. will  be pretty much debt free 
by next year ...[applause] 
There are surpluses projected for next fiscal year 
at the stations: k-54,000, T - 6,800, I -80,000 , w -1.800,
a- 73,000, national office 180,000
The archives shows projected debt of $157,000 
...some discussion on how this is covered, and the 
money organized...
Total projected surplus $299,456 is down from 
last years $600,000. This is the reserves for 
all the stations and is terribly inadequate
We should have 1.2 million in reserves which 
will pay all the station salaries for one month.

Revenues up 13.4% (1.8 million). He was impressed.
Very good for a non-profit...
Bad news is that expenses are up 16.88% (2,202, 983)
Salaries up 18%, 
Benefits up 9%
other up 19% (debt, premiums, tech)
Margins at the stations are slim...revenues reduced by $700,000
...Huge legal bills, many critical items are not budgeted.
Good news is that new revenue infinitives are possible...
We need to think in terms of repeatable, sustainable sources...

Cash Flow - the budget is meaningless if you don't
have the cash at hand.
Need 1.2 million working capital at hand; currently
$300,000 - not enough
Unbudgeted items:
- internet radio project (a good investment, will bring in money)
- apprenticeship program
- bylaws
- internet radio project
- web-donations revenue
- increased fund-raising efforts

Cash flow at the stations

Possible solutions:
-increase on-air receipts
- online fundraising..
Critical recommendations:
-no approval of projects without an
attached fiscal impact statement
-the board should reaffirm that 
the executive director can turn down unbudgeted items
-national office will not fund unbudgeted projects
and build reserves for payroll in case of shortfall...

Station cash flow report:
Budgets lie, need real cash report going
into the fiscal year: cash balance, budgeted 
surplus, one month operating, cash surplus/deficit
...runs down the figures for the stations, national
office, archives...
[ FY04 budget available at http://pacifica.org/meeting ]
Adds up to total
"cash in the system". Important to know what's available
in case of lawsuits and other emergencies
$590,000 for 2003 - was $931,660 in 2002...important
indication of the health of the foundation...

Bryant - these figures don't make sense...
Where does the 20% levy on the stations 
go for? 

A: Overhead
-Hudge Insurance bill (Pacifica having problems 
getting insurance - more expensive for Pacifica - a higher
risk)Had to get insurance for the move back 
to Berkeley. (Thanks to KPFA for paying for bulk of the 
-Democracy Now - $450,000 - returns over $2million though
- peacewatch
- debt retirement
- payroll backup
- accounting expenses - the old board left the finance 
office was a huge mess, still working on it...

-more national fund sources
-budget for FY04 be approved for 45 days and revisited
to approve revised budgets... (Nov. 15th)

Balanced budget is not enough. Need reserves
Wraps up report...

Cagan - accesses time. Wants to keep the earlier
commitment to cover elections at 3pm (in 2minutes)
for 2 hours then go to race and nationality 
issues. The first item tomorrow will be 
the budget...

Monroe, WBAI - insists on proposing that Democracy Now
be on the air more...

Cagan - today we need to nail down the Pacifica
elections process and procedure.

Cagan -  when the judge ratified the bylaws, he 
also started the election process. The nominations
period has begun...

Terry Bouricius, national elections supervisor - gives 
his history ... served in Vermont politics, stepped 
down years ago to working in elections reform...
[see Pacifica press release]
Has no biases at Pacifica, knows no-one here. 
His only goal is to hold fair and successful elections
at Pacifica [applause]
Has been playing catch up, but now things are in motion...
The next challenge is to get the word to prospective
candidates ...
With regard to fairness of the elections the Pacifica bylaws
give the elections supervisor the authority
to remove candidates and on-air host that violate 
the fair campaign practices
[ Monroe disrupts asking who gives this authority?? - applause -
...more out order exchanges, chair Cagan refocuses ]

Bouricius continues...

Bylaw issues that are open to interpretation and need
- low income waivers: does the old station boards (LABs)
have authority? Recommends that this be done by the 
local elections supervisors
- access to the airwaves of prospective candidates, before 
they are nominated. 
- the final mailing list should authorized by the local
supervisors, not the LABs, staff etc, though these groups 
will involved and be needed to help

Cagan -  

Bryant - glad about bringing up the waivers...
wonders how the elections supervisors insure 

Bouricius - is willing to talk with anyone or group to 
explain elections issues...He doesn't know any
of the faces here, doesn't have any agenda.
Will remove local elections supervisors if 
he can determine that there has been bias. Hasn't 
seen any of this so far. Confident that 
things are moving well...

Barnstone - can Bouricius confirm that every station 
has announced elections? 

Terry Bouricius - not yet, was  just brought in...
the local supervisors will be working on this.
The general managers answer to the Executive Director.
Bouricius is a neutral outside party brought in to design 
elections and see them carried out in accordance with 
the bylaws. The ED is responsible for enforcement.

Spooner - have all the station managers been introduced
to the local elections supervisors? A: no, not yet- 
D.C just appointed...
Are you making standard elections procedures for the 
stations? A: yes, though there will some variations as
determined by the local supervisors
Regarding the local election committees...?
A:the bylaws call for the elections supervisor 
to appoint neutral individuals to an elections committees...
They will likely be comprised of non Pacifica people, where as
much of the leg work for the 

Laforest - re: waivers does Bouricius feel that elections supervisors?
[get lost a bit here - ed.]
A: the supervisors were selected by predecessor David Greene
Should would also determine waivers for future elections?
A: the status of the current 
How were the local supervisors chosen?
What about the changing the names of the committees?

Bouricius - 

Allen - how many elections has he done? A: 3 Single 
Transferable Voting[STV] 
elections, several vote recounts, has much 
STV elections experience 
compared to others in the U.S.
About standardization...?
A:The more the elections are standardized, 
the less the suspicion, the less
likely that people can sneak things in. No 
internet voting this election 
[applause] The ballots may well be counted 
out of state to insure fairness 
due to the levels of contentiousness.
How to enforce that elections are covered on air?
A: the bylaws mandate there be equal airtime, 
but he will compose a rule 
that not only airtime, but ALL station 
resources be distributed equally.

Byrd - what are the criteria for selecting 
the 5 local election supervisors?
Is there written policy that insures diversity 
and criteria? Certification process?

Bouricius - Runs down the local elections supervisors:
KPFK: Casey Peters - 20 yrs of pro-democracy efforts
KPFA: Les Radke - has been involved with KPKA elections
KPFT: Dennis Fedders - doesn't have info yet
WBAI: Joy Williams - demos - democracy reform 
WPFW: Eric S - interim because he may too busy, 
      still searching for someone

Will be using same software as Cambridge MA 
(using STV) to count votes and  certify

Byrd - supports Bouricius personally meeting 
all the supervisors personally

Bouricius - the executive director has 
said he would facilitate 
this. He already is confident
of the neutrality of the supervisors...

Barry - against taking the ballots out of the 
listening area. Was that a serious suggestion?

Bouricius - not likely, but possible 
and the national elections supervisor 
has that authority

Barry - want to make resolution against 
taking ballots out of the 
listening areas. 
What will be the elections schedule? 
A: the iPNB will determine this
Will the membership list be available to candidates?
A: he does not control. If they are available, they must be
available to ALL candidates.
Voter rolls in public elections are available to the public,
will this be discussed?

Cagan - 6 elections issues  for resolution:
the timeline, waivers, on-air issue, when is the 
candidate is a candidate,
counting votes locally, access of membership lists

Barry - how does a candidate get the 
15 member signatures if they 
don't know listeners?

Bouricius - recommends that prospective 
candidates get postings
on the website in advance, create a 
"please call" list of people
willing to be contacted, communities 
meetings during the petition

Cagan - let's focus on the items we 
need to consider today in a vote...
Also, information needs to printed 
for non-web people

Robinson - elections are new. Supporting 
Pacifica in the past 
has meant contributing money. People are 
going to want to get all 
the essential elections information and 
details and why elections
are important. It's important that the 
station staff knows how 
best to communicate to the listeners 
with the limited people and 
resources.  simplicity and clarity are critical.

Bryant - when is the "record date" (when voters need to be registered)
A: 45 days prior to when the ballots to be mailed

Cagan - move to the 7 items

Spooner - 

Motion for elections schedule timeline
that would be complete by the court's ordered
Jan. 30, 2004 deadline:

- sept 15-nov 15 nominations period
- ballots mailed Dec 15 (record date Nov 1st)
- ballots received by Jan 7
- ballots counted by Jan 12
- delegates seated Jan 17
- iPNB Seated Jan 30 
- extension of one week if 
  a local elections quorum is not met


Bryant - record date will not work well with fund drives...

Spooner - 

Cagan - you do not have to wait for the fund drive to 
become the member.
Secondly, can simply making the pledge count?
A: big NO

Spooner - must  [get behind here - ed.]

Bryant - we've talking been taking opening up 
Pacifica to everyone

LaForest - wants to propose that the iPNB ask the 
judge to postpone the elections process. The only 
station ready for elections is KPFA.
Proposes adding a extra delays...
If the station fails to achieve a quorum there is 
a week extension...

Robinson -  memberships and candidate petitions
need to be certified. Concerned that the campaigns
are taking place during fundraising drives

Bouricius -  

Cagan consults with the parliamentarian...
The Laforest motion is actually out of order
because it not a proposal regarding 
the elections time frame, but to go back 
to the judge. Laforest motions can be 
addressed after the Spooner motion.

Allen - supports that people don't have
to wait for the fund drive to pledge and 
become members. What part of the 
schedule was ruled on by the judge?

Cagan - the judge ruled on the nomination period

Allen - does Bouricius...

Spooner - the only thing that is new compared to the 
the original schedule in the bylaws is about the  
is a shortened time for mailing back the ballot. 
This schedule was put together
with much consultation with 
experienced KPFA elections people and it 
complies with the court deadline...

LaForest - against Spooner motion because people
are unhappy with it, that people aren't ready

Cagan - any more comments or amendments to the 

Bouricius - suggest putting prefix unless 
the court extends...

Spooner - adds "unless the court extends 
the Jan 30 deadline this will be the 
schedule"... and anyone is free to
go before the judge to ask for an 
extension. If that happens, then 
iPNB would set a new schedule

Cagan - clarifies...

Barry - can we still do Laforest motion to 
seek more time? A: yes

Cagan - clarifies. both motions could pass

Laforest - restates some of his proposal that 
might apply to Spooner's motions, but they 
are not applied...

MOTION - this be the elections schedule 
unless the court extends 
the  Jan. 30, 2004 deadline:
- sept 15-nov 15 nominations period
- ballots mailed Dec 15 (record date Nov 1st)
- ballots received by Jan 7
- ballots counted by Jan 12
- delegates seated Jan 17
- iPNB Seated Jan 30 
- extension of one week if 
  a local elections quorum is not met

jk no
gb yes
cs y
rl n
ta y
rr n
ab n
mb n
lc y

Motion fails - no elections schedule

Laforest MOTION
add more time to election process in several ways...

Cagan - reminds the iPNB that to close off the 
nomination period is against the court and must 
go forward...

...Editors note... I've had enough of this...
Will post official minutes when available...
Need to go home and do some real work.

Roger Manning, NYC

I hear that the Laforest proposal to go back to the Judge 
to the ask the him to delay the final elections
deadline til March (from Jan.), and other such things, 
passed 6 to 3.

...Editors note:

The interim Pacifica national board continues increasingly 
move in direction that puts them 
in violation of the lawsuits settlement
(for not completing  their assigned tasks of coming 
up with new bylaws and setting up the elections 
schedule - originally due for completion Dec. 2002 )
and do harm to the foundation in the form of expenses and 
dysfunction. This is the result 
of a well organized lobbying efforts by a small number of 
influential people, largely from NYC "Unity Caucus"
who have gained a passionate following under the 
banners of "inclusion", "diversity" and 
"affirmative action." Others feel that 
that their real aim is to maintain control 
of the radio stations (mainly WBAI and WPFW) 
by the current status quo - where 
there is much entrenchment, cronyism and suspected 
corruption. The core members of the NYC "Unity Caucus" group 
are almost entirely station staff, Local Advisory board
members and interim Pacifica national board members 
(some persons being all of these). They also 
have the cooperation of the WBAI program director.

Roger Manning, NYC

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