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NYC DAILY REPORTS and Documents | NYC iPNB meeting info
Daily notes from the iPNB meeting in NYC
Sept. 19, 20, 21 2003

9-21-03: Sunday

Apologies for name misspellings.
Send corrections to

Directors Present:
Teresa Allen, George Barnstone, Janice K Bryant, Leslie Cagan,  
Acie Byrd, Ray LaForest, Robbie Robinson, Carol Spooner, Marion Barry

Not present:
Pete Bramson,  James Ferguson (resigned),David Fertig (left due 
to leg injury problems),Dick Gregory, Bert Lee,  Charles Smith, 
Jabari Zakiya

Eli Merchant -  Parliamentarian

Original Proposed Agenda: [revised Sunday agenda below]
Sunday, Sept. 21st 
9:00 am Station Reports: managers and LAB chairs 
11:00 am Elections - next steps 
1:30 pm Lunch 
2:15 pm IPNB Meeting Schedule 
2:30 pm Community Comment 
3:30 pm Meeting adjournment  

Meeting  convenes 9:32am 

Chair Cagan - runs down remaining agenda items.
Must be out of the room by 3pm:
Budget, elections, future iPNB schedule, 
station reports, race and nationality, community comments,
a Robinson proposal re: national programming

Budget issues
Questions for Chief financial officer Lonnie Hicks:

... question as to whether there is proper quorum
Cagan - what's included in programming? Salaries?
A: Programming - not salaries, news, FSRN, website
Why are salaries up?
A: mixture of reasons for increased salary expense. Some
union and benefit related,mostly more people hired.
Is there money allocated for elections?
A: some stations have set aside elections budget...
runs down each station's election budget figures or 
lack of... [see FY04 budget (linked soon)]

Bryant - Pacifica radio archives is what is referred to 
as "sales" in the budget? A: yes
[missed question...]?
A: Large development costs - largely cost of fundraising premiums..
Once debt is gone, will the 20% national levy on the 
stations be decreased?
A: it depends on expenses/surpluses at the time. possible.
What are suggestions for expense reduction?
A: salaries is the biggest, 2nd is benefits, 3rd premiums
these are areas to focus on. Each station is different.

Spooner -  would like to see salaries broken down and 
attached to their related categories in the budget...
[a general agreement on this...]

Hicks - can be done... will do it

Barnestone - are Pacifica's bank fees reasonable for 
an organization of this size?
A: could be less...will work on it. Everything is negotiable.
Pacifica puts 15million through the banks, should have some
leverage in negotiating better bank fees.

Robinson - thanks Hicks for doing a great job...
Has number of employees increased this year?
A: there are more people getting paid, including consultants.
Is there a big difference in how various stations manage this?
A: yes
Is there a way for the iPNB  to  study and 
better organize staffing ect?
A: Yes...you can look at staffing to income ratio, measure efficiency...
Robinson- If the budget had more details in certain areas 
it would help Pacifica analyze and make better decisions...

Bryant - 

Cagan - runs down paid staffing at the stations.
Struck by large differences (w 10, a 54). Wonders 
how it works. Both stations on the air the same 
amount of hours... Supports the stations accessing
the real needs for staffing a station...

Bryant - it's helpful to know who decides staffing 

Cagan - it would be good to have a balance between 
national and local

Hicks - Of course, the process starts at the local 
level. His job to see if the staffing is affordable 
and report the fact to the board. That is what he is 
doing today. Does not make the staffing decisions...

Muntu Matsimela, WBAI - [had addressed staffing decision
issues to the board earlier in the weekend and told it 
would be revisited...] the current staffing policy 
is not being entirely revealed here. Currently 
all fiscal decision making is being done through 
the national office...in fact, national is making 
local staffing and other decisions ...
[becomes angry - his position was cut as a result of 
national dictating to the local management] 
people are working for low money 
and long hours and national's got a lot of nerve, 
not acting appropriately...

Allen - concerned that there be efficiency and that
categories expenses remained attached to them.
What stations do not have elections budgets?
Are elections supervisors covered? A: yes
Elections mailing expenses? A: included in 
general mailing budgets

Spooner - give details on KPFA elections budget...

Allen - if iPNB endorses a budget that mandates 
one month surplus at each station? Will the 
national office be then authorized to refuse 
unauthorized expenses? 

Hicks - yes,

Allen - could this possible include unbudgeted 

Coughlin - national will make sure that elections
is put into budgets...

Spooner - approval of this budget is provisional
for 45 days when there will be a revised budget 
with the stations surpluses worked in? A: yes

Coughlin - unbudgeted items (including all the extra 
iPNB meetings)are a problem...this 
past year they have caused national to go to 
the stations for more money 

LaForest - how does it happen?

Coughlin - laforest's resolution to go 
back to the court yesterday which could
cost several thousand dollars is an 

Laforest - is the iPNB the main source of
unbudgeted items?

Coughlin - yes, with the extra meetings etc.
Non budgeted items need to be handled better 

Laforest - questions about CPB funding...

Coughlin - WBAI qualifies as a "minority" 
station which qualifies it for certain CPB money

Bryant - some the recent court expenses
came out of her pocket, so not all the extra 
court dealings were paid for by Pacifica....

Cagan  - money have come out of all our 
[outburst from floor by Marion Borenstien, WBAI ]
... the various court motions had been brought by 
individual directors, but the Laforest motion 
for the court was approved
by the iPNB, so it could be a Pacifica expense 


Hicks - in the 45 day period some stations 
will have an easier time than others making 
adjustments than others to fix their budgets.
Over the next 30 days there will be no income
i needs 10k, w 20k, national will postpone
legal bills...

Questions from floor:

_________ - has Pacifica looked at other non-profits 
practices to compare and find some solutions, ideas?

Hicks - good to do this...but all non-profits are 
unique with regard to needs etc, Pacifica in particular

Errol Maitland, WBAI,wbaix - what happens when the major event 
such as a war happens, not cover it due to budget? 
A: (Hicks) that has not been a problem
Why aren't all the stations minority qualified?
A: WBAI and WPFW qualify. Working  KPFA...
Why did it cost so much to move the national office and
wasn't there an outside donor to cover it?
A: very expensive thing. 2 offices simultaneously running
for a while, 40,000 for phone system, severance packages,
KPFA donation saved the move...

Cagan - KPFA made a commitment to fund the move and they did.

Allen - if we'd done it in the middle of the night like the 
the old board it would of been alot cheaper... [laughter]

Spooner - the KPFA listeners put up the money...

Cagan - there were expenses that charged to the move that 
should be accounted for otherwise

Hicks [?] - actually, severance packages
would of happened regardless so shouldn't  really 
be attached to the move - this lowers the amount substantially.

LaForest - was the KPFA contribution a gift or a loan A: gift

Couglin - KPFA may soon qualify as a minority station...

David Combs, WBAI - the iPNB may not be aware how precarious
the financial situation is if Democracy Now or Gary Null 
refuses to pitch we're sunk...the ... "surplus" should 
be accounted for more clearly

[ some disruption over people wanting to speak..]

Susan Lee, WBAI - thanks Hicks - has never heard the meeting as 
quiet as during his presentation yesterday. If WBAI cuts 5-10k will they 
come within compliance of having one month surplus?
A: [Hicks]for this month. 200k for the year minus any surplus - net could 
be 100k.
What are the figures for the other stations? A: Hicks runs down figures...

[some disruption over another person wanting to speak -
(meeting agenda is very behind)]

Gary _____, from Vermont wants to give money..gives address contact

Spooner - salaries benefits and consultants are 57% of gross 
revenue  a52, k67, i38, 37. Type of programming has a big 
affect on this. Daily shows with a staff cost more...
Weekly, monthly music programming is generally unpaid staff 
sharing paid engineers...

Muntu Matsimela - wants respect for his questions.. works 60 hours a week 
without pay others do not 

Cagan - 

Resolved that FY04 budget is provisionally approved provided that 
the stations come up with one month surplus by 
Resolved that the stations will adjust their budgets in the next

PASSES unanimously
Resolved the national office will not pay for unbudgeted 
expenses over 2500 without board authorization  [added: except 
heath, safety and emergencies]

LaForest - is "reasonable" acceptable addition?

Hicks - "heath, safety and emergencies" would be acceptable

Bryant - seeks clarification....

Spooner - wants exact language of motion and

...discussion and refined of wording and clarification of 
intent and meaning of proposal...

Byrd - what exceptions? 

A: heath, safety and emergencies....some discussion

Spooner - what if the stations pay for unbudgeted items

Coughlin - this motion is for the national office, hoping to 
set an example for the network...the national office 
is asking for restraints...

Byrd - what again the purpose of this motion?

Cagan - to bring spending under control

Bryant - 

Spooner - in the years before the old board nearly bankrupted
Pacifica, budgets were made...

Coughlin - for example when the national office 
doesn't have money for an unbudgeted item, they had 
to go to the stations and no one is happy about it...
need to reign in the national spending

Laforest - against applying to local[?]

Cagan - is their a dollar amount? A: 2500

Sam Husseini, WPFW - 

PASSES unanimously

MOTION: any board vote on programming or other
items must be accompanied by a financial impact 

Spooner - proposes removing the word "program" as people 
will confuse it to mean on-air programming 

...further clarification and discussion...much wasted
time...Cagan tries to move to vote, Bryant complains that
this is important and shouldn't be rushed.
Item is tabled...


Cagan - Items: who determines waivers, candidate access to 
membership lists, how to facilitate candidates 
getting initial petition signatures. There are 
also some other items presented...

______ - Membership lists access is not legal in CA?...

Coughlin - it varies from state to state. Pacifica might 
have to alter Pacifica privacy policy in order to make 
lists available to candidates

Cagan - is against making list available to candidates because
some candidates would have more resources for mailings etc.
than others...

Allen - ...
[interrupted...Cagan request people at speakers mike sit down]

-- Major disruption. The the NYC "Unity Caucus", along with 
their comrades from other areas, stand  up in front of the iPNB
to disrupt meeting and force their agenda items which had been 
scheduled for earlier in the weekend, but like many other 
agenda items, get continuously pushed back due to proceedings 
falling behind. There are maybe 15-20 people standing in a 
line/semi-circle with their backsides turned toward the iPNB... one is 
starting to make a statement from one of the floor comment mikes... 
Miguel Maldanado, WBAI LAB chair in turn loudly disrupts the disrupters 
from the other floor mike, derailing their effort to control 
the room (The WBAI LAB removed Maldanado from chair position earlier in the 
week at a non public meeting and by what some are asserting, 
illegal means - see below) 
--long disruption....  much shouting, and arguing. Rachel Barr(WBAI) is 
strolling around singing "solidarity forever". Your note taker stands 
behind Maldanado shouting "shame" at the U.C. mass, not so much for this 
disruptive tactic, but for their general subversion of democratic 
process at Pacifica which has resulted in mass division and tens of 
thousands of dollars in costs...
One of the U.C. leaders, Mimi Rosenberg shouts, "C'mon! Get it together! 
We've got an agenda! If they don't let us present it then we have 
to take over!"[ gathered later from tape] 
Other people participating in the meeting
takeover included from the WBAI area: Bob Lederer, Cerene Roberts, 
Muntu Matsimela, Vajra Kilgour, Ray Laforest(iPNB), Marion Borenstien...
From KPFK area:Leslie Radford, Raphael Renteria ..others from 
WPFW area etc...
Roving interviews are being conducted in the room 
and webcast (I've been listening to the audio over headphones 
for note taking and can hear the interviews...)
- visit kpftx.org for meeting audio - 
Chair Cagan - wants to allow the U.C. to read their statement
Maldanado and others protest... he will be given response time...

..takes time to get people seated ...

The group ("Unity Caucus" etc) reads statement
each person reading a portion in turn:
They are people of many of backgrounds and have participated 
in the liberation of Pacifica ...the new Pacifica has 
not delivered on issues of inclusion, transparency, 
wider involvement...the iPNB wasting time with technicalities.

Demands: [ click here  for statement]
1)immediate enforcement of race and nationality 
guidelines passed last year
2) establish commission on affirmation action 
3) establish a self-affirming procedure permitting 
membership fee waivers
4) establish elections councils to work with elections supervisors
5) enforcement of bylaw requiring Pacifica meetings facilities
be  properly accessible
6) serious funding for training - giving preference 
to people of color
7) iPNB resolution urging incoming board to adopt 
meaningful affirmative action in Pacifica elections
8) placing issues of inclusion and affirmative action at 
top of today's agenda

Miguel Maldonado, WBAI - apologizes to U.C. for his initial
reaction...but there is much exclusion at by the people who 
operate WBAI regarding people on the outside . 
To see Rosenberg and Laforest amongst the U.C.people talking
about exclusion is upsetting as they are some of the main people 
excluding others from processes at WBAI. 
They have led the movement blocking the elections
that everyone else wants and they are costing the network with 
all the extra meetings...
Only 2 of 40 paid at wbai are Latino, few Latinos at this meeting...
The WBAI/"Unity Caucus" wants to have secret meetings which..
[Marion Borenstien(WBAI LAB) attempts to disrupt...] 
The U.C. uses a reactionary model to deal with people.
There will be a Latino demo against WBAI this upcoming Thursday 
All this conflict is about politics, not race!! [applause]
Reads  resolution  
for the iPNB regarding his illegal removal as lab chair..
[Rapheal Renteria(KPFK) disrupts...]
Miguel finishes...[applause]

Cagan refocuses the meeting - who determines waivers...
(Coughlin will investigate the membership list issue}

Barry - what does the bylaws say?

Spooner - reads from bylaws:


The Local Station Board for each Foundation radio 
station (also referred to herein as "LSB") may
adjust or waive the contribution requirement for 
Listener-Sponsor Membership set forth in Section
1(A) of this Article of these Bylaws on a case by 
case basis for reasons of financial hardship,
where said LSB, in its discretion, determines that 
the proposed member has demonstrated a
sincere interest in becoming a Member of the 
Foundation and is also genuinely unable to afford
the contribution amount or to volunteer 
the minimum 3 hours of service.

Cagan  - 3 possibilities presented so far: the LABs determines 
waivers, the election supervisor determines, no waivers 
for the transition election.

Bryant - the iPNB had definitely agreed
that there would be waivers...

Barry - supports the LABs, as undemocratic as they are[unelected], 
determining waiver cases...

Byrd - the iPNB should issue guidelines as who qualifies for 
waivers..[this is in the bylaws]

Laforest - the though the  bylaws state that elected 
Local Station boards determine waivers it should read 
"LSB/LAB"... [as if unelected, unaccountable LABs are the 
same as elected accountable LSBs - editor]
the LAB should do it.
Also has proposal for nature of waivers...

Cagan - yes, 2 separate issues...

Allen - KPFT has very popular prison show. Prisoner listeners 
are active... some are even capable of contributing and volunteering
[grumbles in room] ... supports case by case approach to be sure that
everyone actually supports the station/Pacifica, at least in 
their heart, even if not financially

Robinson - all this about waivers has been discussed...the 
issue is having a good way to identify who real 
supporters are...

Cagan - also feels that we should be granting waivers now....
concerned about a good process that is functional, privacy 
issues.... the local elections supervisors are neutral and 
a good resource for setting up process... there has 
a practical method that doesn't cause delays.

LaForest - starts motion...

Barry - moves to amend that LABs forms a 3 person committee. Accepted

Laforest - there is a 2nd part of this as well...

For the transition election the LABs will establish a 3 lab member
waiver committee to work in conjunction with the local election

Allen - has concerns about conflict of interest with waiver committee members
being candidates

Terry Bouricius, national elections supervisor  - "in conjunction with" 
is too vague. Does the local election supervisor have veto power?

Spooner - the fear is that waivers will be granted wholesale to 
people that don't really care about Pacifica...do we trust 
the LABs to do this... Laforest motion is reasonable...

Barry - suggests that the local elections supervisor
have approval and rejected people can appeal to the 

Laforest - no one has the right to prove that someone 
is handicapped ... if the LSB can do it without the 
elections supervisor, then the [unelected] LAB can

Patty Heffley,WBAI - protests that, in NY waivers, is 
a trick..

... more discussion...
Suggestion from the floor that candidates can't be 
on the committee...

Bryant - this should be understood...

For the transition election, the current LABs will
 establish a 3 lab member
waiver committee, none of whom shall be
 candidates or on the elections committee,
to work in conjunction with the local election
 supervisor on a case by case 
basis "determines that the proposed member 
has demonstrated a
sincere interest in becoming a Member 
of the Foundation and is also genuinely 
unable to afford the contribution 
amount or to volunteer the 
minimum 3 hours of service." 
[quoted from the bylaws]

Allen - "in conjunction with" is too vague...

Willy Radcliff KPFA- protests...

PASSES unanimously

Laforest makes 2nd waiver motion:
MOTION: There shall be the option of an installment
payment plan to pay membership
[in essence an extension of a waiver]

Allen - is against this motion...people can be accommodated...

Spooner - the bylaws are clear on the requirements...
people with low income can simply apply for a waiver.
Is against motion...

Laforest - willing to to change motion [loses me here... - ed.]

All election information shall include info on 
membership qualifications by performing volunteer work

PASSES unanimously

________- is there any provisions for reporting 
candidates spending etc?? A: no 

Another Laforest motion:
MOTION: re: self certification forms for waivers 
- can not require personal financial information

Cagan - the national election supervisor 
should make a uniform form for all the stations....

Bryant - agrees , and privacy important

Spooner - has had problems with waivers because doesn't
like asking people to justify themselves...
...were talking about self certification...what will
the method of evaluation be? Will we inform people
of methods of volunteering that people are unaware of?

Bryant - maybe we're worried needlessly...

Cagan - refocuses... we're generally in agreement.
Resolution is probably unnecessary...

Steve Brown, WBAI - self certification waivers opens Pacifica 
to takeover...

MOTION: re: self certification forms for waivers,
can not require personal financial information, national
elections supervisor will design standard form

PASSES2 abstentions

Cagan - reads Curtis Gray(KPFA) proposal:
Request to iPNB for a strong 
elections support resolution
Cagan - supports..

Spooner - moves that the iPNB adopt proposal...

Chandra Hauptman, KPFA - KPFA hasn't been airing elections and
governance issues...needs to be a strong mandate for 
elections information in some form  
on all the programming - during music shows etc, 
not just the public affairs programming...

Otis Maclay, KPFT program director - bylaws coverage was abstract, elections info is 
solid info, easier to program and more interesting...

Eva Georgia, KPFK station manager - agreement on this 

Bryant - agrees with Otis ... and elections will not 
be boring...

__________ - 

Cagan - the station managers need to review the bylaws with 
the programmers.

MOTION: send Gray elections support resolution 
to elections supervisor  as a guideline

PASSES unanimously

Spooner - 
MOTION: that staff and management are required to 
read fair elections policy

Mike Beasley, WBAI - concerned about the all the power given
to national elections supervisor, supports a check and 
balance. A: already in bylaws

Leslie Radford, KPFA - the staff has a vested interests in 
elections A: there will be committees

David Combs, WBAI - about takeovers, need insurance to cover 
possible lawsuits costs ...

Mike Pimental, KPFK  - the listeners need to be immediately
informed that the candidate period has begun...

Steve Brown, WBAI - giving large number of candidates 
airtime is going to be problematic...

Ted Friedman, KPFA - the court may reject the Laforest schedule, 
there should be a continence plan...

Cerene Roberts, WBAI - all station related people and 
organizations should all turn over their email lists over to the
elections supervisors...these lists were compiled with the help 
of many Pacificans during the coup, and not by just those 
who hold them now...

Cagan - Pacifica doesn't have the power to this, though we 
can request that this be done

Spooner - this is covered in the bylaws. No official
Pacifica person can endorse candidates, but can do it

Roberts - but your list was not compiled alone...

Spooner - [determined that Roberts' remarks are 
directed at her - becomes  agitated] 
our list [Committee to remove the (former) national board]
was compiled before the xmas coup...

... loud back and forth in room...

Hauptman, KPFA -(loudly) we wouldn't be here if not were for 
Spooner's lawsuit!!

..some more back and forth...

Cagan calls for a 10 min break


Petri Dish reports on low power fm radio
A lot happening, Pacifica should get involved, 
inform people...
Regulations in development...
Visit htt://prometheus.org.

MOTION: That Pacifica executive director attend 
10-12-03 hearing on low power fm radio


Laforest - Haitian community uses low power radio,
he would like to get involved...

Allen - wants people to contribute to building 
a low power station and ... some takes up a 

Errol Maitland, WBAI  - 

Petition for elections now
Patty Heffley, WBAI - reads online petition 
for elections now - signed by 426 people

Barry - wants to read the earlier U.C. disruption statement/demands 
into the record...

Cagan - re-reads demands: 

Demands: [ click here  for statement]
1)immediate enforcement of race and nationality 
guidelines passed last year
2) establish commission on affirmation action 
3) establish a self-affirming procedure permitting 
membership fee waivers
4) establish elections councils to work with elections supervisors
5) enforcement of bylaw requiring Pacifica meetings facilities
be  properly accessible
6) serious funding for training - giving preference 
to people of color
7) iPNB resolution urging incoming board to adopt 
meaningful affirmative action in Pacifica elections
8) placing issues of inclusion and affirmative action at 
top of today's agenda

Barry - moves that the 7 items be adopted...

Spooner - moves to divide the question. accepted 

Item one:
immediate enforcement of race and nationality resolution
passed in Berkeley last year

Robinson  - the doc was not written by people of color and should be... not sure 
that all of it is enforceable

Allen - reads first item:

1.A central part of Pacifica's mission is to 
foster education, understanding and dialogue
about the causes of conflict between different 
races and nationalities. We appreciate the
commitment expressed by this Interim National 
Board and the new national and local
management to work toward a new Pacifica that 
more fully fulfills its mission.
Nonetheless, we see serious problems in the 
current performance of the stations and
network on several fronts: recruitment, training, 
hiring, promotions, grievance resolution,
leadership, and -- our crucial end product -- programming 
addressing the issues facing
people of color and immigrants, particularly 
working-class and poor people. Indeed, even
this Interim Board itself lacks representation 
of Latinos, Asian-Pacific Islanders, Arabs and
Indigenous people. In all these areas, Pacifica 
can and must do better. 

...they are already working on this at KPFT , concerned about resources...

Spooner - This was passed last year and a lot of it hasn't happened 
want to modify by putting demand 1 into 2 and to say the iPNB 
will get updates and access...
...some of the proposal can't be done legally

Barry - doesn't see anything that can't be done in proposal...
needs to be enforced

Bryant - is this policy as opposed to bylaws? A: yes
Then what is the problem??

Spooner - there are affirmative action and labor law concerns...
[mumbles and heckling from floor]

Cagan - asks for quiet...

Byrd - there needs to be a solid requirement and commitment
with regard to affirmative action and diversity...
there is all kind of action taking place around the country 
and Pacifica can't afford to not be at least equally committed

Laforest - wants to correct the notion that the resolution 
was written by white people, women were involved...proposes adding 
"except where prevented by legal restrictions" - accepted

Spooner - reads motion...

...some refinements discussion...

Allen - will vote against if ...

MOTION: immediate enforcement of race and nationality 
guidelines passed last year, except where prevented by 
legal restrictions

PASSES 1 abstain

Cagan - reads 2: commission on affirmation action 

Barry - suggests using Laforest and the diversity 
language committee [DLC]from earlier in the year for this
[groans and protest from the floor]

Cagan - addresses Barry's suggestion

Spooner - would need mechanism to replace those who 
were on the DLC and don't want to continue...

Allen - 20 people will be too costly for conference calls
[The DLC quickly ran up a conference call 
bill in the thousands]

Raphael Renteria, KPFK - the intent is to establish
a blue ribbon panel of people of public stature. 
Laforest and people would have a recruiting 
and organizing role...

Cagan/Barry - this is different than the DLC...

...discussion...5 board members are interested 
in being involved...

MOTION: item 2 
establish commission on affirmation action
utilizing a core from the iPNB to do the 

PASSES8 , 0 , 1 abstain

Barry - will be point person

Cagan - U.C. demand 3 already covered [waivers policy.]
part 5: meeting places be accessible and disabled 
be consulted by staff

MOTION: item 5
establish commission on affirmation action 

PASSES1 abstain

Barry - puzzled by Allen's abstentions...

Cagan - item 4: establish local elections councils to 
work with elections supervisors... 
Calls on Leslie Radford who made proposal

Leslie Radford, KPFK - intent that local people be 
on elections councils to oversee elections and 
have input...

Spooner - this against the intent of the bylaws that tries 
to establish a more neutral system of elections oversight 
which usually translates into bringing people from the 
outside who are not so directly connected/involved. 
Gives the example of the United Nations sending 
observers into help with new elections in various 

Radford - this is an advisory committee...

Cagan - it doesn't say that...

Radford -  could amend, wants transparency and 
fairness etc...

Allen - is unnecessary if the elections supervisors 
are doing their jobs...

Barry - this only a safety net

Spooner -  clarifies: An advisory committee to 
observe and report on elections to the national 

Laforest - 

Cagan - let's be aware of 

Radford - this could be helpful

Spooner - the elections supervisors need to
operate without undue pressure and interference...

Radford - this is about transparency and accountability...

Spooner - [loud]transparency and accountability are just words
[the real intent is to control elections...]

MOTION: to establish elections councils as 
advisory committee of with people representing 
full range of views to observe and report on 
elections to the national board...

PASSES 6, 2, 1

Radford - would like the LAB to set it up
with atleast 50% non-LAB listeners, non candidates,
50% women and people of color..

Barry - moves and adds that management is not
on committee

MOTION: LAB to set elections councils
with atleast 50% non-LAB listeners, no management 
or candidates, 50% women and people of color..

PASSES 6,1,2

Cagan - item 6: serious commitment to training funds, favoring people of color

...clarifications, discussion......

Cagan - points out that iPNB just approved a budget...would
have to maybe revisit in 45 days 

Allen: Feels that first voice program plans 
[discussed Sat.]will cover this...

Bryant - supports first voice program, but needs 
be more locally generated efforts...

MOTION: a commitment to serious funding 
for training - giving preference to people of color

PASSES 1 abstention

Cagan - demand 7 - iPNB resolution urging incoming board to adopt 
meaningful affirmative action in Pacifica elections...

Carolyn Birden, WBAI - the U.C. demands are creating 
duplication and overriding the bylaws that 
were already agreed upon...

Bob Lederer, WBAI - this motion intent is to 
address the spirit of the Chicago mediations

Spooner - the bylaws have strong affirmative 
action provisions [Barry and others interrupt..]
Reads from bylaws:

The Foundation is committed to diversity and inclusion 
of people of all nations, races, ethnicity's,
creeds, colors, classes, genders, sexual 
orientations, ages and people with disabilities in its
programming, staff, management, committees and governance. 

..the bylaws go as far as the law allows.
[U.C. hissing] The people hissing are the most
divisive people in the network ...

Byrd - for the record that he feels that
Spooner is wrong regarding affirmative 
action - it is the laws of the land...

Barry - Spooner is off track, we haven't gone 
far enough till we test it in court

Bryant - finds hard to believe that 

Cagan - doesn't want this board to pass on 
policy to the next board. Doesn't know what 
the law is...Feels that 
the law of the land is not actually defined
Objects not to the content, but the process...

Lederer - has amendment...

Laforest - this is only a red flag for the next board

MOTION:  iPNB resolution urging incoming board to adopt 
meaningful affirmative action in Pacifica elections

PASSES 6,1,2

Meeting adjourned 3:30pm

Editors note:
Elections now, please!!

Roger Manning, NYC

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